Chaim Ben Pesach on Jews Against Obama


5 responses to “Chaim Ben Pesach on Jews Against Obama

  1. Could you post each video on different post and with description what the video is about?

  2. Righteous gentile here. Love your blog, and I enjoy listening to Chaim speak. I also appreciate Rabbi Kahane, he had more spine that all of our leaders today put together. I support the Jews and Israel, not because of my Theology, just because it is the correct road too take. History shows, it has not been just the Muslims persecuting Jews, but we Christians in the past have alot to apologize for. That beings said, let us both as Jews and Gentiles, Buddhists, Hindus, Athiest work together to stop our common enemy. The “religion of peace”, before the boot of islam is on our necks.
    May G-d bless you and yours.


  3. I agree. Ever since Hitler, Jews and Christians have been obligated to fight a common enemy. Also, Jews and Christians worship the same G-d, and although they have done bad things to each other in the past that the Muslims have used to take shots at us both, I’m pretty sure that Christians and Jews can be reconciled.

  4. Also, do you think that you could leave a note saying how long each video is?

  5. Thanks!

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