Chaim Ben Pesach – Obama Marched With Farrakhan

This video is just under ten minutes.


10 responses to “Chaim Ben Pesach – Obama Marched With Farrakhan

  1. I agree with Chaim, except on one thing: I don’t think we can rule out Hillary Clinton for the dem nominee just yet. I know what I’m saying goes against everything the media says and what most voters think:

    BUT If Hillary Clinton wins PA and gets a bump enough from the win to win Indiana. WE CAN SAY GOODBYE TO BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    He can pimp walk back to his racist church in Illinois with a blunt in his ear and his ignorant racist wife on his arm, and they can celebrate hatred against whites, Italians, Hispanics, and Jews (his words, not mine) to the extreme. Maybe he will keep Chris Matthews on his mailing list and send him videos from time to time so he can get more “chills up his leg” on those nights his wife just isn’t doing it for him (Chris Matthews’ words, not mine).

    But the truth is that right now John McCain is leading Obama in the most democrat state: NEW YORK. IF (and I say “if” loosely) the dems were smart they would readily see that just that simple fact illustrates that Obama could not win a general election. But as I said, IF the dems were smart they would see this.

    No folks, it ain’t gonna happen. Obama is just a novelty item, and Americans who cannot even wait over 5 minutes in a fast food line, are not going to be “excited” for that long. I watched Mitt Romney’s campaign and it is a lot like Obama’s, same religioin speech, same winning of states that are the opposite ones needed for his party, eg. Michigan, and the millions of dollars of extreme attack ads.

    Mark my words, put a fork in Obama, he’s DONE.

    Does this mean we should lighten up on exposing him and stopping him? NO WAY! Obama is the most dangerous government employee in the U.S. right now. So by all means let’s keep spreading the word until he is no longer a threat. I’m ready AND willing to fight until these hyenias are out of the pride’s way.

    Chaim, no matter what, always remember: Israel wins in the end.

    As we big cat lovers say “Lion OWNS tiger!”

    The lion of the tribe of Judah!

  2. P.S. In no way, shape, or form do I support Hillary Clinton, but I AM HOPING she gets Obama out of the way for all concerned.

    Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned! And Hillary is not done with Obama yet.

    Sure the republicans have less than perfect candidate McCain, but McCain is no where NEAR as horrific as Obama, and Obama is SO BAD he actually makes Hillary look somehow “normal.”

    Arrivederci Obama!

    Sputo sul obama!

  3. Young&Handsome

    I think YouTube is unfair to JTF. That vid you posted is unavailable, but stuff where kids cyberbully each other still is.
    Being a kid myself, I feel sorry for poor Oagalthorp. I think JTF should complain.

  4. Oppressed half-breed

    Yeah, especially if you can sue McDonalds for making you fat.

  5. “The lion of the tribe of Judah!”

    Funny you mention it, the lion is both a symbol of the Jews and the Brits…

  6. Oh, uh…Lions aren’t the only animals that do war.
    Ants fight each other too.

  7. Yes, The Truth Says, you’re right again. I just use Lions because they are my favorite animal and they are regal and royal animals. The ants and almost all other beings know when to fight for survival and purpose of territory.

    But what is most fitting is Savior, the Messiah is spoke of as THE lion of the tribe of Judah, mainly because of the heart of the lion, they will take on 4 other lions to protect the pride. The Messiah will lay down his life for Israel, Judah and that is why He is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Other animals protect their turf, but it is only the lion, specifically the Male Lion, out of all the other animals, including all the other big cats, that is regal lays down his life for the pride. A mother animal will do that to protect her young, but a male lion will do it to protect his entire pride, give his own life. I’d say that gives him the right to lie around the rest of the time and let all the others do most of the hunting and serving.

    I know this is a more political site, but this is how I see God with protecting Israel.

    In the meantime the pride will have to put up with irritants like hyenias (terrorists, the natural enemy of lions), wild dogs, poisonous snakes, and vultures. Sometimes hyhenias can kill a lion and sometimes a tiger can kill a lion….but in the end, Lion owns tiger; and the Messiah WILL save all Israel.

    We can learn a lot from lions. And if we use all our talents and smarts, heck, watch the bobcat with a snake: Bobcat kills rattlesnake:

    Who needs a teacher when we have the best fighters to learn from?

  8. I think its down right wrong to censor any video here!! what happened to Freedom of expression and freedom of the Press?

  9. Obama is taking money under the table!! Where from? Muslims!! Thsi is proof here! They support him!!

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