More On Obama’s Pastor’s Ties To Farrakhan

Hat tip: Dr. Dan

Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ publishes a magazine called Trumpet Newsmagazine.

In their most recent November/December 2007 issue, they gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to Louis Farrakhan. And here’s a link to their most recent issue where they honor Farrakhan.

Now granted, Tim Russert did an excellent job of cornering Obama on his pastor’s support of Farrakhan. But that is too little too late. Russert has been criticized for bringing up Farrakhan. And it makes me wonder why this is not sticking to Obama, as opposed to Huckabee being taken to task for his comments on religion, or Romney for his Mormonism. There’s a double standard here. Apparently, you can criticize Bible believing Christians all you want, but G-d forbid you should make mention of Obama’s pastor, or his Islamist ties!


28 responses to “More On Obama’s Pastor’s Ties To Farrakhan

  1. What? That’s totally not fair! Why is the left like this? Why does the media accuse the right of being racist towards blacks when they don’t point out the leftist and their own discriminations against Asians, conservatives, and Jews?

  2. oppressed half-breed

    I know. The left accuses whites of being anti-black when they don’t point out their racist assumption blacks are on their side and their racist attitude toward Asians, especially in the movies. They mock interracial marriages between whites and Asians without calling them names, but when people suggest that gay marriage might be a bad idea, they call those people names like “homophobic”!

  3. oppressed half-breed

    man, why can they bully interrracila people without being called names but why can’t we criticize gay people without being called names?

  4. oppressed half-breed

    I mean, if two righteous Gentiles of different races follow the same faith are compatible, have common goals, have integrity, love each other very much, and don’t care about what the left thinks, why can’t they get married?

  5. oppressed half-breed

    Joseph married an Egyptian. Result: Ephraim and Manessah. Ephraim’s Children: The British Empire. Manessah’s children: USA. Ruth was a non-Jew who converted to Judaism, and married Boaz. They are David’s ancestors. The Song of Solomon is about a white man and a dark-skinned woman.

  6. oppressed half-breed

    Who else is tired of the leftist atheist/racist agenda?

  7. oppressed half-breed

    Oh, and Moses married an Ethiopian.

  8. I want to thank you for letting the world know how biased the media are, but can’t you mention the fact that they’re racist against Asians?

  9. I mean, the left are a bunch of racists.

  10. And they deserve the wrath of G-d!

  11. Truth, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Left is racist against Asians. I guess we don’t hear from it because Asians don’t let that get in their way. They focus on getting educated and working hard. You would never hear them whining about not having bilingual education, or how society is racist against them, etc.

  12. Obama’s church removed the link to The Trumpet magazine from their website. It was on The Trumpet’s site that mentioned Farrakhan as a “socially conscious giant.”

    The TUCC has replaced that link with some video of a white woman (with a very Yiddish sounding name) declaring her regular attendance at Obama’s church.

    This is like amateur propagandizing and Americans still aren’t getting it. WTH?

  13. oppressed half-breed

    That’s part of it. The other part is because Asians haven’t been in the US as long, so people don’t know about it very much, except for the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act.

  14. To be honest with you, the fact that it hasn’t gotten in the way of Asians getting employed is probably because Asian parents push education more than non-Asian parents. However, Asians (especially those that intermarry with whites) are often the victims of racism. I’m not saying that Asians aren’t holy and perfect, though. All races (except for those who are right-wing Jews and righteous Gentiles) seem to have racist attitudes.

  15. I mean, even Asians criticize Asians who intermarry with whites. Even Australians (who are white, not Asians) don’t like it when their women marry Americans.

  16. I meant I’m not saying that Asians are holy and perfect, if I’m saying that they are holy and perfect that would make me a liar.

  17. Oh, and I think that whites are also victims of racism, I’ve also endured racism for being white.

  18. Asians never whine about bilingual education, true. Part of this is because some Asians (Indians, Filipinos, Singaporese, and Hong Kongese) have some dialect of English in their old countries because they were ruled by England or America, another part of this is because Asians are more willing to learn and their societies value education. However, we do get bad stereotypes, plus people tend to see half-Asians as inferior.

  19. But then again, whites also get bad stereotypes

  20. Young&Handsome

    Weren’t the Democrats the ones that promoted the Chinese Exclusion Act?

  21. Probably.

  22. jtfdotorg Says:
    March 7, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Truth, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Left is racist against Asians. I guess we don’t hear from it because Asians don’t let that get in their way. They focus on getting educated and working hard. You would never hear them whining about not having bilingual education, or how society is racist against them, etc.

    You have an interesting point there. Some people do complain that they are being discriminated in the workplace, when they don’t even realize that part of the problem is the fact that unlike Asians, they don’t value education.

  23. guys! What do you think of this?

  24. Animals display more intelligence than the American people. They stick to their own species, not small differences within their own species. And death, the ultimate equalizer; death has no color and no ethnos, either does truth. We argue about trivial things like color and race?

  25. …and poor unintelligent Farrakahn, he’s made his entire legacy arguing about color of skin? Not to mention his skin is not even black. Anyone who puts effort into discriminating on color or skin displays idiocy. Obama, another person making his “name” on something as trivial as color of SKIN? SKIN?

  26. I agree, and I am against racism, although I have heard that some animals are less likely to mix breeds, just like us. That’s why I’m against the Democrats. Hillary is a white supremacist and a Jew-Hater, and Barack Obama is a Muslim, which is a racist religion. Why? Muslims believe that God loves the hairy man and the unhairy woman, and some races have more hair than others. It doesn’t matter whether we’re white, black, Asian/ Pacific Islander, Native American, Latino, First World, Second World, Third World, it matters what our heart is. (1 Samuel 16:7) It matters whether we follow G-d’s will and whether or not we respect his commandments. That’s why I’m against the Left.

  27. oppressed half-breed

    Yes. The Left says I’m inferior because I’m a half breed. They think that it’s okay to say that participants in interracial marriage are evil, and may even join in, but when you say that gay marriage might be wrong, they call you homophobic. I don’t think that it’s fair. And I agree with Truth, it doesn’t matter what race we are.

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