Yet Another Jew Hater On Obama’s Team

Via Yid With Lid

Former Rep. David Bonior will be representing Obama at the Democratic National Committee meeting this weekend in Washington DC.

For Rep. David Bonior being anti Israel is not personal–Its business Bonior represents a largley Arab district outside of Detroit. It was just announced that Bonner will be representing the Obama campaign at the Democratic National Committee meeting this weekend in Washington, D.C., according to an announcement by the Barack Obama campaign for president. As a Congressman, David Bonior was known for his strong opposition to pro-Israel policies, with editor [and Israel Insider columnist] Jonathan Tobin calling him “the biggest supporter of the anti-Israel Arab lobby in Congress.” In other words a perfect member of Obama’s Anti-Jew Crew. HOW STUPID Can Obama be? He just spend last week in Boca touring synagogues, interrupting Mah Jong games to beg for the Jewish vote and just a few days later he hires another Israel hater.

In a press release the Republican Jewish Coalition pointed to a disturbing pattern in Obama’s appointments: “Barack Obama’s path to strengthening ties with the Jewish community is severely blocked when appointing an anti-Israel figure like David Bonior. While in Congress, Bonior refused to stand by Israel after repeated terrorist attacks, was known as a stalwart opponent to Israel, and is now a representative for Barack Obama. Bonior’s appointment is the latest in a series that raises serious questions and doubts about Barack Obama’s positions and judgments on the Middle East.”

During his Congressional career, David Bonior repeatedly opposed pro-Israel legislation. In 1997, David Bonior was one of 15 Congressmen who signed a letter asking then-President Clinton to pressure Israelis into making concessions to the Palestinians. In 2002, David Bonior was one of only 21 Congressmen who opposed H.R. 392, which publicly affirmed Congress’s support of Israel’s right to self-defense and called for the dismantling of the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure. In 1990, David Bonior was one of only 34 Congressman to vote against a measure naming Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel. In 1989, Bonior was one of six House members to vote against a bill that prevented US funds from going to UN entities that granted the PLO membership. Throughout his career, Bonior repeatedly opposed US aid to Israel and supported arms sales to Arab states opposed to Israel’s existence.

In 2006, Bonior was appointed to manage the Jonathan Edward presidential campaign, sparking expressions of concern by American Jewish leaders.

The executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Malcolm Hoenlein, called it “disappointing” that Edwards “chose somebody whose position is at such variance from his, specifically on Israel.”

First off, liberal Jews will vote for Obama just because he’s a Democrat. They would even vote for Al Sharpton or Yasser Arafat if either of them were Democrats.

And for the record, I’m against all foreign aid to Israel. That is’s policy. We’re against foreign aid to everyone for that matter. But anyway, none of this will matter. Barack Hussein will get a free pass, simply because he’s a liberal black Democrat. If any candidate were to have a white nationalist figure represent them at a Republic party meeting, they would be skewered! So this is what we have to look forward to with an Obama Presidency. He will surround himself with former terrorists, current terror supporters, and black racists. And the brave few people that speak out against this will be called racists, bigots and rightwing nutjobs.

So for those of you who remember what New York City was like under Mayor David Dinkins, get ready, because you’re in for an encore performance on a national scale.


14 responses to “Yet Another Jew Hater On Obama’s Team

  1. “And for the record, I’m against all foreign aid to Israel.”
    I think the US should quit foreign aid for now (unless it is completely necessary for our survival) to avoid getting further into debt.

  2. Sionism is to be taken seriously .
    No aid to Israel .
    For a free Palestine .

  3. I don’t believe in foreign aid to Israel or to any other country for that matter.

    Other than that I say “Fuck ‘Palestine’!”

  4. I can’t believe there are any Jews voting for Hussein Obama. Voting for Obama is really bad, but if any Jew voted for Sharpton they have serious, serious problems. This guy has been the root cause of multiple Jew’s deaths because of his rabblerousing.

  5. Fuck Israel, they are worse than hitler w.r.t. to Palestine. Well done Obama.

  6. Fuck YOU, you piece of shit Stormfront deviant. And get off my blog!

  7. You are all Jew haters yourself. Jesus was a Jew. And you murdered him. So there ya go. But Israel is a nice country. For me to poop on! And eat baby Jews in!

  8. the yorkiedad

    Those of you who are anti-Israel and who dislike Jews would no doubt have loved working at the Nazi death camps. No doubt you would have loved gassing Jewish children, watching them die in agony, and throwing their bodies in the crematoria. No doubt you worship Hitler. God has a special place in Hell for you. The fire in that part of Hell is really hot, hotter than for most of the rest of those of us who sin.

    Well, I am not anti-Israel. I dislike Muslims intensely. I am pro-Israel, and my greatest wish is for the Mossad can eliminate the little Jew hater in the White House.

    Iran is going to get nukes. The Jew Hater could have imposed a Naval blockade of Iran. A blockade would have resulted in the economic collapse of the regime. It would also have resulted in regime change. Fuel shortages (Iran has limited refining capacity), no export of petroleum (hurts economically), food shortages, would have resulted in riots and ultimate collapse of the regime.

    Well, I hope Israel takes out the Iranian nuke sites, using tactical nukes. Screw Obama, the Jew hater. He’s a Muslim, and while he makes protestations about being a Christian, his actions speak louder than his hollow words. Obama is going to sell Israel down the drain, and will be an active participant by his inaction, to the murder of Jews by Muslims.

    If Iran nukes Israel, which will happen, Obama will be responsible. Israel will retaliate, and wipe out Iran as a functioning society. Obama will be responsible.
    His inaction speaks volumes. He is like former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain played footsies with Hitler, proclaimed “peace in our day” and shortly thereafter, Hitler launched WWII. Obama is kissing Ahmadinejad’s ass, kowtowing to him, just as Chamberlain kissed Hitler’s ass and kowtowed to Hitler.

    A naval blockade would have been the answer. Regime collapse and change.

  9. obama is a marxist piece of shit

  10. I agree with you, Yorkiedad.

  11. Those of us who are anti Israel would like to see them burning, killed and raped. ?
    We would just like for Israel stop doing that things to Palestinians. Dont judge too quickly. I think there`s a difference ?
    But everyone is bigot nowadays, anti and pro whatever, so probably you have your own unchangable opinion. am i right ?
    were good, arabs are bad.
    live with yourself.

  12. now when i read the rest of the text.
    fuck you all fuckin haters.

    you make me sick.

  13. FAKEstinians are murderers, so are you.

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