Obama and Gun Rights

Shamelessly stolen from Vilmar

Looks like the guy so many swoon over wants to take away your guns…….while simultaneously having a soft spot for criminals. (Isn’t that so like liberals?)

On guns:

In his answers to the 1998 Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test, Obama said he favored a ban on “the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.”

By definition, this would include all pistols ever made, from .22 target pistols used in the Olympics to rarely-fired pistols kept in nightstands and sock drawers for the defense of families, and every pistol in between. Obama’s strident stand would also ban all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, whatever their previously legal purpose.

In 1999, Obama proposed to make it a felony for the gun owner if a firearm stolen from his residence and used in a crime was not “securely stored” – effectively negating the homeowner’s right to self-defense.

On going soft on criminals:

Let’s also note that Obama opposes mandatory minimum sentencing, and was given a rating of 75 by the National Criminal Justice Association in 2005, which is the bare minimum to qualify for a “mixed” record on crime; 74 or lower is deemed a “soft on crime” record by the organization.


29 responses to “Obama and Gun Rights

  1. Well, I’m a Jew for Obama. Damn straight.

    So what if Obama was raised/born into/went to a “Muslim” school.
    I was raised Jewish, went to a Catholic Montessori, went to religious school at synagogue, am descended from a line of Rabbis, am extraordinarily proud to be Jewish, and I support Mr. Obama. Yet I do not allow my religious beliefs to define who I am as an individual. I am not even sure if I believe in G-d. Yet there, I still type the dash…you know why? Because I respect the tradition, I respect the sacrifice, and I believe that our people have given so much greatness, and light to this world. I am grateful to be Jewish, but more grateful to be a human being, an American and to be alive in such an enlightened time. So just because you and I (if you actually did have a religious upbringing) shared a religious education, does not mean we share the same world view…just as Obama does not share the same world views as others who were trained at Madrassas around the world. I share my last name with an awful man…a killer, and someone whose twisted view of our shared religion, was warped and destructive…Baruch Goldstein…his crime was so evil, that I indeed contemplated changing my name. Still I did not. It is my name even though my beliefs are different from his. I can’t help who else prays to my Lord, or shares my education, or even my name.

    I believe that the Jewish people must support, and believe in the downtrodden, and the disrespected. Apparently this is the site of an insecure man, one who has no faith in the advances we have made as a people in the world. It is the Jews that have helped to procure the individual rights of men worldwide. It is the literacy and decency that was maintained in the face of thousands of years of persecution, the rejection of religious orthodoxy, and the embracing of scientific and analytical knowledge that has allowed us to survive. Those who have chosen to identify with a marginal, and violent fringe group of Jews, who embrace violence, settlements, and the rejection of real Jewish values, are destined to frustration and impotence.
    Guess what…you’re outdated. Your impotence and anger is infantile. We can be proud of what we have done, and we must ignore the ultra nationalism, and the right wing infection that has invaded American–and world Jewry–for the last 41 years. We are proud. We are strong, and we are part of a multi-cultural society. Accept that we are living in the New Jerusalem–America–or leave it, and go live in Hebron, fighting a futile and destructive fight.

    Seriously…America…Love it or leave it. That’s the freedom you are given, and the freedom your ancestors died for.
    And yes…my family died…was mutilated…I have a member of my family that has one leg…the Nazis took one, and she receives a lousy couple of hundred bucks a month from the German government…you know what…every society, every nationality has experienced persecution, hatred and we must recognize all pain! all suffering! it is not exclusive to one race, one nation, or one people.
    Wake up. Realize that you are acting as a tool of the conservative christian agenda.

    Seriously…you are a disgrace to Jewish ideals.

    Obama embodies modern, intelligent Jewish values.

    So sad that you cannot see that

    And I am proud that I do not see the world the way you do.

    Dr. Goldstein

  2. Dr. Goldstein, if what you say about being descended from rabbis is true, then your ancestors would turn in their graves if they saw the nonsense you just posted here. It looks like you have done nothing to be Jewish except being the son of a Jewish mother. That would certainly explain your contempt for religious, Torah true Jews and right wingers who want Israel to keep what little land she currently has.

