Another Jew Hating Reverend and Obama Supporter

Via View From The Right

According to Reverend Eric Lee, us EEEVIL JOOOS will get our just desserts for making money off the backs of black people once Barack Obama becomes President. That’s what he said to Dapha Ziman at an event honoring Martin Luther King. And here’s Ms. Ziman’s take on it.

Now according to one of the commenters at Pajamas Media, Ms. Ziman is a Hillary Clinton supporter. I wander if this will make her see how hateful and anti-semitic the Left really is.


7 responses to “Another Jew Hating Reverend and Obama Supporter

  1. Ironic. I don’t think that MLK would support such racism if he were alive.

  2. Wow, another human wonder calling themselves “reverend” who not only isn’t deserving of his title, but isn’t even as intelligent as any one of the number of wild desert animals here in Tucson.

    This just shows what a “UNITER” Obama is NOT.

    And the very definition of “reverend” does NOT fit Mr. Lee either.

    rev·er·end (rev′ə rənd, rev′rənd)


    worthy of reverence; deserving to be revered: used with the as an honorific epithet for a member of the clergy, prefixed to the first name or initials and last name, and, in very formal use, preceding another title [the Reverend A. B. Smith, the Reverend Dr. Ann B. Smith, the Reverend Mr. Jones]


    revered, respected, venerated; see divine


  3. I know! Who decided that Eric Lee fit that description? Himself?

  4. I think many, many “reverends” use this title, but it is ESPECIALLY prevalent among the black racist “reverends” who surround Obama.

    I remember years ago I heard a pastor (Chuck Smith, Calvary, Costa Mesa, CA) say how audacious and wrong it is for any “man of God,” aka, pastor, to refer to himself (or herself) as “REVEREND,” especially when those like St. Paul and others who actually walked with Jesus continually humbly refered to themselves as “slaves of Jesus” or the prophets referring to themselves as “servants of the Most High God,” or even “pastor” is fine — BUT REVEREND?

    The sin God found in Lucifer was his PRIDE and how he lifted himself up.

    Any time I hear a “man of the cloth” who is endorsing Obama, who calls himself or herself “reverend” I cringe.

  5. Monique, I’m with you 100% on the “Reverend” title. No man is deserving of that in front of his name. The scriptures say that “there is none who does good or seeks after G-d but we are all as an unclean rag”. No man and I am now referring to the ex nazi, Pope Benedict, is worthy to be called “Holy Father”. There is only one “Holy Father” and he sits enthroned above the circle of the earth searching mens’ hearts.

    Maranatha Lord Jeshua!

  6. Didn’t Christ say “You shall call no man on Earth ‘Father'”?

  7. Wait a minute, the Pope is an ex-Nazi? I thought the Nazis were homo child molesters and the Catholics were honorable people…except for a few priests the media pays attention to.

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