Liberal Jews Go Gaga For Obama

What is it with some Jews who equate leftism, and social justice to Judaism? Naturally they’ve gone gaga over Obama.

More than 100 Jewish Obama backers crammed into Stars Bistro in Dupont Circle for a Saturday night fundraiser and rally, where the minimum entrance fee was $18. Organizers made every effort to find Jewish meaning for their support of Obama, many of them referring to the candidate as an agent of social justice.

“He represents values of Tikun Olam,” said Rob Levy, a local Obama supporter who is also the Capitol Hill representative of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom: The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace. Levy also pointed out that Obama’s message of “hope” is “Hatikva” in Hebrew — the name of the Israeli national anthem.

For Fred Scherlinder Dobb, the 38-year-old Reconstructionist rabbi who performed the Havdalah ceremony, there was a no shortage of symbolism to share with the crowd. Each sense invoked by the ceremony was used to make the point that Obama should win the race.

“I can taste what it is going to feel like when Obama will be president,” said Jess Champagne as she sipped from the glass of wine held by the rabbi.

“Obama will bring a fresh scent to us all,” added Harriet Sugerman while sniffing the traditional spice box.

What should be even more troubling is that raving lefty and so-called “Rabbi” Michael Lerner has also come out in support of Obama ON AN ISLAMIC WEBSITE NO LESS!


15 responses to “Liberal Jews Go Gaga For Obama

  1. The American Crusader

    Leftist Jews are traitors to Judaism and America. Leftism and Judaism are Polar Opposites. The fact that so many Jews are Leftists is simple unbelieveable and appalling. As a Jew myself, I am ashamed to see so many of my People lost to this suicidal, cowardly, self-hating, and traitorous ideology. May God help the Jewish People get their brains back (well, the 80% that lack them)! America and Israel Akbar!

  2. Michael Lerner writes leters to his own magazine and then answers his own letters.Lerner is a Rabbi like Yasser AraRat is a Rabbi

  3. Reconstructionist apparently worships man. Here they worship obama. What a pitiful display. Explain how is he an ‘agent of social justice?’ Because he keeps saying change change change change change?

  4. Leftist Jews would go gaga for Hitler if he was running with a D after his name.* The National Jewish Democratric Council (think Judenrats and kapos) whitewashed’s promotion of anti-Semitic hate speech (so did the ADL), and also denies that Obama consorts openly with anti-Semites and racists like Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright.

    *Jmoo = Jewish version of the Al Capp’s Schmoo. The Jmoo would jump into a gas chamber if it thought that doing so might promote the cause of “social justice.” The problem is that it would drag Jews in after it, so it must be exposed for what it is.

  5. Let me see if I understand. I am Jewish. I support Obama. So apparently, I would vote for Hitler. And I am a traitor to our people. And–because I am a member of a reconstructionist community–I “worship” a person. And Michael Lerner is like Arafat.

    This is so pathetically sad. We may disagree about a lot of things, but do you think that speech like this is wise? Is it ethical? Why would anyone be so full of hate that they feel compelled to talk this way? And who do you think you are to treat other members of our community this way? Do you think we didn’t lose family in the Shoah? Do you think we don’t have the ability to think, analyze and discern?

    We disagree. I get that. But the hate spewing forth here is inexcusable.

  6. Sugerman – yes, yes, and yes, A leftist/liberal Jew is the 21st Century answer to Collaborator.

    You use the word of “hare” in order to make yourself somewhat more intellectual than those of us who are not self-hating Jews and foresee a future in an Obama presidency. Yours is actually hatred, think about it in as an analytical thinking.

    My question to you is when Israel is forgotten, and subsequently so are American Jews, is that when you will wake up, and see the world as a realist and not as an elitist?

    It is shameful that people as myself have physically protected (US Military/Retired Law Enforcement), ingrates and imbeciles such as yourself, for so long!

    Take a look at the future!

  7. Second paragraph should read “hate” not “hare”.

  8. When will the Jews learn History? The ultra-liberal Jew made possible the II Bolshevik revolution. All communist Russian organizations that came into place, following the fall of the Tsar, had Jewish majority. It was this Jewish led Marxist movement that wanted to take over Europe, and transform it to their image and ideology; it was this movement that made Hitler possible, because the German people wanted to be true to their Western Civilization, values and law. Hitler took this anger and made possible the German people recognized the threat that was coming this way. The rest is history at its worse.

