New Black Panther Party Endorses Obama

Read about it here.


8 responses to “New Black Panther Party Endorses Obama

  1. greeneyedstone

    It astounds me that this man is still being allowed to continue. Were he white, the cries for his resignation would be deafening. he should step down in shame for being such a hater.

  2. you white people are friggin idiots to the 10th power!!! believe anything without checking your own facts!!

  3. I have been e-mailing and calling about that Obama The Black Panther Party for the last few days. When sneaky Obama found out Sean Hannity told listeners about it today, March 18, 2008 Obama had just the title Black Panther Party taken off. I had made a copy of tht web site with the words Black Panther Party and so I still have it, in case anybody doesn’t believe it.

    I know the history of the Black Panther party which is dangerous since the 1960’s. They support the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and are racist haters against whites, and the Jewish people. Let alone the breaking into armories, in the 1960’s passing out guns, killing people with white skin, burning down stores, looting, inciting riots, pulling people with white skin out of their cars and beating them some to death. Storming the state capital and planting bombs. They want to kill all whites and Jewish People and set up a Nation within the United States without whites or Jews by killing us off. OBama is very dangerous and should be stopped!

    If you look up the site now under Obama Black Panther Party, it now shows Fox’s New near top of listing after you google it which says “New results for Obama the Black Panther Party. Check it out for it will explain that Obama had it taken off of his site. The site is still there only the words Black Panther party is missing.

  4. ShabuShazazz

    This is an incredibly lame story, to be honest. This is like saying blogger or facebook is a racist organization because the KKK sets up a page on their site. The Obama site is set up like any of those other social networking sites, except that I doubt it’s as well moderated since, well, it’s not a whole business by itself.

    Nothing to see here, move along…

  5. Oppressed half-breed

    It’s a shame, Carol L. There are even black Jews and there are blacks who still hate Jews.

  6. Obama is a typical example of most blacks in America: treat me equally but don’t hold me to the same standards.

  7. First off I am 100% Jewish on both sides since we can trace our family history back to the Dark Ages, and had Most of my Family bloodline lost in Auschwitz.

    The Black Panther Party was a group that supported the freedom of all minorities including our Jewish brothers and Sisters. If you think the Black Panther Party was a racist organization than you are just as ignorant and in the same class of people who are Anti Semitic. Keep living in a box because thats what you put all your ideas into. Second of all The Black Panther Party has nothing to do with the Nation of Islam. The New Black Panther Party is not the The Black Panther Party and has been denounced as an illegitimate organization by the Huey P. Newton Foundation.
    It is nothing but a puppet of the Nation of Islam. The real Black Panther Party hold no religious identity and promotes Pan-African Socialism and Black Nationalism. The real Black Panther Party was a remarkable and wonderful organization.

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