Jackie Mason on Obama


21 responses to “Jackie Mason on Obama

  1. good job jackie,,,

  2. Thanks Jackie!

    The media’s lack of informing us of the news, as per usual, leave it up to the comedians to do THEIR work.

    Good to see someone’s got some balls (and brains)!

    Bravo Jackie!

  3. Spot on Jackie!

    Having chosen this psychotic pastor’s church over 20 years ago, means Obama either slept during services, he’s lying about what he heard, or he’s a dope. Who would want a man that listens to a person who criticized our use of atom bombs in WWII to be Commander-in-Chief? Obama has lied consistently and he runs on a platform of change. The one thing Obama hasn’t lied about, is his platform. He has yet to state what it is! I fear this guy’s election so much, I’d settle for Hillary (at least she has the balls to put up a fight if needed). Go McCain!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work, Jackie! I’m one gentile who’s in your corner.

  4. Jackie said it better than all the so-called news media combined. You can’t believe anything Obama says. Beware America.

  5. Jackie’s comments were straight forward and right on target. It’s a shame that Obama statments on this subject, as well as others have captured the support of ill informed Americans. Anyone who has the support of anti-Americans, as he does should never be considered for public office. Yet he is, and that’s because of our left leaning liberal media.

    Jackie please keep it up!

  6. So ironic that Obama has plenty of support to be president when his spiritual mentor who endorses him says “God **** America.” America needs not only a president who loves America, but a president who is capable of saving it.

  7. way to go Jackie; Iam for you.


  8. Hal Kirshner


    Your analysis of Obama is not only accurate, but I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched it. Why can’t others see him and his wife as the anti-Americans that they
    are? They are the bitter ones.

    A life-long fan,

    Hal K.

  9. Norman Thomas

    Jackie is a comedian. This and he are a joke.

  10. Cathey DeSantis

    I couldn’t agree more with Norman Thomas. Stick to comedy, Jackie. Or is this it????

  11. Easy to see Norman and Cathey are liberals who can not and will not acknowledge truth.

  12. Obama has a hidden agenda and it doesn’t include continuing a friendly ongoing relationship with Israel. I hope Israel sees the “handwriting on the wall” and takes out Damascus and all the filthy vermin (hamas, hizballah, et al) scurring around in that cesspool always devising ways to inflict death and misery on Israel and the USA. Any Jew who is helping Obama in his campaign is deaf, dumb and blind and is contributing to his or her own demise in the future. Obama is a muslim mole who will reveal his true identity once elected President but then it will be too late for America and Israel.

  13. I think that’s very possible, Stephen. Obama is very mysterious.

  14. A mom, Jewish and proud

    Stephen: I totally agree with you………

  15. I agree Jackie..,when are we going to realize that terrorist hae been masterminding for years to formulate a plan and “groom” one of their own to “change” America. America will suffer greatly if OBAMA is made president. OBAMANATION!!

  16. Jews for Justice and Obama

    This election is not about Pastor Wright, anymore than it is about James Hagee.

    This election is not about gotchas and gaffes, which McCain has far more of than Obama.

    This election is about the war in Iraq.

    This election is about the economy.

    This election is about our relations with our allies.

    This election is about health care.

    Stick to the issues, and avoid L’shon Hara, and that goes for both sides. Good people can disagree on substantive issues.

  17. No, the election is about how the next president will deal with the issues this country faces. Obama is a liar a fraud and an extremist. Anyone who would spend their adult life surrounded by such extremists as he (Obabma) has and call them mentors friends and allies is a danger to freedom everywhere.
    Anyone who lies at the level that Obama does, anyone who turns a blind eye to the tactics their supporters used in the primary election is no friend of free people or democracy.
    He will be stopped , and sites like this one, and people like Jackie Mason,will be the spearhead that destroys the illusions that Obama and his “mentors” have so carefully crafted.
    More people are seeing through the illusion everyday.

  18. RIGHT on Finally the truth comes out What the news media never would dare tell

  19. You’re right about the media, Sylvan. They’re completely in the tank for Obama. Welcome to my blog.

  20. So funny yet so sad, but then again just what one would expect from a fake jew. I love this, only talk and blogs and cant do dick to get our black pres out of the white house. LOL good times.

  21. Wa WA, in what way am I a “fake” Jew? Is it because I don’t tow the leftist Democrat worshiping party line? Explain this to me.

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