    And for the record, I am a right wing to the core Jewish woman, and darn proud of it!

    Yet you seem to be proud of the fact that you had family maimed and killed by the Nazis. How very typical of liberals — always bragging or complaining about being victims but never doing anything to stop the victimizers, and always villifying good people who refuse to be victims!

    I have news for you Goldstein. You wouldn’t know a Jewish ideal if it bit you on the tukhas. So run along and play with your dolls. Or better yet, get a clue.

  3. Really…well you don’t know anything.
    I don’t believe in victimization, I believe in action. I believe that our actions define who we are.
    You’re the fool. My ancestors fought for the underdog, they fought for truth, and they fought for America. My family helped to build many of the Jewish institutions in both Chicago and Israel, so don’t think for a second that I don’t understand the issues. We’re not some “chazzers” (there does yiddish make you happy), that expect to be rewarded for being persecuted, or being victims.
    Israel has made some major mistakes. Speak to the Sabras…the people that actually battled for independence…not the transplanted residents of Passaic, who have been filled with the holy spirit since their 8th grade visit to Israel which compelled them to commit themselves to Aliyah.
    Serious;y…I am proud to not be a victim, and to not be swindled by those who wish to see Israel serve as the grounds for the supposed apocalypse. The right wing is happy to subsidize any kind of shortcut to the second coming.

    Enjoy being a tool…It’s you who are in the minority…87% of Jews voted democratic…

    Go on feeling persecuted…it’s the liberal Jews who refuse to be given anything…we don’t want to take anything that is not ours…we use nothing as an excuse…we don’t use the holocaust as an excuse why Israel needs land, or why we are justified as a people.
    Rather we exist proudly in defiance of the small minds, and pettiness that created such events.

  4. Goldstein, Israel belongs to the Jews. If you had ever bothered to read your Bible you would see that G-d promised Abraham the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Yet even now, when Israel is so much smaller, you liberals want to give away the land Israel took when it won self defensive wars to Arabs who have sworn to destroy that tiny country. That is truly demented.

    Now in terms of taking what not yours, liberals LOVE high taxes, and penalizing the productive citizens to handouts to moochers and illegal aliens. So spare me all your rhetoric.

  5. You’re insane…
    Where are you from…what twisted ideological swamp did you emerge from?
    I am happy to pay my taxes, because I consider it a cover charge, and realize that in any other nation on earth, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to earn the ridiculous amount of money that I have been paid for my skills.
    Relax…no one is taking Israel away. Just the parts that are non-essential. And I have been there. I stayed in Tiberias, I have seen Golan, I realize the strategic importance of the heights. Hell, I’ve skinny dipped in the Galilee. And I believe in the constitution of the United States, I believe in the Atom, and I believe in the enlightened age. I do not subscribe to the Torah as a literal document, but it is rather a moral guide from a time when Adonai did not see fit to bless mankind with scientific and rational knowledge. We have been blessed with a homeland right here. In America…do you live in America or not?

    What do you do with your life when you are not being paranoid?

  6. Goldstein, there is nothing Jewish about what you wrote. You are replacing Judaism with Liberalism and democracy. Judaism is not compatible with Liberalism or democracy. The Bible states that it is forbidden to give up any portion of the Land of Israel promised to Abraham and it is forbidden to make peace with any of the inhabitants who are our enemies. Read the Bible for once and take a good look at the Book of Judges.

  7. Oh so you’re one of those limousine liberals as well!

    I for one, do not appreciate being milked like a cow so that government bureaucrats and public school teachers can maintain their sinecures. There are very few things I think taxes should go to pay for. A big one of them is our military. So whenever any slimy politician talks about reducing the deficit, it’s really a code word for raising taxes. I don’t buy it. The American people did not create the government deficit, so they should not be penalized for it through higher taxes. Also, if we were not at war, your beloved Democrats would have no qualms about pouring all those billions into failing public schools even when they continue to fail.