    The Jew in the United States wanted to ensure they could not be targeted – “never again,” they said. Come in Multiculturalism. Destroy Western culture and values, or at least weakened them, then we will be secured. Come in the ultra-liberal Jew and, once again, begin to lead the Marxist movement, and do it at the university level, followed by the high school and middle-school levels, but let’s make it “social responsibility” and let’s make the corporations abide by it at a greater level. And let’s call ourselves, “progressives,” that euphemism to replace the term, Marxism, because it conjures darkness and it reminds people of its failure. And, let’s ensure that anyone that’s against this ideology is identify as a racist, bigot or worse is punished by a law called “hate crime.”

    Fast forward 2008, U.S. elections. The land is ripe for the taking, and we can put in there whoever we want and he will be elected. Let’s dare to put in there a man with no resume – His name: Barak Obama. No experience? No problem, he can have 300 advisors, but we will be his “Jewish overseers.” The rest is yet to come. But this we know, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana.

  9. I think Laura just schooled all you simpletons. Good response Laura. Don’t forget all the Neocons Jews in the media and academia (Podheretz, Kristol, Deshowitz ect) right now evolved from the radical, far left and that’s why Bush Sr. called them the “crazies in the basement.”

    Plus, Obama is hardly a true liberal any more than Bush was a true conservative.

  10. I am not Jewish, and I for one support this movement to stop an Obamanation from becoming an Abomination. This country will not be able to survive that kind of nightmare. Some people really need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  11. And I am a Jew that’s definitely against Obama.

  12. That is a rather simplistic view of history is it not Laura considering George Santayana was a Socialist albeit the only thing he’s uttered of worth is that particular quote.

    I think you might delve into history a bit further, not from the “blame the Jew” perspective but perhaps simple Jewish History perspective. Much of what you wrote was highly skewed to be honest.

    I don’t think it is fair to say that the “Ultra-Liberal Jew made possible the II Bolshevik Revolution” considering most of the international support for the Bolshevik Revolution itself came from the gentile Western Establisment. Perhaps you might read up on the Western backing, financing and politcial subversions relating to this and the building of every Communist regime. Dr. Antony Sutton is amazing on this subject: I hope you enjoy. I’m not stating that the “Jews”, of which there is no Jewishness within them, were not associtated with the Bolshevik Revolution but one must look closer at the history as to why so many Jews embraced “enlightenment” and further the gentile aspect to this event, and todays drive to a New International Socialst World Order.

    One must look also into the fact that Britian, America, France, Canada and Germany were working together to get the main players, held in the West, back to Europe, through the battle fields of WW1 to provoke the Bolshevik Revolution. Most, if not all, were Gentile. Dr. Stanley Monteith interviewed Dr. Antony Sutton on YouTube concerning this specific subject:

    Actually, the first semi-modern Communist organization in full political operation with mandate was founded in 1776 by a Gentile, and largely closed to Jews, Adam Weishaupt within the Bavarian Freemasonry. The organization is well documented by John Robbison’s 1798 work “Proofs of a Conspiracy”.

    This movement is not a Jewish movement whatsoever, but many Jews, thanks to centuries of Gentile religous persecution threw off their faith, culture and entire being to embrace the Platonic, Neo-Platonist, Thomas More-ite Communalist Ineptitude.

    It was not any “Jewish led Marxist Movement” that wanted to take over Europe because 80 years before the Gentile Illuminati set its sights on exactly what you mention. Sure there were Jewish groups, mainly The Bund which was mainly in operation after 1890’s, further Marx’s main drive was found within the works of Voltaire and Rousseau.

    It was not a “Jewish” ideology but a Socialist/Communalist ideology that was embraced by Jew and Gentile alike. Herr Schickelgruber was kicked out of the German Communist party to which one can note that he learned many of his beliefs which he entwined within his Communistic/Occult: so called National Socialism. I’d say that it was the Treaty of Versilles that laid the grounds for Adolf Hitler and not so much the Communists.

    The German people were amongst the most educated and “enlightened” people on Earth during that time. Your position re: Hitler and Germany is highly simplistic in my opinion as well not founded on reality. I must agree in part but disagree in the basics that Germany was fully embracing a time where the Academia, Political situation, Economy and entire Social Systems were being “revolutionized” and also in collapse.

    The term “never again,” is one from a so-called “Right Wing” perspective as those you speak of, the “Jewish” anti-Jew, are working to ensure that the word “Never” is excluded from that agenda. Might I suggest you read the book “Perfidy” by Ben Hecht which is also found on the site with Dr. Suttons above. Add Rabbi/Dr. Marvin Antelman’s “To Eliminate the Opiate” to your reading list as it deals exactly with this subject. I truly feel you’d enjoy it. It is the “Jewish” side of the “Jewish” Conspiracy to eliminate Jews, Judaism and Israel for an Enlightened International Socialist New Order.

