Obama Advisor Accuses Jews Of McCarthyism

This is a little old, bust still worth sharing.

A foreign policy expert consulted by presidential hopeful Barack Obama has accused members of the American Jewish establishment of “McCarthyism” in its attitude towards critics of Israel.

Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism is too readily used whenever its power is called into question.

Presenting a solution for the Middle East, he listed historical compromises that had to be made by Israelis and Palestinians but accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — the largest and most influential lobby group — of obstructing peace efforts.


He said: “AIPAC has consistently opposed a two-state solution and a lot of members of Congress have been intimidated and I don’t think that’s healthy.”

Now considering that this man was National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter, our worst President ever, I think he should try and control the diarrhea coming out of his mouth.

Mr Brzezinski, who served under former US president Jimmy Carter, was a key player in the 1978 Camp David Accords and remains an important voice in the US foreign policy establishment. An active author and analyst at 80, he is close enough to Mr Obama that his remarks may feed fears in the American-Jewish community that he will soften America’s traditional pro-Israeli stance.

This perception has been created in part by his professed willingness to talk to Iran and partly by other foreign policy associates.

He has been accused before of being “anti-Israel” by some Jewish academics, writers and bloggers after criticising Israel for excessive use of force and unwillingness to compromise.

Last year, censure of him reached new heights when he defended academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. They had criticised the pro-Israel lobby and were accused of questioning the state of Israel’s existence.

“It’s not unique to the Jewish community — but there is a McCarthy-ite tendency among some people in the Jewish community,” he said, referring to the Republican senator who led the anti-Communist witch hunt in the 1950s.

“They operate not by arguing but by slandering, vilifying, demonising.

They very promptly wheel out anti-Semitism. There is an element of paranoia in this inclination to view any serious attempt at a compromised peace as somehow directed against Israel.”

Although Mr Brzezinski is not a formal day-to-day adviser to Obama campaign, he said that he talks to Mr Obama.

I notice that people who carp and caterwaul about the dreaded Israel Lobby seem to have no problem whatsoever with the much larger, more threatening Arab lobby. What do they think OPEC really is? Why is it OK with them for these Arab regimes to use their weapon of oil against us, by raising the prices, or by dictating our foreign policy? Why don’t we hear any protests from these types about the massive amounts of money Saudi Arabia uses to build madreassas in in America and Pakistan (among other places)? Why don’t we hear a peep out of these people when Saudi prince Awaleed Bin Talal purchases shares of Fox News and Citigroup? Or how about when Saudi money is used to finance anti-American, anti-Jewish “Middle Eastern Studies” departments at our universities?

Now with all that oil money being thrown around, why aren’t Jews allowed to have some kind of group that represents their interests?

So I have news for Brezezinski. If he’s being called an anti-Semite, it might have something to do with the fact that he would gladly bend over, and take it up the rear from the moose-limbs, if it means screwing over Israel.


5 responses to “Obama Advisor Accuses Jews Of McCarthyism

  1. The sad fact of the matter looking back on 40 years of history, Joseph McCarthy was far more correct. Arthur Herman has published a fabulous relooking at America’s most hated Sen. Many speculate that McCarthy was getting too close to finding out the truth during his years weeding out Communists and their Socialist co-horts and their direct connection to the Council on Foreign Relations with the entire Rockefeller directed entity and its domination over many influential aspects of American Society. Barry Goldwater later confirmed this to be reality during his 1964 Presidential campaign, as outlined within is personal biography: “With No Apologies”.

  2. Let’s put a face with that article:

    DAVID BONIOR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_E._Bonior

    Obama is no friend of Israel, his church is a bastardized mixture of Christian mixed with black nationalism and black muslim and Farakhan. THAT’S why no one can figure out what he is, he plays both sides, because his “faith” IS a mixture of both. Obama worships allah the moon goddess (that also was masulinized as of late) but still has the crescent moon, and pagan moon gods are always feminine, i.e. goddesses.

    Obama is the anti-messiah.

    “Pray for Israel all who pray and do NOT cease until God makes Jerusalem the source of praise throughout the earth.” -Isaiah 61

  3. I’m an atheist Jewish person, does that count! I believe Jewish heritage is an ethnic reality and not just a religion, but I know some like to dispute that.

    I am amused by all these republican media people suddenly comming out and demonizing Obama in a way that lifts up Hillary. But we must remember what Hannity, Coulter, and Limbaugh are and have been. If Hillary were the candidate they’d be ripping her apart in the most vile way imaginable.

    Speaking of Hannity though, here is Alan Colmes blog:


    He being a Dem on a Repub network, gets tons of hate mail, sometimes quite vile and threatening to he and his family. I go to his site occasionally to post and offer him support, an attempt to cheer him up and let him know we are with him.

    I think all liberal blogs get hate mail, it’s pro quo .

    cheers 🙂



  4. schmelectra

    You’re doing it wrong.

  5. Interesting the Muslim prophet would condemn idolatry when his God is a pagan Moon Goddess.

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