Jews Against Obama T-Shirt

Fashion designer Doron Braunshtein (a.k.a. Apollo Braun) does not seem to care for Barack Hussein Obama. A little while ago, he came out with this sweatshirt, which he sells in his Orchard Street store in Manhattan.

And even more recently, Braun came out with a wonderful Jews Against Obama t-shirt.


And just in case you really want to know how he feels about Obama (in case the message of the t-shirt didn’t say it all), here’s what he had to say:

“I am a true anti-Obama New York Jew. The word on the street is that New York Jews will vote for McCain anyhow. The majority of the Jews – at least the ones that are proud of their religion and practice it – like me, don’t want to see Obama – a man who’s middle name is Hussein, and his family from his Kenyan father’s side is Muslim, as the leader of this great country.

More than that, after Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright honored Louis Farrakhan – definitely one of the most racist and anti-Semitic people alive – Obama lost us Jews totally. That made me start this political movement in the first place.”

Now if you guys get a chance, check out the comments. New York liberals, and liberal Jews really know how to pile on the venom whenever they see someone straying from the libtard plantation. But I agree with him 100%. And his site is going on my blogroll.


136 responses to “Jews Against Obama T-Shirt

  1. Are Jews really that powerful in America that their smalll minority can either make or break the presidency? Also, is it possible for an American presidental candidate to not pledge allegiance to a foreign country, Israel and win?

  2. anonymous jewish girl

    This is absurd! We are a people who have historically been hated simply for being Jews. Now you want to tell me that you will not elect the most intelligent even-tempered candidate running for president because his middle name is Hussein? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. anonymous Jewess

    You’re hot!

  4. Absurd and shameful is correct. Radical extremist Zionists give decent Jews a bad name to the uninformed public.

  5. He looks like Jesus! (Kind of). Well, I don’t know what Jesus looks like but he resembles the way Jesus is normally portrayed.

  6. Obama was a Muslim who converted to Christianity.

    Muslims who convert to another religion are considered worse than infidels and worthy of death.

    If Obama truly converted to Christianity, why isn’t he recognized as an infidel by Muslims throughout the world? Why are radical Islamists, the supposed hard core Muslims, supporting him?

    Did you ever study history? Did you ever read the story of the Trojan Horse?

  7. I voted for Hillary in the primary. But I think the message on the top T-shirt is hateful and should be condemned.

    Why give this guy publicity?

  8. “Did you ever read the story of the Trojan Horse?”
    Yes. Obama could be a trap.
    “But I think the message on the top T-shirt is hateful and should be condemned.”
    Perhaps, but Obama is a Jew-hater.

  9. Wow. White supremacists got nothing on you people behind the site and the commenters supporting them.

  10. Forget the racists. Racists are gong to hell. 🙄 Make comments that make sense. We aren’t racist. The Judeo-Christian Bible says that you shouldn’t mistreat a foreigner, and its love poem, the Song of Solomon, is about a white man and a black woman. Also Moses was a white man married to a black woman.

  11. I love the concept! I would vote for my dog before I would ever vote for Obamba.

    Bye-bye la Obamba!

    Don’t worry, Hillary will take out this guy, she’s going to the convention August 25, a LOT of things can happen in 3 months.

  12. It will be hard for Obama to sway the Jewish vote because he isn’ t Kosher and his association with his pastor who preached that the land of Israel is land stolen from the Palestinian with the help of the British Israel and Balfour doctrine. Wright also believe that modern day Israel has no kinship with Abraham nor are they Shemitic.

  13. Being a self righteous bigot is one thing – something that can be tolerated, as you are entitled to be however ridiculous you want to be – but creating t-shirts encouraging the assassination of a presidential candidate is SCARY and violent. I mean – how is that even legal??? Can you think of any other t-shirts that encourage killing someone????!!

    I think people miss the point with religion – it’s not about killing people. Seriously, it’s NOT ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE. Can’t you people just find another outlet for your egos and fantacism – sports maybe?

  14. I think the shirt supporting Obama’s assassination was overboard, but there’s nothing wrong with being against Obama, and that’s not at all self-righteous or bigoted. I mean, there are blacks that hate Obama, or at least his “pastor.”

  15. Fellow Jew

    If not Hillary, then Nader or McCain

  16. Fellow Jew

    The question is are people really stupid and gullible enough to vote for the fraud obama? He won’t distance himself from the pastor but when it blows up, he distances himself…Enough hypocrisy! He is a fraud and is no leader. He stutters when caught in a lie and acts like a HOMIE when he gets back to those who condone his behavior.
    Watch the last 30 minutes of the 4/16 debate..HE is NOT presidential material.
    Save the US and vote for the one that is not wanted by the oil and drug industry, Hillary. Maybe even Ralph Nader.
    obama is bundling oil money. obama started the democrat for a day program in Nevada to give republicans a chance to vote in the democratic primary. What kind of an honest man is that? What he doesn’t realize is they chose obama because they know he cannot win against McCain as he has too much RADICAL baggage. He stopped the senators from sitting down to lunch with lobbyists, so now they STAND.
    He started and plays the race card against everyone.
    WAKE UP and do some research.
    Read the bible. A smooth talking one will come before the end of time.
    Could it be this smooth talking empty suit.
    Research what he had in ideas prior to these last 2 months…NO ideas…HE STOLE HILLARYs!!!
    Try to be fair and quit judging him as if he is holy..look where he stood for 20 (TWENTY) years…the church of hate..his friends, his business associates
    We need your help to get a TRUE DEMOCRAT in office-VOTE HILLARY!
    Same old politics.
    Lets give Hillary a chance to get the republicans out of office and let her clean this mess up!

  17. I don’t want Hillary because I’m anti-abortion (and right-wing), but I think she’s more qualified than Obama.

  18. sad day for jews

    It is one thing to disagree with a politician’s positions. It is quite another to (even tongue in cheek) threaten them. You are either sore losers (and you have lost so just get over it Hillary supporters) or bigots. Either way you are pathetic and I ashamed to have to be lumped into any group with you.

    Obama’s middle name is Hussein – this is a legitimate reason to not vote for him? His estranged father happened to be born a muslim and then according to all accounts became an atheist – this is a legitimate reason to not vote for him? Hypocrites!! If someone said anything like this about a Jew you would be the first to complain – as you should.

    Obama a “jew hater” – you are all morons!!!! David Axelrod is Jew.

  19. Joe Gutfeld

    I really like the shirt. It’s a great idea. I wish I was back on the JTF forum so I could comment on the shirt.

  20. You might like this design, too.

  21. I think this will be the first time in 50 years that my parents are going to vote for a Republican.




  23. this is from the blog: jewish vengeance, please read: it’s not what yo think!!

    On the Brink

    Brothers, Am Yisrael is in dire straits. The sword of heavenly judgement is on our necks. Our people is in grave danger and our lives literally are held in the balance.

    – The Hezbollah have around 30,000 rockets (according to the minister of security advertised on the news) and Iran and Syria are continuing to supply them with weaponry.

    – Among the weapons are advanced, long-ranged Iranian rockets that are a threat to all major populated areas in Israel; power stations, airports, harbors, etc. the range extends all the way to the nuclear plant in Dimona (“Ha’aretz”, March 2, 2008).

    – There is an even greater threat from Iranian and Syrian missiles carrying biological or chemical weapons, something for which Israel is completely unprepared.

    – Syria is boosting up forces along its northern border and calling up reserves in anticipation of a possible conflict with Israel. On Wednesday, the London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi reported that Damascus was preparing for a large-scale Israeli attack against Syria and Hizbullah and has begun increasing its presence along its border with Lebanon, as well as calling up reserve forces.

