Self Hating Liberal Jewish Journo Gushes Over Obama

Hat tip: Chaim Ben Pesach

Thomas Friedman is a columnist for that left wing rag, The New York Times. He’s also a self-hating liberal Jew, who believes that the West Bank and Gaza belong to the Arabs. And he’s quite the suck-up as well!

In his most recent op-ed, Friedman gushes over how an Obama Presidency would make the the Middle East rogue states once again like America.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Democrats’ nomination of Obama as their candidate for president has done more to improve America’s image abroad — an image dented by the Iraq war, President Bush’s invocation of a post-9/11 “crusade,” Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and the xenophobic opposition to Dubai Ports World managing U.S. harbors — than the entire Bush public diplomacy effort for seven years.


Yes, all of this Obama-mania is excessive and will inevitably be punctured should he win the presidency and start making tough calls or big mistakes. For now, though, what it reveals is how much many foreigners, after all the acrimony of the Bush years, still hunger for the “idea of America” — this open, optimistic, and, indeed, revolutionary, place so radically different from their own societies.

In his history of 19th-century America, “What Hath God Wrought,” Daniel Walker Howe quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson as telling a meeting of the Mercantile Library Association in 1844 that “America is the country of the future. It is a country of beginnings, of projects, of vast designs and expectations.”

That’s the America that got swallowed by the war on terrorism. And it’s the America that many people want back. I have no idea whether Obama will win in November. Whether he does or doesn’t, though, the mere fact of his nomination has done something very important. We’ve surprised ourselves and surprised the world and, in so doing, reminded everyone that we are still a country of new beginnings.

What is it will these liberals who are obsessed with the rest of the world “liking” America? It’s as if they equate being the leader of the free world with being the high school prom queen.

But what I want to know once and for all is which country, or countries, do they want to like America, and why?

Is it the cheese eating, surrender monkey French? The Germans, who started two World Wars, and who invented high tech genocide? Could it be the Brits, with their socialized health care system, whose country is being taken over by Islamo-nutters? Or could it just be all of Europe, whose governments basically served up their Jews on a silver platter to the Nazis during War War II, and who are now allowing themselves to become Third World Muslim welfare states?

If it’s not Europe, could it be the many Muslim rogue states, where honor killings and female circumcision are the norm (not to mention Islamos constantly killing each other)?

Or could it be any of the African countries with their starving, AIDS infected populations, and their corrupt dictators?

How about Mexico, whose only exports are illegal aliens, and oil? Or perhaps some of the corrupt Central/South American countries? How about Canada, Australia and New Zealand? (Somehow I think the liberals will exclude Australia, since that government is showing some backbone when it comes to Third World immigration.)

Could it be Russia? What about China, Japan, and other Asian countries?

The fact is, liberals are ashamed when America flexes her muscles. The only use they have for our military is to facilitate America being the Sugar Daddy of the world.


23 responses to “Self Hating Liberal Jewish Journo Gushes Over Obama

  1. Wow…I have a lot of things to say now. While I agree with Chaim that we should not treat leading the free world like being a high-school prom queen, I disagree with him on some things.
    On the French: What’s wrong with being cheese eating? True, French have been too surrendery since Vietnam, but what’s wrong with liking cheese? I mean, I’m an American and I like cheese.
    On the British: They were America’s very good friends before they started getting taken over by the Islamo-nutters. And of course the Liberals want to improve relations with the British; the liberals have pretty much taken over that country.
    On the Germans: While they did do bad things, good things came out of that country, like printing presses and the Protestant Reformation. It’s only when liberals took over it got bad.
    On the rest of Europe: They didn’t willingly hand over the Jews. They were forced to: Hitler took them over. I do agree that it’s a shame they are giving themselves up to Islam, though. They were much weaker politically in the Middle Ages, and yet they did not surrender (except for Spain and the Byzantines), strangely enough.
    Mexico: What about tacos?
    Central/South American countries: True they are corrupt banana Republics, but they are like us, with conservative minorities fighting to keep their country alive, and sadly, doing better than we are. We haven’t been able to overturn Roe v. Wade, and they have.
    Canada: We already get on good with Canada. Let’s hope we don’t go their way of high taxes and other nasty things.
    I do, sadly agree with him about China. Even though I have Chinese blood, I am glad I live here and not there, 3 of the reasons being religious persecution, pollution, and gender imbalance. Religious persecution goes on with a lot of other Asian nations too. But Japan and South Korea don’t seem to have religious persecution, and are not banana republics. (Or at least, according to what I’ve heard.)

  2. I’ll agree with you on the French. Nothing wrong with liking cheese. I like it too.

    Most European countries did nothing to protect their Jews against the Nazis. The exceptions are the Serbs, Denmark and Finland.

