Jimmy Carter Will Officially Endorse Obama

Well folks, I knew it would be coming, but now it’s official. Let’s see how that 61% of liberal Jews voting for Obama (the Jewish Obamatons) will try and spin this one.

ATLANTA – Former President Carter says he’ll endorse Democrat Barack Obama after the polls close on the final primaries.

Carter told The Associated Press on Tuesday: “The fact is the Obama people already know they have my vote when the polls close tonight.” Carter spoke to the AP after addressing the Georgia World Congress Center.

Carter, a superdelegate, has remained officially neutral in the race but has offered high praise to Obama. Carter has noted that his children, grandchildren and their spouses back the Illinois senator.

South Dakota and Montana hold primaries Tuesday.


5 responses to “Jimmy Carter Will Officially Endorse Obama

  1. Of course he will. Communists stick together… Bastards!

  2. Jimmy Carter wants a try at a second term. Give Carter a second term vote obama.

  3. Jimmah Cahtah….

    I can just see obama begging for jmmah’s endorsments..lol. PLEASE! AS IF Jimmah is of any use, as a CONFIRMED traitor to the USA, AND ISRAEL. SCHMUCK. But, it looks as if, Jimmah is a well respected person from the left.. THIS IS AMAZING. And NYC wonders what happened on 9-11? HOW can the left even think of obama after the BIGGEST leftist city in the planet is NY? You would THINK that people would have WOKEN UP.

  4. Ezra Berger

    I’m curious: do you think the Camp David Accords were counterproductive?

  5. Ezra, as an organization of right wing Jews and righteous gentiles, JTF is adamantly against giving any land to terrorist rogue regimes.

    Why do those Arab moosie countries need more land anyway? There are currently at least 57 Muslim countries. Why do we need another one?

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