    – Al-Qaeda No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, pledged Wednesday night to do his utmost to strike Jews all over the world and to extend the Jihad to Jerusalem. “We promise our Muslim brothers that we will do the best we can to harm Jews in Israel and the world over, with Allah’s help and according to his command,” he said.

    – Israel’s leaders are still exhibiting suicidal tendencies in a misguided “peace” process, wanting to tear tens of thousands of Jews out of Judea and Samaria and to bring Arab rockets even closer to Israeli cities.

    What can we do? How can we save ourselves from these threats of destruction?

    Let us recognize that we have no one to rely on except HaShem. The US cannot save us, and neither can the Israeli army. Our only strength and protector is the Rock of Israel, HaShem.

    We are taught that whenever evil decrees are upon Am Yisrael, we must all don sackcloth and ashes, fast and most importantly, pray for salvation and do teshuva. We must immediately return to HaShem, do complete teshuva, confess our sins and recommit to HaShem’s Torah. The sword is upon Israel’s neck, slated for destruction, G-d forbid, and nobody has any answers. The government has admitted that Israel is completely unprepared for an Iranian or Syrian biological or chemical attack. Our lives are in danger! There is no time to lose!

    Simulataneous prayer services are being help in 40 cities in Israel and in Monsey, NY, Thursday. Traditionally, whenever the Jewish people have suffered tremendous tribulations, we have put on sack and ashes and fasted. The Patriarch Jacob, Moses, the nation as a whole several times during the period of the Judges, Mordechai and Esther- these are but a few examples of the proper response to divine judgement.

    This is also what is written in Shulchan Aruch:

    “All the people [of Israel] gather together, covering themselves in sacks… one of the people takes the ashes… each and every person takes from the ashes and places it upon his head. After that they bring one of their older wise men… and he says capturing words (words that capture the hearts of the listeners and arouse them to teshuva)… until their hearts surrender (to HaShem) and they then do complete teshuva.”

    Please my brothers, we have no time to lose. We have tried every secular option- of surrendering ‘land for peace’, of fighting the terrorists, of negotiating, of bombing our enemies- yet all have failed. We cannot make peace without HaShem.

    “Oh that My people would hearken unto Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries.” (Psalm 81:14-15)

    While most of us cannot pick up a weapon and fight against our enemies, there is something that we each can do. The strength and weapon on Israel is prayer and mitzvot. The Arabs may have tilim (rockets) but we have a far greater power: tehillim (Psalms). A mitzvah, a G-dly deed, has the power to reach deep into the core of our being–where we are all one, and the physical distance between us is of no consequence. At this core, a positive deed on our part will help bring salvation to a brother and sister in distress. As the Rambam taught, a single good deed is enough to tip the scale in our favour and turn the tide.

    Here are some suggestions. You can make a difference.

    – Torah Study: The Torah is our true strength. HaShem promised that if we study and follow the Torah, our enemies will have no power over us. (Daily study)

    – Heartfelt prayer: Say some Tehillim, pour out your heart and beg HaShem to have mercy on His people. “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses;
    but we will make mention of the name of the LORD our God.” (Psalm 20:8)

    – Charity and acts of kindness: Put a coin in a charity box, give a gift of money to a fellow in need or to a charitable cause, or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it. G-d loves nothing better than Jewish unity.

    – Tefillin: The Torah promises that in the merit of the mitzvah of tefillin, “all the nations of the world will see that the name of G-d is called upon you, and they will fear you” (Deuteronomy 28:10). Every Jewish male must don tefillin every morning when praying.

    – Mezuzah: If you have not placed mezuzot on your doors, do so. As our Sages have said: “A human king sits inside his palace and his servants guard him from the outside. But you sleep on your beds, and G-d guards you (i.e. through the Mezuzah on your doorposts) from the outside.” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Avoda Zara 11a.)

    – Shabbat candles: We are told by HaShem: “If you kindle for me the lights of shabbat, I will kindle for you the lights of Zion”. Before sunset on Friday nights, every Jewish woman must light candles in honour of the holy shabbat.

    “Bring us to Zion, Your city, with joy and to Jerusalem, Your Holy Temple with the joy of the world.”

  24. Alan Dershowitz

    It’s bad enough that everyone and their mother knows that Israeli Mossad and the treasonous neo con-artists from AIPAC and the American Enterprise Institute were behind 9/11 and the fake war on terror, but now we have Doran Braunstein, probably one of the absolute dumbest Jews to ever walk the earth, threatening the life of Barack Obama on behalf of traitorous Jews everywhere (and making a profit as well). Folks, you have an immensely serious public relations problem on your hands at present, and this T-shirt is just more gasoline on an already raging, and ever growing fire, which you all seem to be totally unaware of.

    Jewish people, and I warn you as a concerned friend, you need to wake up to the fact that 9/11 is more and more being looked upon as an “official Israeli declaration of war against America and its citizens.” Do you fully realize what this means? You are not the “chosen and untouchable ones” any longer. The world now sees you naked, and the controlled media cannot put any clothes on your shame and collective crimes. The media has lost the campaign to hide the truths of history. From what I have been reading, there is a second American revolution coming and the Jews inside the U.S. who have decided to commit national treason by being involved in this “inside terror job” will be targeted for round-ups, seizure of assets, and forced deportation (and not to Israel either). After this revolution, there will be a new U.S. government, but Holy Joe Lieberman and his seditious conspirators will not be a part of it, and Israel’s foreign welfare check will be reduced to $0.00. In fact, after the next American Revolution, no Jew will be allowed to hold any public office in America ever again. Any AIPAC lobbyist caught within 100 miles of Washington will be arrested on sight, no questions asked, so If 1930s Germany returns and lands in America, you have only yourselves to blame, and of course wanker faggots like Doran Braunstein, or is it Apollo Braun? Palestine will again be free, because G-d is about to give it back to the people who are morally and spiritually worthy of possessing the Land – the Palestinians. You seized the land through violence and terror, acted like a bunch of racist thugs and Nazi exterminators for the last 60 years, and now your illegitimate tenancy in someone else’s land has come to an end. America is waking up very quickly. May G-d have mercy on the souls of you who are real Jews and are among the innocent, for the rest of you, start running now.

  25. Michael (UK)

    Can’t help feeling that you jews are getting a little too confident. Carry on like this and you may well have a real holocaust on your hands.

  26. Michael from the UK, I will be as confident as I want to be. If anything holocaust denying thugs like you, who would gladly kill Jews if you could, are the ones getting too confident! You are not dealing with wimpy liberal Jews here. We are right wing, proud Jews, who won’t take any nonesense from anyone!

  27. And to the person calling himself Alan Dershowitz, I know you’re nothing but a troll, who would rather see America destroyed just to elect a President who hates us “EEEVIL JOOOS.” You’re not fooling anyone here.

  28. “and of course wanker faggots like Doran Braunstein”

    Man you trolls have an inflated ego… ALWAYS talking about yourselves! We already knew you were homosexual masturbators… why restate the obvious? It’s plain that your unemployed, kiddie-porn sharing trolls are getting off on making these idiotic, syphlitic posts, but we aren’t fazed either way. Keep on wasting your time in your mom’s laundry room. Freaks like you make Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons look positively normal.

  29. “Alan Dershowitz” – everyone and their mother knows that truther theories are b.s.

    Well, everyone who isn’t wearing a white hood knows that.

    So, what post-mod, anti-semitic moronic-convergence fever swamp did you emerge from? Are you a Ron Paul supporter? An old commie tinfoil hatter who Hates for Peace? A David Duke Klansmen?

