Should We Call Obama A Muslim

Chaim Ben Pesach says “yes”!


6 responses to “Should We Call Obama A Muslim

  1. They accuse anyone who attacks Obama of being racist becauase it appearse to be their only defense. That’s why we should back Condoleeza Rice, or better yet, and Asian for president. This is because the Left has a racist assumption that ALL blacks are on their side, and Asians are the real victims of stereotyping nowadays.

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  3. moniquemonicat

    Should we call Obama a Muslim?

    How about just calling him a MOUTHPIECE FOR SATAN.

    Wow, some “uniter;” I’ve never seen so much racial hate being stirred up by one presidential candidate THAN Obama.

    I think Sean Hannity should be commended and even Bill O’Reilly for at least airing some of this on TV and others on radio and the Internet.

    Wow, a black panther member is on TV and Kirsten (poor ignorant Kirsten, filling in for Alan Colmes on Hannity) just said “But the Jews & Whites…” as if they are 2 separate races. Such ignorance. Then earlier I heard one of them say “…the people of color, the hispanics and the blacks.” Again, “hispanic” is not a race and many hispanics are in fact white, caucasian by race.

    I ask, how can any American have a logical discussion about race when the people discussing it confuses what races are with religions and cultures?

    Even animals are more intelligent than this. Animals clearly display just how far from reality we as a human race have become.

    God said:
    “Ask the animals and they will teach you”
    -Job 12:7-9

  4. monique alponte

    HANNITY SHOW UPDATE: More rhetoric from yet another Obama supporter obsessed with skin color: Rev. Meeks from Illinois. Now he says that the “black holocaust” was worse than the “so-called Holocaust of the Jews.” The “so-called” Holocaust??????

    Such overt denial, stemming from nothing but complete ENVY.

    Just the latest group of human beings jealous of God’s chosen people, the Jews.

    We can add them to the “Arians,” aka Iranians; Arabs, many christian demoninations of all colors; and now the latest hijackers: black racists.

    How is it that anyone can read the entire bible and just completely ignore every mention of “the Jews” and to replace that with “black people” or “Christian” or any other group?

    Why do so many peoples try to hijack the “chosen people,” when God clearly spells it out that He is specifically speaking of His people, the Jews?

    Ignorance doesn’t quite explain that.

    It is a demon spirit. One based in hate and jealousy.

    Thank God for the Jews for bringing us the Word of God. Without the Jews, we’d be worshipping the moon goddess, allat, aka allah; or the queen of heaven or the other hundreds of demon spirits called by many different names in many different cultures.

    It is absolutley ludicrous, they denounce the Jews, then at the same time want to take their place in God’s Word.

    So sad and pathetic.

    Obama’s a uniter all right! He has NOT united the RACES, but he’s sure managed to UNITE ALL RACISTS!

    And some how it always gets down to blaming the Jews in the end.

    People blame God for everything too.

    But people of faith know Who wins in the end: ISRAEL !

  5. I agree, Monique. It’s better than worshiping Wicca, which Europeans would be doing if Jesus didn’t start Christianity, and worshiping your ancestors (which some Asians still do but it’s changing in S. Korea and already changed in the Philippines because of Christianity.)

  6. Oppressed half-breed

    Obama’s supporters will accuse us of being racist against Obama because they will think (or maybe, want voters to think) that we’re attacking him because of race. They need to understand that we just don’t think he is capable of doing a good job as President, not that we hate him or anything.

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