Jewish Leader Expresses Concern Over “Zeitgeist” Of Obama Campaign

What is wrong with these Jewish leaders?!?

The head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Malcolm Hoenlein, expressed concern Tuesday with the atmosphere that has surrounded Democratic Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for president, while making it clear he has no problem with Obama himself.

Well I have a problem with Obama! In fact, I have many problems with the man, which is why I started this blog. I don’t understand these liberal Jews that *don’t* have a problem with him.

“Of course Obama has plenty of Jewish supporters and there are many Jews around him,” Hoenlein said. “But there is a legitimate concern over the zeitgeist around the campaign.”

Oh come one Malcom. Why not just say it? Obama is a muslim loving lefttard.

He also cited the fact that Obama has criticized his rival Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton, for her vote in favor of including the Iranian Republican Guards in the list of terror organizations.

The U.S. Jewish leader warned the American presidential campaign could signal a shift toward declining U.S. support for Israel.

“Support for Israel is at an all time high, [but] our polling suggests that as broad the support is, it is also thin and most Americans see Israel as a dark and militaristic place,” he said.

He termed the current election season “transitional” and said that it “could bring about a shift in the political life.”

Hoenlein said that Israel’s supporters should be worried by “the heightening of the bar and the greater tolerance of anti-Israel statements that wouldn’t have been allowed in the past.”

He singled out the Walt-Mearschimer book on the Israel lobby, that “has become a bestseller and a college textbook” and said that there “is a steady poisoning of the elites, mainly on campuses that could trickle down.”

Well that’s what happens when liberal Jews (and others) insist on voting with any idiot with a “D” next to his or her name. What we end up with are Donk politicians who refuse to wean us of Arab oil in favor of Pelican rights. These same moonbats that liberals insist on electing favor unfettered immigration from Muslim countries. Hence we have Barack Hussein Obama!


2 responses to “Jewish Leader Expresses Concern Over “Zeitgeist” Of Obama Campaign

  1. If everything is so perfect in Israel, that no one can question anything Israel does, is unrealistic, and fascist.
    If the Jewish People become like the enemies they defeated, than what is the point?
    We want to live in a world that has a chance to evolve beyond the dictates of the old testament:
    An eye or an eye, tooth for a tooth’.
    Either we evolve, the whole human race, or we are doomed… Don’t you think God speaks to us anymore?
    Are all miracles rendered to our Ancestors?

  2. Robert, questioning what Israel does is one thing. Applying an unrealistic standard for them that is not applied to others is a different story.

    And you can write to me about the Jewish people becoming like the enemies they defeated once Jews strap bombs to their children, and put explosives into their babies bottles. Otherwise, such a statement makes no sense.

    Also ask yourself why Muslims can have at least 50 countries of their own, whereas as they won’t let Israel keep the small amount of land she does have.

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