  30. Michael – yeah, you sound like you’re from the UK. Luton?

  31. Michael (UK)

    Very observant Mary, you noticed the “UK” after my name. Why you should guess Luton however is a little strange, Luton is not a largetown and is mainly associated with having an airport used for holiday destinations.
    To the rest of you perhaps you ought to read “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish”. I don’t expect you will read any of this in Jewish history books
    I don’t think us goys are willing to risk another round of Jewish genocide which in Russia caused the deaths of an estimated 60 million Christians and millions of Muslims.
    As for the alleged holocaust and became suspicious of the true facts when I observed the behaviour of Israel in regards to their neighbours. After all rape victims don’t generally become rapists. I then discovered that on at least two previous occasions Jews had claimed “holocausts” , the first being in 1919.
    Still there’s no business like shoah business as the saying goes.

  32. Michael from the UK. You are a piece of work! You people go on and on denying the Holocaust, only to be able to start another one.

    For your information, communists were atheists, and plenty of Jews suffered because of them as well. So you really should stop acting like a victim, when you would gladly go killing Jews again if you had the chance. And judging by your pro-fakestinian sentiments, you are clearly looking for the moosies to do your dirty work this time around.

    So you can spare me all your tripe about the poor illegal alien Arab squatters in Israel. Your country, the UK is being taken over by them, and you don’t seem to care. Yet you don’t want Israel to defend herself either.

    You people are disgusting! And you’re out of here. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  33. Golden Pheasant

    Michael you are totally nuts. It is obvious, that Communism killed this people, not Judaism.

  34. Michael too much time on your hands now get your mother and father outside and have them service your moslem masters rofl

  35. Michael – I guessed Luton because the area has a fair number of Al Muhajiroun supporters and BNP members. But, then again, so does London.

  36. Michael (UK)

    JTFDOTORG less than 2% of the population are Muslims, besides it’s not Muslims that we have to worry about. Communism was Jewish, not only in Eastern Europe but EVERY communist party in the west, including the USA, was started by Jews. What do you think the article in YNET news was all about? Do you think it was merely to increase circulation 🙂

    Seems every time Jews are guilty of genocide they are not really Jews, but when it comes to Nobel prizes every one is a Jew. Of course the Jews in Russia were Jewish regardless of whether they became temporary atheist, indeed jewish enough to emigrate to Israel, although actually there’s no evidence to support your excuse. Indeed what happened in the Soviet Union is that the churches were destroyed but the synagogues remained.
    I believe that possibly 1 to 2 million Jews died in WW2, but frankly that was par for the course. Certainly not a reason why another Jewish State, the first one being started in the USSR by your friend Stalin, should be superimposed over Palestine, although I can understand why us Europeans were happy to do it.

  37. General Patton

    Of course Michael is right… People are starting to see the Zionist crimes for what they are. Hasn’t anyone here heard of the Donmeh? The crypto-Jews that converted to Islam only to keep their Jewish religion in secret? Hasn’t anyone ever studied the 17th century Ottoman Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi? Hasn’t anyone ever studied the Young Turks and their co-opting of the Turkish government? Sounds like the Spanish Inquisition, doesn’t it? Same people, different day.

    And please, I don’t hate all Jews, I just hate the crimes some of them perpetrate. So please save your cries of antisemitism.

  38. Luton? What a horrible place that is. Has been since the 1920-30’s. I’ll bet your not even a Hatter from lousy Luton but an import named Mohammad?

    Your posts are so filled with ignorance that base research will negate with factual correctness.

    I’ve read all the anti-Jew rubbish but sadly, imbiciles like you don’t even take the time to acquire the knowledge of what Judaism even is nor historical fact. Perhaps if you did your “get the Jew” agenda would become more worthy. At least then you could make a factually based arguement.

    Millions of Jews were murdered in Communist Russia, so include that in your statistcs…

    Funny, the Muslims are running to embrace their communist supporter and have been since the late 1950’s…oops probably didnt’ know that either…

    Have you ever read the Qur’an or Hadith? Researched Islam, Islamic history? Perhaps if you had, you’d know that Jihad has been expanding Islam’s Dar al-Islam for hundreds of years BEFORE the first Crusade.

    “alleged holocaust”? Do you even know that General Patton made the Germans themselves perform the manual labor cleaning up the death camps? Even real Nazis that have actaully faught in WW2 acknowledge the Holocaust, moreover the Nazi debated propaganda machine’s lies. At least real-Ex Naxis are not that dumb.

    Perhaps the Holocaust has become a good business. Good! Santayana correctly stated “Those who do not learn from History are condemned to repeat it.” Thanks to ignorami like you, we are repeating history…even as we speak England/Europe is going the way of Rome… Or perhaps you’ve not learned why Rome fell?

    Do you even know what “holocaust” means, especially prior the second World War? Holocaust did NOT have the same meaning as its modern molested invention. Pogrom yes but Holocaust no. Go get your dictionary if you doubt this fact. If you had you’d know that it is VERY offensive to Jews to even use this gnostic based pagan term: “Burnt offering”. Further, you’d had known that during its introduction thousands of Orthodox Jews/Rabbis openly protested its use.

    …..factually based two cents from MarZutra….

  39. “Who Killed Obama” I’ll bet some righteous American patriot will do the deed and not a Jew. It behooves me how Americans can be so ignorant of their own political realities.

    America, if anyone cares to delve into research, has been a one party Oligarchy since FDR and corrupted by elitist International Socialists who’ve undermined the great Constitution, since Woodrow Wilson and his advisor Col. House.

    Does anyone even question how an unknown Communist like Jimmy Carter became president? How Goldwater was brought down? How a “Father/Son(who never held a real job according to Ronald Regan)” could become President? How Utopian Socialist, Sexual degenerate, morally defunct husband and now wife: Clintonians could even attain this level of political base? Further, while we are in a “war on terror”, the fact that an unknown, without record, black (chain smoking racist) Chris-lim with cousins fighting Jihad in Africa can become President?

    G-d you are all so blind, especially this ignorant Jewish girl at the top that hasn’t bothered to provide base research or is too closed minded to delve into full open minded history. It is Jews like this that ruin it for everyone and caust the anti-Jew like this Alan D. and the lousy Lutonite to blindly hate Jews…

    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain….

    PS: yes the “who killed Obama” T-Shirt is stupid but sadly, I’m guessing it will become reality by some patriotic American which will be used by the Oligarchs towards justification of removing your 14th ammendmant….

  40. Mossad and 911? LOL that is spactacular. LOL simply laughable. Did you ever even entertain the links between your Neo-(New) Con’s and their like minded groups: Fabians, Bilderberg, Rhodes/Miler Group, CFR/Trilateral; their United Nations and perhaps the UN with the Communists and the Communists with the Muslims? One of the best reads on this subject is within a book called “The UN Gang”…

    It is simply rediculous that the Mossad was at all involved with 911,for any other reason to warn the Americans of a pending Muslim attack. Anyone who doubts this simple look at the Case of Johnathan Pollard who rots in prison for purely American corruption, crimes and diplomatic failure.

  41. masterwolf

    Hey I am not Jewish and I like the shirt!!! Obama is a moron who can’t even tell how many states we have.

  42. masterwolf

    We do not support Obammie either

  43. Listen Michael, I don’t have to make any excuses. You people will blame the JOOOS no matter what. So why don’t you just run along and play with your dolls.

  44. A very good post General Patton albeit a bit skewed but a very good point. You’ve probably read Gershom S. Scholem’s works. I’d suggest “To Eliminate The Opiate” by Marvin Antelman as well. What you say is a very good point. The Smyrnan; Sabbati Zvi, for anyone here that hasn’t read on this subject, was a self proclaimed and highly propagated Jewish Messiah druing the 17th century aided by one Nathan of Gaza (Yes Jews were in Gaza well before the “Palestinians”.

