Obama and Clinton Tied Among Crazy Jewish Democrats

What is it with these liberal Jews? No doubt they would vote for Yassir Arafat as long as he had a “D” next to his name. This is unbelievable!

Even as conservatives continue to paint Barack Obama as being surrounded by anti-Israel advisers, a new poll shows the Illinois senator and Hillary Rodham Clinton in a neck-and-neck battle for Jewish support.

A Gallup Poll tracking views March 1-22 found Jewish Democrats in a statistical dead heat in their support for their party’s presidential nominees.

Clinton, a New York senator, led Obama, 48 percent to 43 percent – a differential falling within the 6 percent margin of error for the 368 Jews who were interviewed.

The results reflect the dead heat found among voters in general in a separate national Gallup Poll released Monday.

At the same time, Obama did better among Jews than among white Protestants and white Catholics.

The poll comes after months of aggressive efforts by Obama and his campaign staff to repel ongoing e-mail attacks painting him as unsupportive of Israel, and amid speculation that he was in danger of losing Jewish support.


Mark Mellman, a top Democratic pollster, noted that the Jewish community is rich in two constituencies that are considered natural redoubts for each of the candidates.

“White women favor Clinton and college-educated white men favor Obama,” said Mellman, who has not declared for either candidate.

Ira Forman, the executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, agreed, noting that Clinton also was likelier to draw older voters.

“We’ve got a Jewish electorate that’s professional and highly educated, and that’s good for Obama,” said Forman, who also has not endorsed a candidate. “We’ve got a Jewish electorate that’s also older, and that’s not good for Obama.”


11 responses to “Obama and Clinton Tied Among Crazy Jewish Democrats

  1. Kill_terrorist

    Naive Jewish don’t know their enemies. The “book” said it all. “Kill the infidels” Muslim has no country.Muslim and communist are the same .death cult.

  2. Kill_terrorist

    I forget to add , for those who don’t know your enemies please watch this…
    http://www.liveleak .com/view? i=ee4_1206625795

  3. moniquemonicat

    Dear Kill_terrorst,

    Please providethe link again, I could not read it to go to it.


  4. Please send a letter sign with all Jews to NewYork mayor Michael Bloomberg to condemn his decision to annoince Obama in Newyork! Bloomberg may run as VP or endorse Obama! This must stop! What kind of a Jew Bloomberg is? If he backs Obama , he has so m uch power and money!

  5. It would be interesting to find out how the Jewish vote currently breaks down between McCain and Clinton or McCain and Obama. Also, I wonder how many of the Jewish supporters of Clinton would bolt for McCain if Obama got the Dem nomination. This has the potential to swing states like New Jersey or Pennsylvania into the McCain column.

  6. Black haters of whites, Jews & America should be compnsated & shipped to Liberia!!! Liberia was set up by the US gov’t in the early part of the 19th century for freed slaves from the US!!! We should ship the white & self hating Jewish traitors like Ron Kuby along with their sub mental “friends” along on the deal!!!

  7. I agree. If blacks don’t like living here they should leave. The same goes for everyone who doesn’t like living here. However, doesn’t Liberia have a civil war right now?

  8. I would like to know which anti-Israel policies could Mr Obama implement.
    Many thanks.

  9. I would like to know, accordin to the people that make this blog, which are the Anti-Israel policies that Mr Obama could implement if he win the presidential election. Thanks.

  10. I want the Truth

    Martin, I’ve heard that Obama would put up an anti-Israel policy of allying with Israel’s enemies. But we’ll have to hear from the blog’s owners.

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