  8. O get it know…
    I see you are disciples of Kahane and Rubin.
    Can’t get into a debate with people who see the world in one absolute way.
    It’s all Torah, the whole Torah, and nothing but the Torah right?

    It’s a world for all decent people. Remember that. I know my Torah. I stood up at the Bimah, and did my thing baby!
    Ain’t no bible but the books of Moses.
    How are we, how is Israel, how are any humans to survive if we don’t make peace with each other.

    Hey, doesn’t the holy land consider the Kach party to be racist.
    Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m assuming that these comments are coming from the Kahane follwers, yes?

    It’s those of us who aren’t fanatics, that are preventing the goyim from hating our people. We’re the ones who are fighting for Jewish freedom in the world.
    One day you’ll see that it isn’t us against them. Everyday people are discovering reason and scinece, and not fear, idolatry and tribalism.

    G-d bless

    Dr. Goldstein

  9. I’m not a limo liberal.
    In Chicago they call us Lakefront Liberals : )

    But seriously, yes I am affluent. I also give more to Jewish charities than you could imagine. The JUF in Chicago, The ADL, The Holocaust Museum.
    I am currently engaged in supporting intervention in Darfur, and preventing a genocide…a holocaust if you will…that is taking place.
    They are not my “beloved democrats”…I am not so simplistic that I would place faith in one party or another. I do however believe in many of the so called liberal movements.
    And as far as taxes go…you should want people like me to be taxed…the more my kind are taxed, the less that comes out of the average American’s pocket. I feel awful knowing how little of my money actually goes into the tax pool, and how some son-of a gun has to pay a higher rate of a smaller salary, to make up for it.

    Just so you know, every scar, and every fight I’ve been in, has been because of my “Jewishness”. I’m a blond haired “aryan-looking” Jew. I know what the world is like…that’s why I won’t submit to it. Race and religion is a dividing line that can be erased.
    There is no rational human being, let alone American politician that supports the Hamas, Hezbollah party line that Israel should be wiped out.
    Relax…we’re safe…now let’s contribute positively to eliminating the world’s threats together.

    Don’t hate…latkes and tzimmes for all baby!

  10. Wish I could do this all night, but I’m going to bed…
    Lot’s of fun…glad I could contribute to a little fun on your blog.

    Didn’t realize until a google search that I was dealing with racist, Kahanist followers here.
    You hate us liberal Jews quite a bit don’t ya? You hate blacks…seems like you hate everyone.
    It’s a real shame. Why aren’t you in Israel defending what you believe in. It seems like you shouldn’t be in America if you completely disagree with everything that we stand for.

    Do you want me to donate to your “charity” so you can get an El Al ticket?

    Honestly, all kidding aside, why aren’t you in Israel. I mean that with all the viciousness, and bitterness, put aside. Then we have no argument. I am an American Jew, and you are an Israeli Jew. Then we can separate ourselves. Just like the Ashkenazi and Sephardim.

    It’s hard to find two Jews that get along. I think you’ll find the going just as hard over there as you will here. I really wonder why you wouldn’t make Aliyah.

    Zai Gezunt…time for bed.

  11. What exactly do gun rights have to do with either one’s propensity toward religiosity or Judaism? Are you even considering backing up your argument with Talmudic knowledge? I’ll bet that you can’t even read Hebrew.
    I would expect this kind of political demagoguery from a Protestant or Catholic, but not from someone who purports one’s self to be Jewish. The utilization of religion toward the furthering of one’s political ideology has been the precursor to innumerable tragedies and misunderstandings. As a Jew, I figured that all of us shared that subtle understanding. Apparently, not all of us do.

  12. US presidential hopeful Barrack Obama on Sunday insisted that just because he tends to side with those who advocate dividing the Land of Israel as the most viable path to peace does not mean that he is an enemy of the Jewish state…

    But, according to Obama, backing the Jews’ biblical, historical and legal claim to all of the land in question “can’t be the measure of our friendship with Israel.”