    Shabbati Zvi, on a higher level, caused more problems for the Jews even compared to Jesus Christ himself. Masses of European and Asian Jews sold all of their belongings to follow this “Messiah”. This Messiah business created such a stir in the Ottoman Empire amongst the Jews, and even Christians that Sultan, Mehmed IV had Zvi arrested and under threat of conversion to Islam or death. Zvi converted to Islam. Zvi’s converstion destroyed many Jews of faith. Many others simply went back to their former towns in depression to rebuild their lives, others converted to Islam.

    One must expand on General Patton’s post, in order to understand the history and appauling impact Zvi had on Jews and Judaism. Zvi was a Talmudist. Playing on a passage within the Talmud which states to the affect that Redemption will be brought one of two ways. The first is when the righteousness of the World is elevated to such a level warrenting redemption. The other occurs when the world digresses to such a state of debauchery and debasement. Zvi, knowing “human” traits, founded Sabbataism along the guide of the latter. Creating his own Bible, version of the Talmud and reversing many of the key moral laws found in the base teachings of your Judaism.

    While Zvi was a “Muslim”, he founded the “sect” which General Patton states above by combining his Sabbataism with Islam. In actual fact, these individuals are not Jews but anti-Jews. And due to many of the Christians, Jews and Muslims “converting” to his strain of “Judaism”: Sabbataism or “Islam”: Donmeh these individuals took their defunct religious Utopianism to politcal and social causes: to destroy Judaism, and has Patton states during the Young Turk era. It was bad for Judaism but in actuality it was good for the Islamic World as the Young Turks progressed the defunct and rabid nature of Islam into a more tolerant and so-called Enlightened European Age. The massacre of the Kurds, in my opinion, was not due to this religous issue but more of a political/nationalistic issue as Saddam Hussein followed in similar, Pan-Arab, terms later in Middle Eastern/Islamic History.

    Now what Patton states above is certainly a very good subject to delve into once clearified but one MUST not solely focus on the “Jewish” aspect of this history without pointing the same finger, and even more dangerous finger at the “Christian” or Gentile “sects” that are doing the exact same with the exact same goal be it Weishaupt’s Illuminate, The Jacobins, The Jesuits or the followers of Mary Baker Eddy’s (Alice/Foster Baily, Helena von Hahn’s: Theosophical Society) “Christian Science”: Scientology. One could argue the Mormons as well the Jehova’s Witness with their “Watch Tower” all play similar “religious” games and goals to that of their so-called Jewish and Islamist counterparts stated above by Gen. Patton.

    A subject worth researching… “When a cat and a dog fight, the cat usually dies and the world blames the Jew.” – Samuel Sussman

  45. • Alan Dershowitz May 31, 2008 at 7:45 pm
    “Jewish people, and I warn you as a concerned friend, you need to wake up to the fact that 9/11 is more and more being looked upon as an “official Israeli declaration of war against America and its citizens.” Do you fully realize what this means? You are not the “chosen and untouchable ones” any longer. The world now sees you naked, and the controlled media cannot put any clothes on your shame and collective crimes.”
    For Pete’s sake, leave the conspiracy theory junk elsewhere. 9/11 was not an internal demolition, if you can remember the planes crashing into the towers.
    “ From what I have been reading, there is a second American revolution coming and the Jews inside the U.S. who have decided to commit national treason by being involved in this “inside terror job” will be targeted for round-ups, seizure of assets, and forced deportation (and not to Israel either).”
    Funny how people who claim 9/11 was a Jewish/CIA conspiracy have no proof.
    “Palestine will again be free, because G-d is about to give it back to the people who are morally and spiritually worthy of possessing the Land – the Palestinians.”
    Look at what propaganda the Palestinians brainwash their kids into:
    Still think the Palestinians are “worthy of possessing the Land”?
    • 31 Michael (UK) June 1, 2008 at 8:06 am
    “I don’t think us goys are willing to risk another round of Jewish genocide which in Russia caused the deaths of an estimated 60 million Christians and millions of Muslims.”
    That was Communism, not Judaism. Although there were people of Jewish ethnicity leading Russia, we can’t generalize. Jesus was a Jew, and he never did any of that stuff.
    • 36 Michael (UK) June 1, 2008 at 3:15 pm
    “JTFDOTORG less than 2% of the population are Muslims, besides it’s not Muslims that we have to worry about.”
    Really? Look at these Koran verses and see if you still hold that view:
    Sura “[66.9] O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be hard against them; and their abode is hell; and evil is the resort.”
    Sura [4.74]: “Therefore let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world’s life for the hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward.”
    Sura (8:55) – “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve”
    Sura [9.29]: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection. [9.30] And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!”
    “Communism was Jewish”
    That’s true, but I would argue that Christianity is also, and Christianity is good.
    “Indeed what happened in the Soviet Union is that the churches were destroyed but the synagogues remained.”
    Never heard that one before.
    • 38 MarZutra June 1, 2008 at 3:24 pm
    “even as we speak England/Europe is going the way of Rome… Or perhaps you’ve not learned why Rome fell?”
    I agree. Because Europe has betrayed Judeo-Christian values, it is falling apart.
    “Shabbati Zvi, on a higher level, caused more problems for the Jews even compared to Jesus Christ himself.”
    Wait a minute. Jesus Christ didn’t cause any problem for the Jews. (Except for maybe Pharisees and Sadducees by challenging their authority, but he didn’t do anything wrong to them. In fact, one could argue he expanded their influence by making Jewish values a part of Western civilization prior to its fall to the Left.)
    “Now what Patton states above is certainly a very good subject to delve into once clearified but one MUST not solely focus on the “Jewish” aspect of this history without pointing the same finger, and even more dangerous finger at the “Christian” or Gentile “sects” that are doing the exact same with the exact same goal be it Weishaupt’s Illuminate, The Jacobins, The Jesuits or the followers of Mary Baker Eddy’s (Alice/Foster Baily, Helena von Hahn’s: Theosophical Society) “Christian Science”: Scientology. One could argue the Mormons as well the Jehova’s Witness with their “Watch Tower” all play similar “religious” games and goals to that of their so-called Jewish and Islamist counterparts stated above by Gen. Patton.”
    MarZutra, no offense, but there is something that needs to be clarified:
    Scientology, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are not Christian.
    As for the “Who Killed Obama?” shirt, I agree, it is stupid. It may actually work against us by making us look violent and hateful. By “us” I mean not only Jews (I’m not even Jewish) but all right-wingers.

  46. Jknight, a very good and thought out response. The sad fact is that these groups are classified as “Christian” sects. I agree with what you state because there are many UNChristian groups/sects that are passed off as “Christian”. Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton with their fake Bibles is a good indication of anti-Christian “Christians” on an individual level or Obama with his subhuman offal Church/minister.

