Who Is Obama Senior Obama Advisor Merrill McPeak?

He’s a retired Air Force general turned Democrat, who among other things thinks it’s George W. Bush’s fault that Iran doesn’t like us.

In the view of McPeak, the most senior retired officer to back Obama’s presidential run, Iran’s behavior is a reaction to Bush’s tough talk.

“Iran is a big enemy of al Qaeda,” said McPeak, who was the Air Force’s chief of staff and a Joint Chiefs member during the presidency of Bush’s father.

“They were a big enemy of the Taliban,” said the retired four-star general. “They cooperated with us quite completely in the initial phases of our Afghanistan operation. And it was us that insulted them by including them in the ‘axis of evil’ and making sure they understood we didn’t like them very much.”

McPeak, an Obama campaign co-chairman, was referring to Bush’s post-September 11 speech in which he referred to North Korea, Iraq and Iran as an “axis of evil.”

“That drove us apart,” said McPeak. “Obama’s idea is, why not talk to them. Why not see if there isn’t some common ground. Certainly, the fight against al Qaeda would be one of them.”

McPeak conveniently ignores the fact that Iran’s Islamist regime (started with the help of Jimmy Carter) held American Embassy personnel hostage for 444 days. He also seems to have forgotten that Iran, along with Syria is one of the main backers of Hezbollah, the group responsible for killing over 240 marines in Lebanon, as they slept in their barracks.

Luckily, not everyone is believing Peak’s b.s.

National security experts say Iran’s rogue behavior pre-dates Bush’s speech. In June 2001, the Justice Department indicted 13 members of a pro-Iranian group, Saudi Hezbollah, for carrying out the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing that killed 19 American service members in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Hezbollah held regular meetings in Iran, said the FBI.


Added Gaffney: “It is not simply naïve, it is reckless to ignore: serial statements by the mullahs and their front man, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, about a world without America; their goons parading in Iranian cities shouting “Death to America”; their active efforts to kill and maim Americans and Iraqis in the hope of defeating the United States in Iraq and rendering the latter an oil-rich satellite and new safe-haven for Iranian-backed terror; and accumulating evidence that Iran’s Hezbollah proxies, and their intelligence agents are developing cells capable of unleashing deadly violence here as well as elsewhere. Even an individual without appreciable expertise in such matters like Sen. Obama should be able to discern these realities. It is inexplicable how a professional military officer like Gen. McPeak could fail to do so.”

Here’s what some commenters at Moonbattery.com had to say about General Peak:

McPeak drove the morale of the USAF into the ground during his tenure. From his utter disregard for the safety of instructor pilots and their students through his meddling in the selection of a trainer to his desecration of the uniform, Merril McPeak is remembered as a most despised figure. He’s been looking for traction any where he can find it since he retired – he’s tried the Republicans and they won’t have anything to do with him and he’s tried his luck with Kerry and now Obama. He’s just a tool and if Obama does manage to sneak into office, he would be well advised to steer clear of a moron like McPeak.


Excuse me, General McPeak, but from my humble understanding, Iran initially cooperated with us in our Afghanistan operations because they were scared of us, up until the point when we started squabbling amongst ourselves.

The internal divisions, more perceived (to outsiders that don’t understand our public debates) than real, gave Iran comfort in the belief that if the United States attacked them, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, et al, would come to the aid of Iran.

If Iran was still scared shitless of us, they wouldn’t be cravenly orchestrating attacks against Americans in Iraq, nor would they be shipping explosives to the terrorist/insurgents.

So how many American service personnel have died in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the outward projection of disunity?


One response to “Who Is Obama Senior Obama Advisor Merrill McPeak?

  1. McPeak is despised by the overwhelming vast majority of retired Air Force NCO’s and Officers along with any active duty folks who have more than 20 years of service. As a “young service” trying to build its own traditions and identity, McPeak decimated those goals. He took the Mighty Strategic Air Command and turned it into an emasculated hollow force. His fixation and fetish with mens chest hair led him to mandate men were “V” neck T-shirts instead of giving them the choice between V neck and crew neck shirts…he was anal about it.

    The fact he’s out there campaigning for Obama indicated he’s struggling for a position in his administration if he’s elected. If Obama gets elected, look for him to politic for SecDef. After all, he wants to do to the Army, Navy, and Marines what he did for the Air Force.

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