Must See Obama Video!

A while back, I had trouble uploading this spot-on video from the website. But now it’s on YouTube. So here it is.


25 responses to “Must See Obama Video!

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  2. A filthy animal. Pure and simple. Another wolf in a sheep’s clothing like his Communist predecessor Martin Luther King Jr. Sadly, I think the Elites in the anus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission with their international “Utopian” cohorts have already found the “winner” in this electin. All three are scum, anti-American and put there simply to forward the same old Internationalist agenda since Woodrow Wilson and more specifically FDR with his sell-out at Yalta.

    Anyone wishes a good read on how the Communists, who are headed and funded by the Elistist International Establisment, use the negro to push Hegel’s Dialectical Materialism onto the masses refer: “Techniques of Communism” by Louis Bodenz

    ….two cents from ol-MarZutra..

  3. ARE YOU AN IDIOT?????? Obama is not a muslim terrorist. You are all racist bigots!!!!! How dare you even say Mlk is anything bad??? Communists aren’t even that bad, in principle. The only con is their violence, and that is definitely not Mlk!! You call yourself jews!! You might as well be Nazis, you wannabe-KKK member!!

  4. PS
    Don’t you ever say that outdated word “Negro” ever, EVER again, you racist!


  6. Whoa…do you hate all blacks MarZutra? From what I understand, MLK was a Christian Socialist, and Communists are atheists who want to kill those who practice religion. Let me make this clear: I am as frustrated by people who vote for Obama because he’s black as folks who vote against him because he’s black.
    Look at the person. Barack has been mentored in a Marxist, racist, anti-Semitic ideology, and this goes forth in his goals. He wants higher taxation and government welfare. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage. He wants to government to “make more jobs.” And he said he will stand with the Muslims. I wouldn’t vote for anyone of any race promoting this junk.
    Son k…MLK wasn’t violent, true. But Communists are very bad. Perhaps the principle is good, but in practice you get people like Stalin, Kim Jung Il, Mao, and the like. And even blacks use the n-word.

  7. Jknight, I don’t think Marzutra hates all blacks. I certainly don’t.
    I have the feeling Marzutra would take Alan Keyes as President over Obama or McCain any day. I certainly would.

  8. Firstly Son K please delve into at least the BASE research before you direct your ignorance at me. Simply read, even Leftist, Wikipedia on MLK. There you will find him to be a member of the Communist Party. You will also find, with further open minded research that MLK didn’t legally change is name to “Martin Luther” so therefore we should refer to him as Michael King. Further research will show that your MLK hero was a plagiarist and didn’t EARN his Ph.D. MLK was also a sexual degenerate who squandered much of his donated money on hookers, booze and some say drugs. Do a search for yourself. MLK was an Communist agitator. Look at his record. Wherever he went riots and conflect quickly followed. I suppose again it was Ol-Whitey’s fault? Shall I go on or shall I leave further self study in your hands? Perhaps if you delve into study behind the peoples and groups which promulgated this fellow. Do you not even find it questionable that some Communist has his own day while the much more disserving founders of your great nation do not?

    Nextly, should you wish to also research the historical specificities of the word: “Negro” or even further, your vilified “N” word you will come up with a very different reality than you are brainwashed by Leftist propaganda and revisionism to believing as neither were derogatory until some defunct political agenda became attached/associated to/with it.

    Further, you might wish to delve into the deffinition and history of the term: “Racist”, “Racism” or even its equivilant predecessor “Racialism” for answer. What you will find is there is nothing of “hate” whatsoever but the belief that “One’s race, your race, is superior to anothers.” Another “politically correct” piece of rubbish revisionism by equating “Racism” to/with “Bigotry”. Do you not even question why a Black individual can be pro-Black, Black Power, Black Nationalist, Black Surpremists, Racist and even a Bigot to which there are even Federal/Provincial/State institutions rewarding such thinking with legal, economic, social and political positions: Affirmative Action, Quotas, “Equalization Payments”, “Multi-Cultural” centers, Handouts and now the speak of reparations…..while if a white person even holds some semblance of pride for his/her history, culture, heritage and too ethnicity it is automatically a debate about “racism”? Come on wake up. If McCain said the reverse of what Obama stated: “White People” in the above video about Obama, the entire Communist/Socialist and NEGRO communities would be labeling him a “racist”. Have you even wondered why, how, for what purpose and by who the twisting and inventions of lables even come into being: Africans, “N”word (which they use on mass themselves), Colored, Negro, Black and now African American? Sadly, one will find that they were invented by Leftist Academics who know better for the Negro than the Negro for him/herself. MOST Negros do not call themselves “African Americans” but Blacks, the older self profess themselves to be “Colored People” or “People of Color” and the elder generation, quite correctly, self identify themselves as “Negro”. Today the youths refer themselves as “N” word or some inept ebonic molestation of English. Before you even attempt to respond to this post, please do some base research… Thank you.