    The entire issue of Jesus Christ, as a person and as an ideology has done immense damage to Jews, Judaism and Israel. If one studies Christian, Jewish, Roman and European History one is quickly lead to numerous examples. As a matter of fact, one major reason why Jews threw off their “Jewishness” and embraced the “enlightened” ineptitudes of Socialism or Communism was directly due to years of persecution by their Christian/Catholic Hosts: Pogroms, Inquisitions, Crusades, Ghettoization, Blood Libels and Deicide, Forced Conversions etc. etc. Sad as it is, but this is the factual reality which many overlook and continues to keep the Christians of learning what a Jew and Judaism actually is and further the Jew from sincerely trusting their Gentile Hosts. Can’t say as I blame them, 2000 years of “Get the Jew” most probably has become almost a cultural specificity I should think…

    I agree with what you say but I’d like to add that people like this “Alan Dershowitz” fellow is so indoctrinated with anti-Jew theories/disinforation that I doubt it matters what one says. This fellow cannot see the forest for the trees if you know what I’m saying. He must start by reading what Judiasm actually is. This fellow cannot believe in the concept of “morality”, because if he did he’d have no problem understanding who invented the concept. Secondly, this fellow does not even comprehend the difference betwee a Jew and a Communist or even Islam itself. These are closed minded Ignorami. If one really and truly wishes to find knowledge they must go to the source. Communist: study Plato’s “Repubic”, More’s “Utopia” or Hegel’s “Dialectical Materialism”. If one wishes to know what Judaism is read the Torah, ask questions to an Othodox Rabbi. If one wishes to understand Christianity, read the New Testament and for Islam the Hadith and Qur’an. I doubt these people have neither the intellectual nor mental capacity to comprehend such knowledge but looking at their posts…

  47. You can get shirts now that express Jewish support for McCain.


  48. AryanPride

    My question is when is someone going to kill Obama?

    And all Mullahs should take their black icon and go back to the middle east where they crawled out from.

    The US is sick of Blacks in anyway shape or form. And only race traitors and scum would object to the T shirt that states what all good people should be supporting.

    Death to the mud and his mullah beliefs.

  49. Sadly and factually AryanPride…what you say is true and with everyday that passes I find myself more and more of like opinion. Canada too is finished. Honcouver is a lost cause. Toronto with its aids infested criminal turd world/island rubbish and Muslim vermin… The worst of it is the intense amount of leftwing fascism, closed mindedness, liberal ignorance in every aspect of our society…I can see little light in sight…… Agreed!

  50. MarZutra, while it’s true that Christians have persecuted Jews in the past, Jesus himself wouldn’t have supported it, neither do all Christians. At least, I don’t. Christ came to save all people. It didn’t matter to him whether you were a Jew or a Gentile, and he never said anything to suggest he was a self-hating Jew. Furthermore, a lot of the anti-Semitic groups that claim to be Christian are fakes: the KKK, Aryan Nations, and Black Liberation Theologians (the stuff Jeremiah Wright preaches). The KKK and the Aryan Nations add stuff to the Bible, like the Mormons do, therefore making them not followers of Christianity but perversions of Christianity. Black Liberation Theology adds so much Marxist, Humanist, and Racist elements I would not consider it Christianity either.

  51. Aryan Pride: I’m not so sure if we should kill Obama. Julius Caesar was assassinated, but that didn’t save the Roman Republic. It instead resulted in a dictatorship/empire with more Caesars in power. Plus that would be murder anyways. I do agree that the Mullahs should return to the desert they came from. Although I’m not sick of all blacks, I am sick of Jeremiah Wright-types, Farrakhan-types, and black rap.

  52. OK folks, I can understand the hatred for Obama, and the dread of having him as our next President, G-d forbid. However, let me remind you all that JTF is a law abiding organization. We don’t condone killing anybody.

  53. Samantha Henderson

    I saw so many people (left wing ‘activists’) wearing t-shirts supporting the killing of Bush (i.e. ‘Kill Bush’ a hilarious spin on the ‘Kill Bill’ films). Why is it ok for leftists to declare violent and racist slogans on t-shirts but not rightists or those that disagree with Obama. It is only a shirt, if you don’t like it look the other way. However, I am fed up of the hypocrisy and righteousness of the left. They remind me of the pigs in Orwells farm “we are all equal but some (leftists) are more equal than others”.

  54. Samantha Henderson

    PS. I love the t-shirt and he is hot!!!

  55. Excellent point, Samantha! And welcome to my blog.

  56. Samantha-I agree with your 1st comment. As for the second, I am a straight guy so Apollo doesn’t really interest me.

  57. What you say JKnight certainly holds much truth in many cases. Most conflicts within Christianity were from within or at the behest of some corrupt Pope or Power hungry King. The most basic example is the Reformation and Counter Reformation. Some pose theory of a Counter-Counter Reformation.

    Many Jews support Christians while many hold reservations in seeing it as a “double edged sword” sort of speak; basically stemming from the differing religious specificities. The Christian holds that when Jesus returns, the Jew will recognize him as their savior/Messiah; therefore the mass conversion. While Jews on the other hand see no relationship to Jews as The Messiah specifically due to such concepts as Isaiah 43:11 in that the Jew follows the Ten Commandments (Mosaic Laws) while the Gentile need only fallow the 7 Laws of Noah.

    A more interesting explanation of their differences happend during debate between Abbahu of Caesarea (279-320) and the Christian religous leader in Israel of the day. Abbahu says: “A king of flesh and blood may have a father, a brother, or a son to share in or dispute his sovereignty, but the Lord saith, ‘I am the Lord thy God! I am the first; that is, I have no father, and I am the last; that is, I have no brother, and besides me there is no God; that is, I have no son'” (Isaiah 44:6; Ex. R. 29).

    See, now we are delving into base arguements between religous ideologies, which I really don’t wish to do. At base they both are similar with their similar concepts of ethical morality.

    Personally, I feel Jews should support the Christian nations to be Christian and not Socialist, Communist or, soon to be, Islamic Nations while the Christian Nations should support Israel to be a Jewish nation and not a Socialsit Bolshevick welfare State surrounded by Islamic anti-Christian/Jew (non-Muslim) Savages and these like parasitic enemies within their own borders: Islamic Savages and Leftist anti-Jew scum…. Sorry for my “intolerance”, not being too “open minded”, “multicultural” and not “embracing diversity”…. 😉

    PS: A very good post Samantha!!

  58. What can I say Jknight… you make very good points… Thumbs up!

  59. Thank you MarZutra.

  60. I think the sentiment is cool, but $250 for a crappily designed (the font is basic, dude didn’t even bother to fancy it up) t-shirt is CRAZY!

  61. To the Jail, sorry…………
    Again, Shalom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Italy

  62. Not every Jews in the world think like this fool man!!
    You are reclamizing that all Jews are Racist!!
    Here in Italy, people think that ALL OF US are like you!!!
    A FOOL money – machine – robot!!!!!!
    Underestand little ” Apollo ” ??

  63. A fashion designer is this?
    This is only ………………..:

  64. People can be against Obama for reasons other than race.

  65. Benjamin Goldstein

    Any Jew that votes for Obama is absolutely ignorant. He is an anti-Semite and does not have our interests. I truly cannot understand how most Jews are liberal Democrats. The Democratic party does not have the interest of Jews. Study history and open your eyes. The Jews have suffered enough and voting for Obama is a big step in the wrong direction for our future. Do you honestly trust Obama to handle the situation with Iran? Do you think Barack Hussein Obama will really support Israel? Open your eyes and support McCain!

  66. Could you tell me what the Torah says about the naked women on the walls behind you?

    I like the way that most retarded, self-righteous ‘noobs’ hide behind mythology and use it as a tool to elevate themselves above others.

    Hey, why don’t you guys make prison camps for Muslims and anyone you think inferior? Maybe people with Hussein as a middle name. Why don’t you look back at their genealogy and see if their great great grandfathers, mothers, neighbors dog was an afghan hound? Surely thats worthy of a beating?

    Wasn’t Abraham from Iraq anyway?

    Stop hiding your racial theory behind some ancient mythology that quit frankly, most people are pretty tired of.

  67. I hope the secret service is aware of this threat to an American Presidential Candidate. It is illegal to incite violence against an American Presidential Candidate. Why is this terrorist not in jail yet?