    England was our ally in WWII, you’re right. But what I’m trying to understand is why it’s so important for all these countries, that have many of their own problems, to like us.

  3. The reason European countries did nothing to protect the Jews was because Hitler killed anyone who did.
    Why is it important for them to like us? I don’t know…other than the fact we don’t want to be fighting multiple wars at once.

  4. Oneforwhitey

    Thanks for standing up for white people against all these muds who want to rape our women and just generally suck our blood! Even if Arabs didn’t believe in Islam they still would be low IQ muds.

    If the muds take over Western countries they will be turned into third-world sewers! 😦

  5. Oneforwhitey

    We need an army of white men in order to be able to kick ass globally. White men have the best combination of size and brains that makes them the best warriors.

  6. Oneforwhitey, that sounded kind of racist. If Arabs didn’t believe in Islam, they would probably be rather intelligent. I know Christian Arabs who have good jobs, and not in the oil business. But I do agree that the Muslims want to do bad things to our people.

    As for an army of white men able to kick *** globally, we kind of had that with the British Empire, although they did recruit people from the colonies to increase their army’s size. However, I think that any race can fight well. Haven’t you heard of samurai?

  7. Well its about time some one compared BHO to Hitler. I noticed the resemblance some time ago. SO has on of my best friends. In fact she noticed it first. Btw, she is black and taking a goodly amount of heat for pointing out the obvious.
    If I were jewish I would be scared. Very scared. Hell I am anyway.
    Oh, and oneforwhitey is an Obomabot. He was on the McCain site for a while.
    Support McCain. While we have time.

  8. Anyway, this post opens up the question, who would stand in the way of Islam?

  9. Fire, I totally agree. I don’t think Obama loves this country, either.

  10. kat in your hat

    I just recently found out that in Obama’s original first edition of “Dreams from My Father,” Obama refers to Jews as “k**es.”

    The word has since been edited out of the widely sold 2004 version of the book.

  11. Obama is a radical in the worst sense of the word. Anyone that would associate at any level with “Nation of Islam” ,Farrakehns group is dangerous.

  12. As to who will stand against Islam (or at least the radical elements) any American worthy of the name.
    Many people are worried abut Obamas ties to extremists. Atheists, agnostics, Christians, Wiccans, and even some Moslems.
    What worries everyone the most , however, is the fact that the national media is ignoring these ties that Obama has.
    When the Wright story finally broke a reporter on MNSBC (I can’t remember which one) Said “I don’t even know why we are covering this”.
    Something to think about.

  13. A good deal of the media supports the left.

  14. As the younger crowd says. Wurd bro.:)

  15. Oneforwhitey

    My earlier comments were intended as a bit of playful brinksmanship, although I believe they are essentially descriptive of reality. I am not a racial supremacist, if by that is meant one who wishes to rule over other groups which he deems inferior.

    I wish to rule and be ruled by none but my own.

    I would describe myself as a White Preservationist. The White race is dying: through a slow attrition of miscegenation, low birth rates, and the dispossession of our traditional nations.

    I do not define my racial consciousness by hatred of “the Other” but by love of “Self” or kind.

    Mine is a mournful anticipation of something beautiful that will soon pass from this world.

  16. No offense, but the shrinking of the white race is your fault for not having enough kids. But then again, you can’t decide how many kids the other members of the white race have.

  17. Hopefully it will come back.

  18. Meaning hopefully the white race will not be lost. Although I am not opposed to interracial marriage (it’s not like you’re marrying an animal or a member of the same gender) it would be as if Noah lost some of his grandchildren before they started having their own children.

  19. Whitey, there are quite of few whites who support Obama because they either hate Jews, or because they’re stupid liberals.

  20. Sometimes it’s both.

  21. Oneforwhitey

    Thanks, guys.

    I like your platform for American policy. Just seems like common sense to me. Personally I’m a universal nationalist. I think that the diversity of all peoples and cultures should be preserved as far as is feasible.

    As far as White people supporting Obama in order to get at “the Jews” I think that they should do themselves a favor and check themselves into a mental ward.

    I hope you guys can get power in Israel. I had some pretty renouned “Straussian” Professors in college. Those guys seem to be more interested in Nietzsche and Machiavelli than the Torah. The neocons are nutjobs. Hope you guys can set things to rights.

  22. Oneforwhitey, why don’t you come and visit our forum? I think you would enjoy it there.

  23. “I think that the diversity of all peoples and cultures should be preserved as far as is feasible.”
    I agree. Like I said before, we don’t want it to “be as if Noah lost some of his grandchildren before they started having their own children.”

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