Obama Has Yet Another Terrorist Supporter

His name is Hatem El Hady who used to run the now defunct Toledo Ohio based Kindhearts Islamic “charity” organization. Now he’s doing fundraising for Barack Hussein Obama. Read all about it on Central Ohioans Against Terrorism.


5 responses to “Obama Has Yet Another Terrorist Supporter

  1. Hatem isn’t spelled so differently from Hate ’em…

  2. No matter how many lions hyenias kill–a hyenia will ALWAYS be a hyenia, a scavenger. Hyenias wish they were lions and wish they had what the lion has, but they will never be lions. There is nothing regal or royal about them. Hyenias aren’t cats, they’re not dogs, and they’re scavengers just like vultures. The hyenia is called the natural enemy of the lion. They steal from lions, they intrude upon their territory, they want everything the lions have, but have no right to, and they make a lot of irritating noise. They are inferior in all ways to the lion. Their only hope is to attack in a pack.

    This is how I see the Fakestinians.

    But in the end lion owns hyenia.

  3. BTW, I didn’t think I’d have to mention in my above post, but just in case there’s any question, let me clarify:

    Fakestinians = hyenas

    Israel = Lion

  4. Yeah I figured. The Islamic Empire was built by scavenging off Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Jewish, and other achievements, and the hyena-lion analogy certainly matches the Israeli-Fakestinian conflict. Even the part about irritating noise!

  5. A mom, Jewish and proud

    Monique – I loved your analogy, thank you for that…*S*

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