    Nor can supporting the view that only by defeating its Islamic foes can Israel enjoy any semblence of peace and security, continued the Democratic frontrunner.

    As his popularity grows, Mr. Obama has come under scathing attack from supporters of the Jewish state for turning to advisors who have in the past expressed anti-Israel opinions.


    Obama wants a path to peace so he sides with those who want to divide Israel. As a Christian, I’ll give you a New Testament warning concerning the peace he’s advocating.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  13. Gun rights are a common sense safeguard for anyone of any religion that does not want to be a victim. And let me remind you that when the Nazis first came to power in Germany, they took away people’s gun rights.

    I also recommend you visit a site called Jews For The Preservation of Firearms http://www.jpfo.org

  14. Goldstein, we don’t hate people because of the color of their skin. We hate evil people because of their evil actions. And we love good people.

    I will take Alan Keyes as President of the United States over Clinton, Obama and McCain any day! In fact, there are several black conservatives who I really admire. They are Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Mychal Massie, La Shawn Barber and Star Parker.

    The reason I am not in Israel is it is way too left wing for me. If conservatives think things are bad here, they are even worse in Israel, and every single prime minister there has oceans of Jewish blood on his hands.

    Let me remind you that Chaim Weizman, the first president of Israel knew very well what the Nazis were doing to the Jews of Europe. But he envisioned Israel as a leftist socialist paradise of non-religious Jews, so he did not want those European Jews coming to Israel to escape the Nazis. He said “the Jews of Europe are like dust and must accept their fate.” Other leaders of the time said those Jews should just grin and bear it. Read the book “Perfidy” by Ben Hecht. It will tell you all about this.

  15. It’s funny, we both like Ben Hecht. You for his activism, and political awakening, while I love his films.. He was a fellow Chicagoan. In fact I play softball with one of his relatives.

    Chaim Weizmann’s line about being President of “a million Presidents,” is reflected in our argument. Weizmann’s humor expresses the frustration to satisfy an impossible number of interests and philosophies, held by a supposedly homogeneous nation. Israel, and Jewry, is a heterogeneous mix of cultures and races. We’re all going to bring something different to the mix.

    The line you are quoting here is taken out of context. He was asked if he could save all of European Jewry. He said he could not take 6 million…he would try to take two million–primarily youth–and the elders would be left to suffer their fate whatever it might be. “They were dust , economic and moral dust in a cruel world.” reflects the fatalistic mindset, reflecting the difficult task of a man who was not yet in Political power (one could argue that he never was), and whose hands were tied by various governments. The real blood is on the hands of the Nazis and the (often silent) complicity of a number of European governments, the Vatican, and the American Government. Britian and the US refused to take the refugees…that lead to the bleak realpolitik and true context of Weizmann’s statement.

    I understand you must harbor negative feelings, as many do, towards the Jewish Agency. I don’t believe it’s fair to blame Weizmann in the face of failures by a multitude of Jewish and non-Jewish individuals who held power in the world at the time. Remember that we all view the Holocaust with Promethean knowledge. Yet, at the time few were aware of the scale of the madness. I did not plan to go down this road…I’d like to bring it back.

    I can’t believe you find Israel to be too right wing. Even Bibi? How about Begin? You seem like you’d be a fan of the Irgun–who if the Irgun had been an Arab Organization, you would probably decry their actions as those of animals. (I prefer Haganah myself…although it could be argued that alone, neither organization could have achieved what they did in the battle for Israeli independence. Whatever positive feelings I do have for either group, or the Lehi is the false patriotism that ‘Exodus’ instilled in me as a child. Sal Mineo as a terrorist…too funny)

    You and I will never see eye to eye. Yet we both have the same goal more or less–the survival and prosperity of the Jewish people. I hope that someday Israel will live in peace and coexist with their neighbors. If the failures of the Arab leadership to bring about change within their societies had not taken place, I believe Israel would already be there. If Jordan could take the lead in creating an educated Arab middle class that wouldn’t be susceptible to such propaganda as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and blood libel plays on TV, its neighbors might not be drowning in ignorance and hatred. Of course this isn’t in the interest of most Arab leaders, since it would mean that the anger would turn towards their own elite and they would not be able to scapegoat the Jews. The Jordanians and Egyptians could have made their own sacrifices to help displaced Palestinians, but they did not. They should share in the blame.

