Is Obama REALLY Not A Muslim?

After seeing these two photos, I find it hard to believe that he’s not a Muslim.


Here’s some background on this photo:

The photograph in question was published on The Drudge Report. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe cited its publication in accusing the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton of “shameful offensive fear-mongering.”

The photo is authentic, taken in Kenya during Barack’s five-nation taxpayer-funded trip to Africa in August 2006, although the Obama camp denies the photo proves any connection between Obama and Islam.

The photograph was originally published by Han-Geeska Afrika Online on Sept. 1, 2006.

It shows Sheikh Mahmed Hassan dressing Obama as a Somali elder during Obama’s visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya near the borders with Somalia and Ethopia.

Then there’s this photo of him posing with his terrorist cousin Raila Odinga (hat tip: Cyberella)



11 responses to “Is Obama REALLY Not A Muslim?

  1. justanadorablegirl

    I have no issue with him being a Muslim. Just like members of our tribe, I don’t want to be lumped together. The issue isn’t that he’s Islamic or not — it’s about transparency amongst the candidates and media reporting truth. You know the opposite of those CNN and Fox News cornholes!

  2. Isn’t a Muslim who coverts to another religion considered an apostate and an enemy of Islam?

  3. Obama has never been muslim and it’s obvious your site is nothing more than another site that race baits. I doubt hardly that this site was even started by anyone who is Jewish

  4. Oh believe me, I am Jewish and right wing to the core!

  5. Check out the real Barack Obama at the blog linked above. He not just an an enemy of Israel, he is an enemy of America.

  6. clearly, a photo of george bush wearing the jewish hat thingy also makes george bush jewish. idiot.

  7. The antiAmerican fraud Obama has many terrorist buddies; Admitted Pentagon bomber Ayers for one.. (“they are certainly friendly” quoted Obama’s campaign mgr.. & currently live down the street from one another) google Ayers & Obama & many other terrorist ties crop up as well. No doubt barrack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim and at bare minimum- a terrorist sympathizer- but isn’t Raila Odinga the guy who is supposedly supporting democracy in Kenya? I fowarded the above info to local radio stations… thanks for posting.

  8. Jewish hah. HAHAHAH. Pro -palistine forever. Israil did soo much…

  9. Is Bush REALLY Not a Muslim?

    After seeing this photo, I find it hard to believe

    George Bush is married to a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST!

  10. To the keeper of this blog, hats off to you! That photo of Obama in traditional dress with Odinga is wonderful and the concept of this blog is wonderful!

    What I see from my Jewish friends who are backing Obama is that they have virtually no identity as a Jew. Apparently the lessons of the Shoah have been lost on them. They will only have Jewish Identity when they are singled out for being Jewish. If Obama wins, I see this coming.

  11. Oppressed half-breed

    AJ Says:
    March 4, 2008 at 6:11 am

    Is Bush REALLY Not a Muslim?

    After seeing this photo, I find it hard to believe

    George Bush is married to a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST!

    How do we know that’s really Mrs. Bush and not a look-alike? Also, I think Bush and his wife are confused Christians who think Christians and Muslims worship the same G-d. Which raises this question: How could a G-d that demands the blood of his people (meaning terrorism) be the same G-d who shed his own blood to save all the people who did and would believe in him?
    So while the Bushes are confused, I don’t think they’re Muslim.

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