  68. Oh please! How about all those Kill Bush sign’s and t-shirts?

  69. This guy is a moron.

  70. I have to agree with jtfdotorg.

  71. Someone mentioned that Obama is a Muslim converted to Christianity and why nobody in Muslim world does not declare him as infidel (actually a better word is blasphemous and infidel is not the right translation for Kafir or Kafar).

    Any who, a person does not become Muslim just by birth from a Muslim parent. At the age of puberty when they are mature enough they can choose their faith. Obama moved back to US at the age of 12. And live with his maternal grandparents therefore around that age he chose to be a Christian. The case that you see people scarcely become prosecuted in some Islamic countries is as I will try to explain and I should stress again it usually does not happen unless the person who is converting make some publicity out of his conversion.

    People in Muslim countries declare in applying for work or going to school or in daily life activities declare they are Muslim. Then to get I don’t know like to get to work for a foreign embassy or for getting political or social asylum change their religion to something appropriate religion (you can see most of them convert back after getting their citizenship). Jews are nice people but their problem is the difficulties most minorities face. Due to this kind of problems they themselves try to make up for their poverty and being underdog in the societies they live in. For instance they try to make a rich and prosperous with many scientific face, image from their society to squelch their minority complex. This actually backfires, how? Well people simply become jealous and hate them for simply what they are not.

  72. Well if you excuse me I should say Hossein is more appropriate for Jews. First of all Jewish and Arabic both belong to Semitic languages. So they already have common vocabulary and words from the same origin. And there is a large influence from Arabic in Hebrew. I am sure the root of the word Hossein being “HSN” has a meaning in Hebrew.

    Abraham was from Iraq he went to Lebanon/Palestine region (Canaan) and then his descendants (Jacob and Joseph) immigrated to Egypt. So the Hebrew language is actually Iraqi modified by Lebanese and then modified by Egyptian and then finally by Aramaic (which is very close to Arabic) and then by modern Arabic.

    So Jews must be happy (and actually they are) with Obama becoming US president. These small scarce cases you see are not even Jew but a bunch of people with inferiority complex that blame others for their problems and you can find them among all societies in the world.

  73. Well Jews say Shalom Muslims say Salam (actually it should be spelled Sallom). And in both languages it means peace upon you. I remember once in one of those evangelist TV networks they had a guest who was one of those reputation ruining Jews. And he was saying that Islam does not mean peace. And when it comes to translating Shalom they say it means peace upon you. Hey! I should say those people if they are straight liars or paranoid????!!!

  74. Abbas, I believe there are three words for peace in Arabic. One of them is salam, which is used in greetings, such as “Salam Aleikum.” The one that means peace between countries, is “sol” in Farsi, and I think “sool” in Arabic. This word “sool” has never been used within the context of any so-called peace between the Arab countries and Israel.

  75. Not Voting for McSame

    What a shame! You’re not voting for a man who’s middle name means “handsome”. How dumb can you be?! Obviously very.

  76. Doesn’t Islam mean submission? Anyway, I don’t think most Jews will vote Obama just because they have linguistic and heritage similarities with the Muslims.

  77. Islam does mean submission.

    And Jews won’t vote for Obama because of his Muslim heritage. They’ll vote for him because he’s a Democrat, and many of them are hopelessly liberal.

  78. Pingback: Obamatons Attacked A Woman In Manhattan « The Urban Grind

  79. The reason they say Islam means submission is that peace itself is some kind of submission. When you make peace with someone you submit to them in a good way. You compromise your goals and advantages, right? Basically, these semitic languages (including Arabic and Hebrew) make very funny and strange way of deriving words from a root. The “S-L-M” is the root for iSLaM, and SaLaM and many other words like SaLaMat (or SaLaMa). The last word means health. SaLeM means healthy. moSaLaM means something that is true and a fact. But I know when it comes to Hebrew scholars translate Shalom that is basically the same as Salam as peace upon you. And Salam in Islam is a religious kind of greeting.

    Besdides Jerusalem means the city of peace (which is Aramaic by the way) means the city of peace. Salem in the word Jerusalem means peace or peaceful. Ur (that appears in the form of Jeru in the English word) means city or maybe place.

  80. Dear Kike Braunshtein,

    when Obama is elected to the presidency you’ll have the U.S. SECRET SERVICE up your tight little sheeny ASS for conspiracy you PUK! Kosher meat is HOT STUFF in federal prison(hint hint!)

  81. mitvahGedolah

    Obama is a proven liar and cannot be trusted with running our great country. His many deceptions and his lack of real experience are the prime reason he is unelectable.

    Obama has connections with some of the most left-wing politicians in this country. These people have a goal of establishing socialism in America. Look at his connections with the renown terrorist Bill Ayers who admits and gloats about his attack on the Pentagon. Look at Obamas connection to his radical Church which he defended until it was no longer politically possible to retain his America-Hating church.

    It is perplexing to me what anyone would want someone like this to run this country. Only those who wish great harm on America and her interests would elect such a low-life to be president. I see right through this lame excuse for a candidate.

    I beg anyone who supports Obama to please explain why? What is it about a man who can lie to each and every constituency about his vision and goal which fools you? Obama lied to AIPAC about dividing Jerusalem. Obama lied about his birth certificate which was forged. Obama was born a Muslim and according to his own book was well versed in Koran. All the facts are staring you in the face yet you keep your eyes tightly shut.

    WAKE UP AMERICA… Obama is a fraud!


  82. mitvahGedolah

    BTW, Seth, you low-life antisemite. Go to hell where you are welcome. You sure aint welcome here… Hope you rot in hell for a lon, long time…


  83. “Dear Kike Braunshtein,
    when Obama is elected to the presidency you’ll have the U.S. SECRET SERVICE up your tight little sheeny ASS for conspiracy you PUK! Kosher meat is HOT STUFF in federal prison(hint hint!)”

    Seth, you sound like a pretty crude moron so I don’t feel bad telling you that you can expect to have Obama up your ass if he is elected. Of couse, it is well known that you Nazi turd tunnels like the feel of that.


  84. If Obama jails pro American Jewish patriots who criticize him through the Secret Service with no evidence, he will be impeached.

    You sound like you know a lot about being “hot stuff” in prison.

  85. $250 for this T-Shirt???!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I cannot contain my laughter.

  86. Nancy a Proud Jew

    And I suppose you are responsible for your middle name? You are despicable and immoral. Barack Obama represents hope for this country, unlike racists like you. You do not represent most Jews. You are disgrace to Jews, and you are a disgrace to America.

  87. Individual rights like ‘Freedom of Speech’ should be protected at all costs, even if that means offending others.

    If most people had the heart to stick to the important issues and leave race, sex and religion off the table, the presidential choice would be an easy one. Any form collectivism is a recipe for disaster.

    Obama is worst than being a socialist or a liberal, he’s straight out communist!

  88. PLEASE, for the sake of humanity. Do not vote based on Religion. Do not vote based on sex. Do not vote base on ethnicity. Vote base on what is right. Obama is not going to abolish the Jews. He is going to attempt to lead Americans, not American Jews, not African Americans, not Christian or Muslim Americans. Just Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont care who you vote for, but please just vote for who you think has a better plan.

    Elections should be a nameless, un-partisan, partlyless A or B decision, where we can read the views and stance of each candidate, know there backgrounds and make a decision based on what matters, not all of this Religous clique or Racial clique bull.

  89. “Class A” stock of the “FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION” is OWNED by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellows and the Cecil’s,

    Sen. John McCain gets contributions from the above Corporation of which no GOY can ever purchase a single share.

