Gazans For Obama


10 responses to “Gazans For Obama

  1. I want the Truth

    So many things I want to know.
    Why do Gazans care about the US election and want Obama for president? Why does Incogman say that Western media supports the Jews when this video seems to be on the side of Palestinians? Why did that guy say you need to support Israel to be in the White House? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton antisemitic?

  2. I want the Truth

    Why was my earlier comment deleted?

  3. I didn’t delete any of your comments.

  4. A change in the Middle East and Peace to the area means eliminating Israel. Even the Palestinians can see Obama is for their type of “change”.

  5. I want the Truth

    Alright, sorry. For some reason my first comment didn’t show up when I posted it. Might be a systems glitch.

    Does anyone know the answers to my earlier questions?

  6. Kill_terrorist

    Ofcourse, they have something in common. “religeon stupid.”

  7. Rep. steve KING said few weeks ago quote” terrorists will dance at Gaza streets like they did after 9/11 if Obama wins” It is so true!
    Hamas has turned many cafe’s and coffe shops in gaza streets and campaigning for barrack husseyin Obama heavily! They call US voters and ask their vote from gaza!
    They urge Arab Americans to donate money for Obama campaign!
    Hamas is a terrorist organization! I ask and urge every Jew to protest the Democratic party to accept help from a terror organization and have a candidate who belongs to a church just recently printed out pro Hamas manifests!
    Here is the phone numbers for the Democratic Party!
    1 202 863 8000
    1 877 336 7200

  8. I am a Democrat but the DNC and Obama made me a Republican!
    I voted for Hillary as a lot of FL Jews did and the DNC did not count our votes!
    The reason they don’t hold doover because Obama will be creamed by the Jewish votes against him! By the way, Hillary absolutely is NOT an anti semite at all!
    I will cast my vote for John McCain vs. Obama so the majority of the Jews too!

  9. Shimon , MA

    States will swing to RED because of Obama in November!
    for John McCain vs. the terrorist!

  10. This is an important video. I’m going to post it over at Real Clear Politics. The voters need to know, though many of us already do, that the Gazans who danced in the steets on 9/11, and gave Hamas a landslide victory, are rooting and working for Obama.

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