    Jknight, might I ask you a question directly? Would you agree that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924); Russian revolutionary, a communist politician, the main leader of the October Revolution, the first head of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic and founder of “Lenonism” (Perestroika) would know more about Communism than you or I? My guess is that your answer is yes. With “Yes” in mind than it’d be worthy for you to keep in the back of your mind one of Lenin’s most noted quotes: “The goal of Socialism IS Communism.” As a matter of fact if you research into, say, the British Fabian Socialist Society, even on Leftwing Wikipedia or Rose’s book “Fabian Freeway” you’ll directly find, from both “left” and “right” your direct answers as to how Socialism relates to Communism, how this entire aparatus works, how funds it, organizes and for what purpose. And YES MLK was part of this problem if on cares to delve into independant research…

    I do not hate anyone becasue of race but I do hate on behavior, cultural, religous and political deeds as not all people, nations, cultures or religions are equal. ALL are different. That said you could say that I am not a Communist/Egalitarian or Utopinist but you could also say, SOLELY by the real dictionary definition of “Racism” as I do not believe all are equal.

    Further, I believe that slavery was the greatest mistake and shame of the West. I AM FOR pro-Black, so much so that I agree with everything Obama’s Pastor states. So much so that I wish there were reparations for slavery with only a few stipulation which lead to the validation of theory/logic “Self Determination”. Award each “Black” their sum of reparations for the ill acts of our long dead forefathers (actually not even applicable to myself nor my family…but I’ll open minded and contribute to the cause.) on condition that each payment is accompanied with signiture whereby the signee forfits his American passport/citizenship and awarded a one way boat or plane ticket to any Black African country he/she chooses. Black will be free to be black, act black, promote black culture, black libertarian “Christianity” and truly show their personal affiliation towards their National Pride and BUILD their own productive society/country…in similar fashion the Jew had done in a mere 60 years…..

    ….to be continued….

  9. PS: Whereever did I mention Son K, that Obama is a Muslim Terrorist? I’ll bet you don’t even know what a Nazis or Nazism are? Communist and communism isn’t bad? So you believe that the rape, murder, expulsion, genocide of about 100-120 million souls is a good thing? What do you have against your own country, having your own house, free to worship your own religion, freedom to give to your own charity, freedom to work hard and be rewarded for your efforts and the freedom to read and speak openly without fear of being rounded up and tossed in the Gulags, forced to work on mass government slave labor projects or be a party to a mass starvation? You are one blinded individual do you know that?

    Perhaps you might be open minded enough to even give a glance at the bi-product of every communist attempt:

  10. ProJewChristian

    If Obama becomes president of the United States of America then “God save America” “God save Israel”. I love how that militant softhead moron portrays the United States to be a bad country. Who treats their people better? Go to Iran or Venezuela and say that about their govt. See how fast he will be in the Bermuda triangle.
    Listen closley to when this filthy dirty bastard says “God Damn America”. He also states it’s in the bible. Okay Mr. Wright you damn Jackass, show me were in the bible it states “GOD DAMN AMERICA” I’m sure as hell I didnt see it, or maybe by the bible you mean that peice of S*** book by that moron James Cone. Just imagine if Mccain said “typical black women” everyone would cry for the poor black people who are opressed and discriminated in and are still not equal. If anyone should be crying it’s the whites. But then agai the whites are the ones letting this happen anyway.

  11. Pro-Jew Christian, you are absolutely right. The Bible doesn’t call on God to d**n America. America isn’t even mentioned there unless it is secretly under some other name. (But I highly doubt that America is Tyre, Edom, or Ishmael.) As for Jermiah Wright, I would say that he is the racist-racist against whites. Meeting his “white” buddy Michael Pfleger didn’t change my mind about this:
    By the way, I by no means mean to offend decent blacks. There are black preachers who don’t preach Jeremiah Wright’s junk.

  12. Obama is NOT a good choice. Hillary Clinton would have won but NOT Obama.

    He scares the crap out of me both with his associates and with his ignorance. This is not to say he isn’t charming because he can charm a snake or get charmed by that same snake such as his mentors and heroes.

    I will lose complete faith with the US if he is elected.

  13. I would want to leave the US if he is elected. I hear they speak English in Jamaica, Singapore, and Australia.

  14. WordsJustWords

    Words just Words… This was a propaganda video based on fact, while I don’t like being manipulated by videos and such, I find it necessary that someone actually stand up for facts… Facts about obama leave us with more questions then answers. He reinvents himself to get people to ride his train. Says whatever is necessary. This is not just scary, but it shows no moral character, no integrity, and no political trust. He is a sham and as a Jewish American, I can not and will not trust this bumbling baffoon to lead this great nation. I’d sooner chose a friend, patriot with a long history of bipartisanship, as well as support for the US in John McCain. There is nothing wrong with universalized healthcare, and some of the other socialist views in the democratic party, I get nervous when he starts to say things that are distorted and wishywashy just to get elected, and just to prove a point. Also he is a racist, why should Black people be hold to a different standard than other people. There is nothing wrong with a black person running for president, however there is something wrong when race becomes the hallmark for change, and when if you vote for someone because of race rather than integrity, political trust, and the American way of life…

  15. Leon Rothstein

    Obama will be a wonderful president. He will follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest presidents that we have ever had, George W. Bush.