    He who has the “GOLD” makes the RULE…!

    $1000.00 bet Sen. John McCain WILL BE the next U.S. President


  90. May the same judgment used by these people be upon thier own head. What kind of God do you serve to have you write about killing an innocent man.

    We the so called Black People have never waged war against any Jews. My ancestors died and fought to free Jews form oppression.

    Remember Rev Wright is a United States Marine Veteran and has never murdered any Jews. There is no Jewish blood on his hands.

    How many Black People did your ancestors inslave, rape and murder?

  91. Huey, no one is calling for Obama’s murder. We don’t like Obama because he’s ultra liberal, with unsavory domestic and international associations.

    I object to Reverend Wright for his hatred of a country that gave him so much. And I also don’t like the fact that he called Israel a dirty word, and that his church published a Hamas manifesto. So even though Wright never personally murdered any Jew, it seems like he would be happy to see many dead Jews in Israel.

    As for my ancestors, they were living in a ghetto and struggling to make ends meet. They did not enslave, rape or murder a soul.

  92. I know plenty of New York Jews who support Obama. If “the word on the street,” is that McCain will be supported by the Jews of NY, I’m not sure what street you live on. Park Avenue?

    Nice try with the shirts too. We all can see that they’re simply photoshopped. “Fashion designer?” Please.

  93. what the hell are you talking about??? obama doesn’t hate jews, dickwad.

  94. Huey asked:
    “How many Black People did your ancestors inslave, rape and murder?”

    None, as a matter of fact, you probably have more generations in this country than I. I am 3rd generation in this country from a Norwegian farmer. Why do you hate me because I am white? Being born white in this country isn’t a free pass to anything. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how you look at it.

    As for Obama, I don’t like him because he is so liberal. If the left and the right could only meet in the middle somewhere… help the poor AND save babies (oops, there I go dreaming again). So I will vote for the person whos values are CLOSEST to mine, knowing we are all different and no one will have my exact same view.

    To my Jewish “cousins” — shalom, baby! Ps 122:6 and Ps 91 all over you!

  95. MN and Huey definitely have more generations of family born here than I do. I’m a first generation American.

  96. Love your shirts. Stand tall, stand proud, we’re all proud of you!

  97. dissapointed chick

    your not cool for this and its racist and you should be ashamed that your so insecure and all you idiots that agree with this disgusting man and try to put God in this and say he looks like jesus no this man does not look like jesus jesus will never look this disgusting and treat his people like this saying dont trust obama he’s the best thing that will evr happen to this country if you don’s like it then go back to where you came from

  98. McCain is clueless. Why would anyone want to elect someone who just makes things up as they go along inorder to get votes?

  99. Mr Fashion designer,

    Your head should be examined, its one thing to dislike a presidential candidate but it is unconscionable to even hint assasination. Did you forget his mother altogether in this formula??? She is/was American born female from KANSAS, I repeat Kansas. Barack was never raised by his biological father. He was raised 100% American by a woman from K A N S A S.

    I have an Idea, maybe you should suspend this campaign and go to the nearest mental clinic when you are sane again and wake up from your possible drug induced stupor you should contemplate a “who killed Doron Braunshtein” shirt. Hows that for a reality check mr. fashion designer.

  100. alot of people are blind to obama.the man is someway or another linked to his blood line. blood is thicker than water. the man is a liar and doesnt have any intentions of doing good for this country. i believe people if he is elected it will be the start of ANTI-CHRIST. it says in the bible a man in his 40’s will come forth and claim to change the world but he will only distroy mankind as it is. the young generation is blind to all this, it is greed cause people live life above their means and are falling victim to a MUSLIM. MUSLIMS are very patient and will wait for the time to destroy.

  101. A sane person

    What about the separation of church and state? If you love this country you should at least like that idea.

    The man (Obama) is as American as John McCain and at least seems to be honest (as honest as any politician can be expected to be). We KNOW McCain is bulshittin’! He is banking on any vote he can get, be it from Palin-loving man-haters or White supremacists. HE IS BANKING ON THE RACIST VOTE! How crazy is that? The same people who would vote for McCain because they hate African Americans hate this Braunstein dude just as much for being Jewish.

  102. Why do you give a free pass to Obama, who belonged to a racist church for 20 years?

    There are plenty of PUMA Hillary supporters who are voting for McCain. They are sick of the way Hillary was treated by the DNC and the media.

    So stop playing the race card when you have no argument. It’s really getting old.

  103. hey,

    Obama’s ancestors where moslim, therefore you gotta hate him?????
    in the same reasoning, jew ancestors killed Christ, which would justify the holocaust.

    C’mon!!! This is middle-aged reasoning!

  104. Wow this is bs. first of all your an idiot thats all i have to say lol. you wont vote for a good canidate because of his middle name??? are you kidding me.

  105. wow lol this dude is really stupid obama is not a muslim never been a muslum and you really dumb and ingnorant for writing something like this with your homosexual ass Obama for president

    signed a 12 year old

  106. you know what for all you dumb people who might vote for Mcain yall should pay attention and realize how old he is and that he might have a heart attack or stroke this means if he is not fit to be president palin will become president and she dosent know what the @#$% she is doing.

  107. Daniel Roberts

    I agree with the Jews against Obama shirt but isn’t it a little premature to sell the who killed Obama sweatshirt ?

  108. I like the Jews Against Obama t-shirt. But I think the one saying “Who Killed Malia Obama” was in very bad taste.



  110. How can you be race against your own kind the frist humans come from africa
    it was always are we started the whole thing. Were just get back what was always ares its nothing a color thing i love obama im very pround to have him as president i thank bush for bring him in its a bless after that would be another color person i guess your jews will be very unhappy for a long time. Just do history it not that hard, in gods word say on this rock i will build my foundation and the gates of hell will not previle against it thats gods child becareful what come out of your mouth.. god bless you and keep all of us….

  111. Absolutely support, what debil and idiot could vote for this muslim self-confident human

  112. Guys i wanna say thank you to the creators of this right websie! It was very brave and smart of you to publish your dislike to this muslim monkey, new ( terrible fact) president Obama. I`m agaist arabs and i`m against Obama. Cool t-shirt:D

  113. Wow Lena, that’s a high IQ you have there!

  114. "Yes We Can"...."Yes We Did"

    These shirts are a piece of SH**. I truly hope no one else is ignorant enough to wear or even buy a piece of SH** like this.

    If you want to see some wonderful shirts,just google OBAMA SHIRTS.

  115. As a jew i thought you might be a bit deeper than judging people by their race or their middle name, considering a long history of persercution for just those no good reasons. narrow minded one track thinkers are what you all are if you support these ridiculous tshirts. political elections should not be based on the colour of someone’s skin or stereotypes of their race when it comes down to choosing who you want to run your country. its their policies you want to look at, not their skin. grow up, get educated, and travel a bit you uncultured bastard. the world is not a one way street, so move over or get run over by the real world, coz it just might hit you in the face if you’re not ready.

    and make sure you’re awake for the inorgoration today! cheerio!

  116. you are a vile human being.

  117. Wow, is that guy ugly. Inside and out.

    Hope you caught the inauguration, mullethead!