    WHEW…sorry for getting so tangental here. Didn’t mean to do that.
    I’m curious, do you consider yourself an American? A zionist? An Israeli in exile?
    Also you should be aware that on the JTF forum there are a number of posters that do not share your enlightened views towards people of color. It’s a real shame. When Jews and blacks work together, the potential is limitless.
    Two people emerging from the wilderness, years of servitude, stepping forward to take their place in the modern world…I love it.

    By the way, many conservatives in this nation had no interest in entering WWII…you can thank the left (not the far left thank you) for intervening and not remaining isolated.

    By my count, the “socialist” Jews, might have more blood on their hands, but they took action, took chances, and created change.

    For some reason I can’t figure out, I’m actually enjoying this completely off topic, ridiculous conversation. I hope you have a smile on your face as you’re typing…I certainly do. Sorry that I don’t have more time to do this, forgive the typos, and I’ve got to get back to work.

    A gezunt ahf dein kop!

    Dr. G

  16. Actually Goldstein, I said I find Israel too Left Wing, not right wing. I would love it if it was more right wing.

    And I still blame that pig Weizman even though you said his quotes were taken out of context. He share the same sentiments of other Jewish leaders of the time. The did not want relgious Jews coming into Israel. They were adamant about that. They wanted young socialists. And the fact that Weizman said he would try and take in the young ones is still no excuse. Remember, “you shall not stand idly by your neighbor’s blood.”

  17. Excuse my error…if you go back, I was certainly trying to say left-wing instead of right…I would never consider Bibi to be left wing : )

    Although yes, I agree Zionism was a secular movement. Much of Jewish progress has been defined by its secular nature. It was religious persecution, and the small mindedness of absolutist ideologies that led to many of the hardships we faced as a people. I am proud to be a Jew, but honestly do not find spiritual salvation in organized religion, which I see as the greatest component in the mess we find ourselves in.

    You can’t take em all, so you take the young and give them a chance to live. I think it’s a universal choice that would be taken for any group looking to survive.

  18. As for root causes of the Holocaust why isn’t the fact that the Germans and the rest of the Europeans always hated the Jews enough for you. The Nazis were Odinist pagans with only a thin veneer of Christianity as cover. And I think the same could be said of many European peoples. I think the reason Jews are hated is that they introduced the absolute concepts of ONE G-d, along with the absolutes of right and wrong just to name a few things.

  19. Also Danny, would you ever demand a rape victim tell you the root causes of why she was raped? If not, then you have no business coming here and demanding to know the “root causes” of the Holocaust.

  20. I’m not sure if you are referring to me as Danny or not, however that’s not my name.

    Your view of the Germans is an over simplification based on the idea that somehow they are all a bunch of savages. (Are you a genetic racist?)
    The people of Europe were taught to hate the Jews. It was based in politics–not G-d–but all political power had to be sanctified from religious authority. When you have a small, foreign populace in your midst, that cannot be controlled by religious authorities, are literate–as opposed to the often illiterate Europeans–engage in trade, build trading power etc…the state uses religion to then create state-sanctioned anti-semitism. Think about it, a people that can get around the Church’s ban on usury, were essential for the economic growth of any kingdom, or any trade. If your debts get to high, you just turn on these foreign agents, shouting false accusations, and seizing their assets. Then another leader invites them to help his economy, and the cycle repeats. A bunch of little diasporas, which finally culminated in genocide.

