A Young Democrat Against Obama

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5 responses to “A Young Democrat Against Obama

  1. Are you aware that McCain’s church has the active goal of eradication of Judaism through converstion?


  2. Andrew MacEwen

    The polemical way in which you phrased this assertion is misleading. The “active goal” to which you refer is your own subjective construance of what preaching the gospel to Jews will lead to. Nowhere in the “Resolution on Jewish Evangelism” does it proclaim they are trying to eradicate Judaism. Wanting to convert willing Jews and wanting to annihilate Judaism are two different aims. If you find the former objectionable because it could lead to the latter, you could at least have had the honesty by making this distinction, rather than leading the reader to think that the self-professed, avowed intention of this church is to scrub the planet clean of Jews.

  3. I am very disturbed by this type of talk in the United States. Senator Obama fits the profile of an American president. On his mother’s side his family can be traced back to the colonial period. I think all of this nonsense about his name is clearly a sign of bigotry.

    His name is a Semitic name, the same family as Judaism. I think it is sad that people want to be respected, but then turn around and throw the same disrespect around.

    If you are not going to vote for a man, do it on his principles not his name. That is some dumbness!

    By the way I am no supporter of Obama, I just don’t like hatred. That is why I’m voting for Ralph Nader, the presidential candidate of Arab descent

  4. Converting Jews to Christianity is by no means eradication of Jews. What’s wrong with converting willing Jews to a religion founded by their Messiah?

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