    The fact of the matter is that most of power within the Communist, and the Elitist New World Order movement are not “Jews” but Gentiles. They out number the “Jews” 10-1. You are correct in your beginning postion of the 1900-1914 but most have been crushed out by Stalin, especially after his so-called “Dr.’s Plot”. Looking at the organizations today, pushing this agenda there are many powerful UN-Jewish and ANTI-Jewish “Jews” working hand in glove with the Gentile UN-Christian, ANTI-Christian forwarding their agenda. I suggest Perloff’s “Shadows of Power”, Skousen-“The Naked Communist/Capitalist”, McManus-“The Insiders”, Courtis – “Black Book of Communism”

    Fast forwarding to the 2008, U.S. elections. It makes no differece who gets elected as they are both “wings” of the same bird. There is no “Left” or “Right” in all actuality. You are correct about Obama’s resume and experience. He’s an unknown, but, like James Carter chosen before him, he’s the face that the CFR Establisment and their co-horts have chosen to “progress” their anti-American activity.

    Much of what you say is correct about the “Jewish” anti-Jew’s activity but one must have all the facts on the table as the “Jewish” aspect is not nearly as big, nor as historically documented as the Gentile. Heck, the Utopian view was place forward by Plato but much of his theories, beliefs and veiws pre-date his work and to be found within the Gnostic/Pagan “mysteries” of the East and Near East…. Happy reading…

  13. David you are a cowardly worm and I despise Jews like yourself. The reconstructed movement is a watered down man made sickness started by self hting Jews like yourself who are either ashamed to be Jewish or desire to assimilate with the Goyim.

    Craig B., you’re a moron and a Jew hater. Plain and simple. A second paragraph should consist of at least four sentences. God help your pathetic soul if you think that Israel will ever be “forgotten”. I may not know the future, but I do know that disgusting black Muslim socialist secular humanist and that Hitler loving dirty Arab will be roasting in Hell on the day of judgement.

    Laura, I’m appalled and disgusted by what your writing. You are justifying and making excuses for Hitler yimach shmo vizichro. You are sick beyond belief!

  14. Laura, you have just been schooled by a true intellectual. Please crawl back under whatever rock you came from!

  15. Mark, you may be correct in what you say but….prior to researching the facts, independantly for myself, I was largely a self hating and highly ignorant “Jew”.

    Mark, there is, as you probably well know, an agenda at work to intentionally provide, not only Jews but Gentiles, one side of any given arguement especially when dealing with anything associating with a socio-political subject.

    Many feel that Western “Enlightenments” beginning was in Britain’s Glorious Revolution of 1688, with the overthrow of King James II of England by a union of Parliamentarians with an invading army led by the Dutch William III of Orange also refered to as “The Bloodless Revolution”. Some feel that “Enlightenment” ended in the French Revolution of 1789 to which many “Leftwing” subversive movements “Jewish” and Gentile were apart: The Illuminati and some have documented the Jesuit Order’s involvement. However others also claim the Enlightenment ended with the death of Voltaire in 1778.

    It is my personal opinion that this Socialist “Enlightened” agenda has not stopped whatsoever but has “progressed” into America via names like John Dewey, with his “progressive eduation”, Alfred Kinsey with his “research on sexuality”, the British Fabian Society and their ACLU led Scopes Monkey Trial which “progressed” Social Darwinism, via the pure theory of; “Evolution”, into the public school system thus replacing the Intelligent Design. Many do not bother to research both sides of the coin but instead simply take what is given to them as “fact”. Sadly most of the “facts” today are founded upon Joseph Stalen’s 1929 coined ideology: “Political Correctness” while being absolutely void of Factual Correctness.

    One must ask themselves for what reason the Fabian Society, with the Rockefeller/CFR backed ACLU pushed the Scopes Monkey Trial? For what reasons caused those exact same financial, “educational” and Political cohorts of the day, as today, promote the Marx/Engles Communism and Charles Darwin’s Theory of “Evolution”. What do both ideologies have in common with Hegel? What was the purpose of “Progressive Education” or the Scopes Monkey Trial? How do they relate, or effect, culture, religion and any other given staple/piller of the Socialist/Communist cause?

    My point here Mark is, not to say you are wrong, but why you are right. These aforementioned people, may well be very bright but the directed “enlightened” closure of their independant thought by many of their former “Ph.D” “educators” are responible, in my opinion. Perhaps, they will take the time to research, both sides of any subject; this subject, and report back saying “I’ve learned something new today…”

    Happy posting Mark and keep up the fight…

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