    The average European was completely ignorant of Jewish laws, religious or otherwise. That’s why blood libels worked so well. You could tell a non-Jew that the blood of a gentile child was needed to make Passover Matzohs and they would believe it. Never mind the fact that it would make Jesus complicit, since the last supper was a Passover meal, and the host stands in for Matzo in Christian services. While these people were emulating the apostles and taking communion they were eating the same “bloody matzoh” of Jesus and the Jews.
    It’s ignorance of Judaism, well ingrained by years of vicious lies and false attributions, and not the “savage” nature of Europeans that created the Holocaust. The root cause of anti-semitism is years of religious lies, and the financial gain of those who benefit from those lies.

    Hell, the first victims of the Crusades were Jews. As those Iron Clad Christian Cowboys went rolling down to the Holy land they always stopped along the way to bash in some Jewish heads. n Ironically, the Islamic societies were far more tolerant and decent to the Jews along the way

    Your rape analogy is troubling, because it is difficult to address without coming off negatively. It is the kind of maneuver meant to stop an argument in its tracks.

    However in order to stop rape, shouldn’t we understand the “root causes” of rape, the underlying violence. Rape is an abomination, deplorable and disgusting. What makes a man, or woman, commit such an act of violence. Too simplify it and call it just rape is disrespectful to the victim. It enhances their victimization and stunts their emotional ability to recover. Looking at the Holocaust without looking at the root causes, is similar. How do you prevent another one, unless you can recognize the warning signs. How can you rehabilitate a violent criminal without understanding them. The Holocaust was a rape, a premeditated crime. In order to stop criminals, you have to understand how they think and prevent the rape from happening in the future. This is what rape prevention training, and post-rape therapy is there for. To help people recover from a horrible, disgusting attack. This is why we educate people about the dangers of hate, and why we counsel those with PTSD, and why those that remain silent help neither themselves or anyone else.
    So do I believe that the rape victim should have to tell you the root causes of why she was raped? No. But I would imagine that along the road to mental and emotional recovery that’s a question most rape victims ask themselves.

    Boy…this could go down a tricky road…but it’s a tricky analogy.

  21. Such Jews as “Dr. Goldstein*” who commented above belong to a group–albeit much too large–that would better be labelled as Schmucks for Obama.
    The Presidential candidate of the Democrats reeks of anti-Israel and anti-Jew sentiment. Look at his associates, his “pastor,’ his orientation towards Africa. The only African country that ever was on good terms with Israel was South Africa before it was turned over to Mandela and reverted to what most African countries are: among other unfavorable qualities, they are Jew-hating and anti-Israel.
    More on Obama’s connections with supporters of “Palestinians” and African-American Jew-haters can be found at The Jew in Yellow
    *not to be confused with another “Dr. Goldstein” (http://www.intellectualconservative.com/article3182.html)

  22. Ok first of all, gun rights have EVERYTHING to do with being a Jew. Self defense is a basic right! If you read the Torah, self defense of yourself and others is pretty much a requirement.

    Since our existence, we have been disarmed by our enemies so we could not fight back.

    Ever heard the saying “Never Again” ?

    look up the passage in the old Hebrew history book that states: “was there a shield or a spear seen amoung fourtythousand in Israel?”
    In another passage it states that the Philistines/ Palestinians did not permit the Jews to sharpen their farming tools for fear that they would forge swords and spears! That is part of your tradition. I’m supposing it came about, at least in part during the Babylonian/ Iraq / Iran captivities where the Rabbinical authority developed. The exiles were enslaved and those who survived found that investing in higher education, which the captors esteemed, to the point where it takes on a religious quality, enabled them to survive and even prosper. Those who thought like this were “remnants.”

    I think that same viewpoint exists here today in the USA; especially in NYC where the Jewish popluation exceeds the entire population of Israel itself.
    You “need” a gun because you are Jewish.

    How about the Jews who fought the NAZI’s in the Warsaw ghetto?
    Out of the six million who died in the death camps if one in ten was an able bodied man and was armed and fought them, who knows? Perhaps the war would have ended sooner and many lives saved.

    The Gun Control Act of 1968 is directly based off the Nazi gun laws of 1938.