  118. you people are complete idiots. there is NO WAR between jews and muslims. some of my best friends are muslim, and obama is the best thing to happen to america in a long time. i COMPLETELY agree with his policy of talking to iran. the best thing for all involved is a peaceful resolution. that said that said acknedenijad (please ignore the spelling i’m talking about the president of iran) is a complete nut job. also obama is not a muslim. he is a christian.
    – arabs think that we, the jews, want to destroy them. and do you know whose fueling that belief? people like you, mullet-for-brains. terrorist are recruiting based on YOUR hatred.
    also – a couple shout outs.

    mike (uk) – you are a complete dumbfuck and have no idea what no idea what you are talking about. – but at the same time i agree with one point that you blindly stumbled to. we jews are by no means a perfect people. there are murderers, and thieves among us. just look at bernie madoff. just look at all the jewish bigots who posted on this blog.

    lena – yeah… just read what i said about jewish bigots. you give jews and americans a bad name. i mean “muslim monkey”? your a fucking modern day nazi. jews and muslims are in the same boat here. the hate crimes that were committed against against jews? a man at a gas station was killed because he was wearing a turban. he wasn’t even a muslim – he was a sike. oh well. just another innocent in the war on terror 2 – (home-front edition)

    aryan pride – jewsus! is anybody listening to this guy? he’s a neo-nazi as sure as obama’s the next president. so AP, yeah you disgust me. just go dive in front of a vultswagon

    and just one more.

    sad day for jews – if this blog was all to judge by – it definitely would be. but fortunately these bigots are NOT the majority, obama IS the 44th president, and there are still jews like you and me, who believe that these are world issues. not just religious or policy or party issues.

    thank you. G-D bless america, G-d bless Israel and G-D bless the knew president

    PS – check out obama’s speach on race, religion, and creed. it was titled “A More Perfect Union” And you can find it on youtube.

  119. stop hatin on president obama, he is an intelligent man, who studied hard to get to where he is and he deserves it all. to all the jews out der shut up and go and get a life

  120. president obama unites blacks, muslims, jews, white, mix race etc. he is all this world needs to see change. how ever designed dis stupid t-shirt is a dumb ass fool. go and shove urself wher da sun don’t shine, u actin like a bytch

  121. president barack messiah obama is the second coming of Christ. i know this to be true because angels came to me and gave me a secret scroll that says so. also, i set up shrine to the new King (Obama) in my apartment and when i started praying to my plaster of Paris Obama (that i made in sculpture class)… all my dreams come true! so don’t say that he is not the Chosen One who will save the world. He will smite thee and strike thee down. You just wait!

  122. Southern Jew, if you believe Obama is a Christian honey… you need to read a little more of the scriptures. OH! and while you’re at it, try doing a little research on Black Liberation Theology… that’s what your beloved blowbama has been studying up on for the last 20, count em, 20 years, dear. if that’s Christianity, i’m the tooth fairy.

  123. Christopher Johnson

    aparantly all you idiots that are speaking out against this are a bunch of socalist/ facist/ marxist just like obama and you want all of ours and your freedoms taken away cause you are all too pussy to stand up for whats right FREEDOM!!!!!! do you not remember why all the people that have and are fighting for this (aparantly to you small) issue. so all of our grandparents and there grandparents and so on died so you guys can piss all over what this country stands for? Its ok when he starts rounding everyone who speaks out against the gov’t and throwing them in jail just like W. Wilson, you will see cause whenever you start going down the socailism route it ends in either Facist or Communist. And then there will be alot of death when the people rise up against this monster of a gov’t. Which might happen sooner than later hopefully……

  124. it doesnt say the anti christ will destroy the world…just the way we are used to…if anything the world will get destroyed because people wont change and adapt ……the bible can be interpreted diffferent ways…which is why there are different religions…..

  125. aceon spee

    Fucking yid cunt

  126. Sasha (A Russian Jew)

    Hi people. I’m a proud Jew too, I live in Russia, Moscow.

    I’m also worried about Obama’s policy towards Israel.

    but first: Michel (UK) how stupid from yr side to deny what u know nothing about. If u’d been to the Ukrain, Berarussia, Poland, if u had talked to prople who had got over it u would’ve never have the courage to say what u do…

    U can also ask me the questions about the Russian Jews in the revolution and so forth… Then maybe I’ll tell you why the white (those who supported the King(Tsar)) were against the, why the killed them (not only them it was a civil war, but anyway)… I may also tell u why the red (those who were against the king) didn’t like the Jews, and why they killed them. That’s common practise to blame the Jews for all the trouble… why?

    And finally about Obama. From my point of view it’s not good to bomb Iran right now, so he is trying to make a colation with other countries. especially arabic cause they are pretty anxious about the atomic bomb to… so I don’t think there will be a reconciliation between America and Iran.

    And for the first message. Be tolerant. If u don’t like a person whose name is Hussein, somebody may not like you because your name is Yosef/Moshe/Aron or something like that 😉

    my email is write to me if u have any questions.

  127. Welcome to my blog, Sasha.

  128. thank you to sasha,
    im not a jew, but i can see oppression and hate in the eyes of the those who wish to destroy Isreal. I hate the fact that our president wont help Isreal out they have been attacked over and over again and they just take it, cause there the bigger person and just want to be left alone. Our president, unfortunatly, i believe, doesnt care about Isreal. The ? is why? I think its cause like the rest of the corrupt socialist world the really dont care for us who love freedom. So im sorry my country is so ignorant that instead of Voting for values and princibles which i believe would have given us a real president not this mock of a top position that has a n agenda that does not coincide with americas values and princibles. And im not saying McCain would have been any better, honestly i live in arizona and he is my senator and we hate him, yeah he is a vet and we commend him for all he did and endured for our country but that doesnt excuse his actions on our soil. He is not qualifed for that top position and has lost all sight with the American people. However i did vote for his ticket while holding my breath, which makes me as bad as the rest of the country. I beleived in Sara Palin i felt she had the best experience and has the best record of fighting the big gov’t. However i did just as the obama voters did, i voted against something not for something. I voted against the last 8 years just like they did, but most of america didnt realize what they were voting for. I voted against the big gov’t of the past, it wasnt until i started reading real history that i found out that both the R’s and D’s both have been BIG GOV’T there called PROGRESSIVES. They were taught this ideology from Germany where Hitler learned this ideology, and the scary part about it is this Universal Health Care is just EUGENICS in disguise, the gov’t will choose who gets what treatment and when which basicly boils down to just like the Holocaust they will choose who lives and who dies. They want to engineer a better citizen, who does that sonud like, yep Mr. H himself, see Hitler didnt think he was hurting the human race he thought he was making a better race of humans. WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT. I as well as most of americans care for the people of this planet, but the people in power just care for themselves and there own GREED and CORRUPTION. And they will get that agenda unless we stand up together as FREE people and stop this Soviet Union/ German style take over of our country. Anyone who lived through or knows the history of those two fail regiems know im right and know we need to stop it in its tracks.

  129. Sasha (A Russian Jew)


  130. Welcome to my blog, Chris.

  131. when one reads the phrase “who killed Obama” one may misunderstand the message. I thought he was asking, “What happened to Obama’s extreme popularity?” Maybe I missed the point.

  132. Bravo Christopher Johnson.

    Funny how obama plans railroads the same theories as Karl Marx. When I compare obama to hilter only a few educated people will throw out Godwin’s theory. Which they have no idea WTF they are talking about. Oh well, time to practice Thomas Jefferson “Tree of Liberty” and I think pelosi and obama should be the first to be placed on this tree. I personally cant understand why “Americans” are ok with obama violating our constitutional rights.

    Bravo Christopher

  133. у Вас хороший блог контекст правда нужно почаще обновлять васже читают.С праздничком

  134. All of you people need to shut the fuck up because you dont know what the fuck your talking about and why the fuck are you people looking at this i was trying to find a fucking shirt and this retarded shit came up…google needs to get their shit together

  135. boy’s a twat, needs a slap,
    tryin’ to make a buck out of pointless controversy = twat

    could be intellectual about it, but he ain’t,= twat..


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