Former Far Left British MP Also Endorses Obama


Quick correction from reader NewCentrist, who wrote the following:

Galloway was from the radical left Respect Coalition, not the Labour Party. As you can see from the link below, Respect is far to the left of the LP.

Hat tip: Cyberella

It’s from the treacherous former MP George Galloway.

Papers found in the Iraqi capital ? but never expected to see the light of day ? prove Galloway was an employee of Saddam’s sadistic state machine.

In return for a gigantic �375,000-a-year, stolen from the impoverished Iraqi people, this traitor toured the world’s media proclaiming the Butcher of Baghdad a kind and decent human being.

As an honoured guest, he visited Saddam last year in his bomb-proof shelter far below the surface of the Iraqi desert.


Yet when British troops went into battle to remove this despot from power, Galloway despicably urged the Arab world to rise up and kill them.

With endorsements, how can anyone with a brain in head take Obama’s b.s. AIPAC speech seriously?


5 responses to “Former Far Left British MP Also Endorses Obama

  1. No surprise Obama has another controversial (and crazy) supporter. As the saying goes.. ‘show me who your friends are…’

  2. Normally I wouldn’t hold a candidate responsible for the views of his supporters, but this case is different. Look to see who oppressor’s around the world are supporting….Obama. I also don’t nomally hold a candidate responsible for the view’s of friends and associates. I have friends that I passionately disagree with. However, once again, this is different. There are more and more close associates of Obama’s that are turning out to be anti-American, anti-white, and pro-muslim. To make matters worse, Obama has looked to these people for spiritual guidance…..for over 20 years. Obama is no American. In my eyes he’s a plant. Well, he may not be an actual “plant”, but he is definitely putting on a show of lies and is hiding who he really is so he can get elected.

  3. Galloway was from the radical left Respect Coalition, not the Labour Party. As you can see from the link below, Respect is far to the left of the LP.

  4. Funny how they have a thing on their site saying Unite against fascism when they support Muslims. 🙄

  5. Rakesh Saxena

    What about Jerusalem?

    On June 4, 2008, Barack Obama told the AIPAC Policy Conference that Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel. One day later, after widespread protests from Palestinian leaders and pro-Palestinian Americans, and in response to a question on the status of Jerusalem from CNN’s Candy Crowley, he said that “it’s going to up to the parties to negotiate a range of these issues.”

    Which is it, Senator Obama? An irrevocable position that an undivided Jerusalem must be the capital of Israel? Or the future of Jerusalem remaining open to negotiations?

    The Israel Fact Sheet, posted on Barack Obama’s website, makes a commitment to “Two States Living Side by Side in Peace and Security.” The sheer generality of that position makes it almost meaningless.

    Firstly, wherever else the capital of the new, independent Palestinian State may be, Israel should never be asked to compromise the status of Jerusalem; quite simply, Jerusalem is part of Israel, capital city or not. Secondly, Israel’s security can only be assured if Hezbollah and Hamas are physically disarmed, today, and if those financing both the terrorist groups are exposed severely sanctioned, today. Finally, Israel is already an established independent State; so what is stopping the formal declaration, and recognition of an independent Palestinian State with Ramallah as its capital?

    The Israel Fact Sheet contains many high-sounding objectives which rely entirely on future negotiations. But what about principled stands which will shape those objectives, Senator Obama? Israelis are very tired of endless negotiations concerning their security. Can you offer anything beyond the promise to talk? Substance please!

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