    Leftist Jews just don’t get it, they are obsessed with this idea that the government is there to protect them and work directly against our rights. This is what has pushed towards genocide of our people. Instead they rather spend money on “educational programs” like the ADL which do nothing but moan and bitch about the Holocaust but do NOTHING to actually prevent another holocaust. Instead the ADL works against our gun rights and militias.

    Leftist Jews can’t think with logic or facts, they think with their emotions, and what feels good.

    I won’t be thrown in a oven or a gas chamber because i’ll be armed, and don’t be crying to me for a gun when your standing in a line into the camps either.

  23. Leviticus chapter19 Verse 16: Do not be a tale-bearer among your people. You shall not stand idly by [when] the blood (life) of your fellow [is in danger]. I am Ad-noy. (from the Chumash)

    This is what many Jews forget. There is a Torah mitvah and a Rabinic ordinance that a person. [i]must[i] intervene to save a life, either thier own or others, assuming they do not have to die to do it.

    Torah does not imply or demand people to be sheep, helpless to the slaughter.

    Taking nessesary steps to ensure the ability to prevent death (ie responsible firearms ownership) is a part of this commandment.

  24. A would-be demagogue such as Obama (would-be until he can fulfill his ambition) needs a disarmed populace to impose his will from above. See how one of Obama’s ideological brothers–Hugo Chavez–was and is able to ride roughshod over the will of the people of venezuela. Look at Bolivia with morales, Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega, and Cuba with the Castro brothers as examples of how it ws done, of how it can be done here.

    Obama wants all semiautomatic weapons controlled. This means, “automatic” pistols such as Colt 45s or any of the 9mms such as teh Beretta or Sig can no longer be in the posession of citizens.

    More vicious in her hatred of white American society–and Jews are considered the worst part of that society –is Obama’s wife.

    The smoldering resentment of an America that once held slaves grips the Obama woman. She has a great influence on the Obama man.

    As did Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the Obamas want to turn the society upside down.
    Too many Americans are unaware of what is happening as a large a percentage–including clueless Jews–swoon and explode with adulation for the new “Messiah” suddenly come to the forefront of the Democrats.

    In Venezuela, the population was and is disarmed, although many rage against the socialist dictatorship imposed by the demagogue Chavez, they can do nothing.

    As long as the 2nd amedment is not abrogated by the effort of weasels that want a disarmed public that can be controlled from above, those of us who know that such was not the intent of the men who founded the United States CAN do something about it. See THE REVOLUTION . . .


  26. In the bible it said that its true. BUT did they have the right to kick palistinians out NO!!!! ENGLAND OFFERED THEM UGUNDA BUT NO THEY HAD TO HAVE THERE HOLY LAND. U GUYS HAVE SO MUCH PALISTINIAN BLOOD ON UR HANDS!!!

  27. This is nothing but racist propaganda.

  28. “In the bible it said that its true. BUT did they have the right to kick palistinians out NO!!!! ENGLAND OFFERED THEM UGUNDA BUT NO THEY HAD TO HAVE THERE HOLY LAND. U GUYS HAVE SO MUCH PALISTINIAN BLOOD ON UR HANDS!!!”

    I never heard that England offered Jews Uganda. Also, the Bible says that the Holy Land was promised to Jews.

    “This is nothing but racist propaganda.”

    There are blacks who don’t support Obama. Just cuz we’re anti-Obama doesn’t make us anti-black.

  29. I am Jewish and have been in America all my life over 50 yrs except for some travel. As I learn more about history i realize Jews are very stubborn and are destined to repeat the same mistakes once again (just as any group might do).All we need do is look at how the freedoms and liberties of this great nation are deminishing. I am glad that somany young people are prepared to fight to keep our Constitution alive as sadly many of us older folks dont seem to have any fight left. I originally supported Dr Ron Paul and have had to settle for the lesser of the evils Mc Cain, atleast he is experienced and aged .. I like Obama but he is a lier and a fashist as many articles of fact have shown.. I really dont know why somany of my own kind support this..socialism doesnt work, history shows this..

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