Obama – Settlement An Obstacle To Peace

Hat tip: Mord

In other words, Israel is not even entitled to keep what little bits of land she won in defensive wars.

(IsraelNN.com) The Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria “at this juncture [is] not helpful” towards reaching a peace accord with the Palestinian Authority (PA), Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama told the Atlantic Monthly. He reiterated his “non-negotiable” commitment to Israel’s security, which he said is endangered by the lack of an agreement with the PA. “You will not see, under my presidency, any slackening in commitment to Israel’s security,” he told the magazine.


Concerning friction between him and large sectors in the American Jewish community, he told the magazine, “I am not going to blindly adhere to whatever the most hawkish position is just because that’s the safest ground politically.” He added that the present situation is “a constant wound that does infect all of our foreign policy.”

Constant wound, my foot! Those eternal malcontents have 66 Muslim countries. But the “EEEVIL JOOOS” can’t even have one tiny country to call their own without those moosies trying to vivisect it!


9 responses to “Obama – Settlement An Obstacle To Peace

  1. The Kurds and the Gypsies don’t have a nation of their own either. Also, do the Slavs have a nation of their own?

  2. The Slavs have Poland.

  3. Although it’s true some other groups don’t have a homeland.

  4. Marxists do not yet have a homeland. They want theirs in all of ours. Obama will help make sure that they get it.

  5. They did have a homeland. Haven’t you heard of the Soviet Union?

  6. Anyway, although Marxists have supported Islam, they are ultimately different groups. Also the Marxists’ atheistic ideology doesn’t go with Barack’s Islam.

  7. Although…Barack does support higher taxation and government spending.

  8. Howie Mezrak

    Brzezinski and Buchanan are winking anti-Semitic votes for Obama, deliver USA to Pope’s basket of Bamana Republics. Talal got Pontifical medal as Fatima mandates Catholic-MUslim union against Jews (Francis Johnson, Great Sign, 1979, p. 126). Catholic Roger Taney wrote Dred Scott decision. John Wilkes Booth, Tammany Hall and Joe McCarthy were Catholics. Now we have a Catholic majority Supreme Court. NYC top drop outs: Hispanic 32%, Black 25% , Italian 20%. NYC top illegals: Ecuadorean, Italian, Polish. Bazelya case proves IRA-PLO-KLA links.

  9. I didn’t check everything you said but it turns out 5/9 supreme court justices are Catholic.
    By illegals, do you mean illegal immigrants, illegitimate children, or criminals?

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