Obama Web Site Hosts “Free Fakestine” Page


Since these Obama people seem to put up anything by anyone, I decided to put up my own Jews Against Obama group. And here’s the message I got after I clicked on the “submit” button:


It just goes to show you how this America hating, white hating, Jew hating, affirmative action beast and his goons approved those other two groups.

Check it out.

Now for those of you liberals who stubbornly insist on ignoring all the warning signs about this white hating, America hating, Jew hating, affirmative action black supremacist, what do you think would happen if I were to post a “Jews Against Obama” page on that site? No doubt it would be removed in less than a day.

So I think I’ll try it.


12 responses to “Obama Web Site Hosts “Free Fakestine” Page

  1. Your an idiot. Thats a group within the site. Someone created that, not Obama

  2. Racist on this site much?

  3. The only palestine I know of is in Texas. Muslim population (Slim too none) Oh and edmund what race are you referring to, ya babbling moron. Muslims are not a race.

  4. Look for a comment by “AbdulHaqq” on the blog, it’s me . I want too see the reaction.

  5. And Jews are not a race either, but your bigotry is aimed at Arabs a whole, which are a race

  6. Edmund Says: “Racist on this site much?”
    Don’t tell me you think that everyone who talks about race is racist. While it’s true race should be on our minds less, we aren’t all racist.

    Edmund Says:
    “And Jews are not a race either, but your bigotry is aimed at Arabs a whole, which are a race”
    There are two meanings of Jew, one meaning Judah’s descendants, and the other meaning adherents of Judaism.

    I went on your blog, and I saw that YOU are a racist yourself. “He is still a racist ass, but thats expected from the British.” If I were to say, “Arabs are racist ***es” would you perceive that as racist? Although I am not a Jew or a Brit myself, I am against racism against Jews and Brits because I suppose all racism.

  7. I mean oppose.

  8. Jeff,

    There is also a Palestine, West Virginia, if that helps.

  9. 2 things:

    1. Jews are a race (they are a people) and also a religion.
    2. In my Old Testament, they do indeed reference Palestine everywhere and as a child of the 1950s-1960s who received at least 8 years of Jewish schooling, they most certainly talked to me/us about Palestine. Hence, why many of us Jewish people are confused as to Palestine.

    I wish we could just all get along and forever too…..probably a pipedream of mine though, forever….

  10. Even though you aren’t my mom, I agree.

  11. Remember inconoman and his support for osama well he does’nt support him here rofl http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/obama-messiah-website-real-478590p2.html

  12. Young&Handsome

    Beast…reminds me of Christian prophecies about the end…the beast is supposed to symbolize some evil…I’ll have to look it over again.

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