Markets Predict Obama To Be Democrat Nominee

Folks, we have our work cut out for us.

First off, the Muslim loving media is obviously routing for a Democrat in the White House. But now, traders are betting on Barack Hussein Obama becoming the Democrat nominee.

Obama, whose campaign swept four state Democratic presidential contests against Clinton over the weekend, was trading at about 70 on Monday on the Dublin, Ireland-based Intrade predictions market, meaning traders gave him a 70 percent chance of being the Democrats’ presidential candidate in the November election.


Traders on the Iowa Electronic Markets, a nonprofit exchange run by researchers at the University of Iowa, had similar expectations, giving Obama a 70 percent chance of winning the nomination and Clinton about a 27 percent chance.

Remember, the one thing Obama has going for him (compared to Hillary Clinton) is his affability. But mark my words, if he becomes the Democrat nominee, or even G-d forbid, President, he will be untouchable. The mainstream media will be firmly behind him. And no Republican or conservative would dare criticize him for fear of being labeled a bigot.


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