    Obama is a strong supporter and ally of Israel. He will do everything in his power to make sure that the United States and Israel are safe from terrorism.

    Obama understands the economy and social security. He knows that some government intervention in the economy at certain times can be beneficial, but he knows when to get out of the way and let the market do its job. He also plans to privatize some or all of social security, which is direly needed.

    Barack Obama will make a wonderful president.

    I’m not sure where any of you heard he was a Muslim or a terrorist or whatever, but he’s none of those things.

  16. We don’t think he’s a terrorist, but we don’t think he loves the US either.

  17. And where’d you get the idea he is an ally of Israel???

  18. O.k., what has Obama accomoplished as a politician?? How many significant votes has he made compared to how many he refused to cast? Decisive? Hardly?

    Anyone who uses a communist criminal as a symbol (Che) sends a very definitive message about his feelings about patriotism and our country. Che hated us. Obama apparently approves of Che. Therefore, logically, Obama must agree with Che’s hatred?

    If Obama really supports Israel, where’s the proof?

    People who are supporting Obama are doing it primarily just because the hate Bush. That’s a sorry reason to sell our country down the river.

  19. Bush has made mistakes, but we can’t just use that as a reason to pick Obama over McCain.


  21. And u people really think Obama will really make it to election day; 😉 the democratic party doomed itself on this race. They should have promoted Edwards on the media like hillary and obama. The United States Government will not allow that man in the white house one way or the other. “watch and see”.!

  22. This video only touches on all the bad things Obama stands for, he wants to be King of the USofA not President. He will say what ever he has to get elected, he took his cue from Bill Clinton and learned well. The media for the most part is so pro Obama they never challange anything he says or asks for proof. The liberals are trying to ruin this country and have a new constitution written and have our country be like Russia in 1917.

    January 3, 2008 Barak Obama wins the Iowa caucus and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is over 13,500, and Oil is less than $80 a barrel. April 22 Hillary Clinton starts winning some primaries and the Market starts to rebound, and oil drops in price. On June 3 Obama wraps up the nomination; the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops under 11,300 and the market has the worst month of June since 1930 for the DJIA and S&P 500 (-10.2% and -8.6% respectively). Oil and Gas are at all time highs and show no sign of going down. During this time housing prices continue to drop, interest rates for loans go up, and credit becomes more difficult to obtain in addition inflation hits levels that haven’t been seen since Jimmy Carter was president. RECESSION or DEPRESSION, Obama effect?

    Barak Obama proudly announces he will raise corporate taxes even though the US has the second highest corporate tax rates, refuses to back drilling for oil in Anwar or offshore, he wants gas prices to rise so much that people won’t want to drive, while he flies in private jets and travels in limousine motorcades (not very GREEN)

    There is a strong correlation to the downturn of our economy to the increasing chances of Obama getting elected; it is widely recognized in the financial markets that Obama will be very bad for stock and oil prices. This has nothing to say about Obama changing his mind on campaign financing when it suits him better, nothing to say how is leaning more to the right in every speech he gives, and how his cronies are belittling John Mc Cain’s military experience, calling him too old and say what ever else they can think of while Obama denies having anything to do with the statements.

    If you want to pay 5 or 6 dollars a gallon for gas and see your investment portfolios continue to decline and be forced to listen to a hypocrite; support Obama. Mc Cain may not be perfect but he will be much better for everyone and keep our economy afloat. In addition most of our enemies are hoping Obama wins so they can take advantage him and our country while he is in office. There is much more that could be said, but just look at the facts and listen to the Obama rhetoric and make your own intelligent decision.

    If you want to see oil prices drop; write your congress person and ask them to back drilling for oil in Anwar and offshore, that will get rid of the speculation keeping oil prices artificially high. FYI the governor of Alaska is asking that we start drilling in Anwar ASAP. Also drilling offshore in Florida would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the state helping with its economic woes.

    If you don’t do anything then don’t complain!

  23. I am 9 years old and I have been following this since I found out that he dosen’t put his hand over his heart….
    him running as president is like putting your head through a windshield,with scars that never go away and causes needless pain…..
    If hes against white people then why is his mother and his grandmother white?
    That will meen that he is against his mother and his grandmother….


  24. Hi Jgirl! Welcome to my blog.

  25. I was born in Ukraine and lived under kommunist govroment.My father and grandfather spend 5 years in Subirian prizon camp(GYLAG)just for bein a Cristian.By merricle of GOD they came back alive.I will NEVER vote for Commy,Gay or baby morderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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