Obama Referred To Jews As “Kikes”

Hat tip: Kat in Your Hat

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I’m sure my white nationalist trolls will be delighted with this bit of news.

According to reader Kat in Your Hat, Obama used the “K” word in the earlier editions of his first book “Dreams of My Father.” It was even printed in an old New Yorker magazine article.

He was a black child, by American lights, but his mother and his grandparents—the only family he knew—were “white folks,” and his confusion was acute. In “Dreams from My Father,” Obama describes how, as a teen-ager, he tried marijuana and cocaine. (“I guess you’d have to say I wasn’t a politician when I wrote the book,” he told me. “I wanted to show how and why some kids, maybe especially young black men, flirt with danger and self-destruction.”) He went to Columbia University, and liked New York, but he found the city’s racial tension inescapable. It “flowed freely,” he wrote in his memoir—“not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence between niggers and kikes. It was as if all middle ground had collapsed.”

This “kike” reference also appears elsewhere on the web.

And this is from a man who said Don Imus should have been fired over his “nappy headed ‘ho” comment!


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  1. I’ve got no use for Obama, but c’mon! Quoting vile racist epithets is hardly the same as endorsement. Witness Mel Brooks use of the word “nigger” in “Blazing Saddles.” It was satire, making sport of the attitudes underlying the use of the slur.

  2. As even Obama said, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” He also referred to his white grandmother as a “typical white person” when referring to how she said racial slurs that made him cringe.

  3. Howard Metzenberg

    The way Obama used the “K” word is appropriate here. It is clear in this example that he is using it in a parallel construction, that “niggers and kikes” are coequal as derrogatory terms. And he is talking about slang on bathroom walls. This isn’t supposed to be parlor talk.

  4. If it was so innocuous, why was that word removed from future editions of the book?

  5. Question is, why did he chose racial slurs? Why didn’t he just say, “blacks and Jews?”

  6. “If it was so innocuous, why was that word removed from future editions of the book?”

    I am no supporter of BHO but it was most likely the decision of his editor(s). If you have ever had your work published, it is not at all uncommon for editors to revise things in this manner.

  7. Newcentrist, I realize it was a decision his editors made. But again, why did the editors see fit to remove that comment if it was so innocuous? Those book editors know what they’re doing. So I’m sure they knew such a comment would not go over well.

  8. Why didn’t he just say, “blacks and Jews?”

    Because that’s not what it said on those bathroom walls.

  9. He quite CLEARLY was referring to the use of those words on the bathroom walls! He is explaining how the racial divide bothered him. Can’t people read? What ever happened to Reading Comprehension 101 in this country? His writing is nuanced. He should not have to ruin it by explaining “I don’t really feel this way. I am only quoting the bathroom walls”. It is implied that he is quoting the bathroom walls. Please!

  10. I would have to say the use of the words “K” & “Ns” is appropriate. He’s quoting what was on the bathroom walls, and basically shows what people repeatedly scrawled on bathroom walls. He’s not using the term himself in pejoriative expressions.
    I think what’s more important is what exactly he did in Pakistan in 1981. Gotta wonder why no one has asked for an interview with him to ask follow on questions about that trip. Thus far, no one apparently has, or, has been flat out refused by Obama. These are important questions which should be asked of Obama but no one’s doing it.

  11. By your logic, now that you have the word Kike showing up in your blog you now endorse the term.

  12. America’s race and class problems are intertwined
    Whether because of New York’s density or because of its scale, it was only [there] that I began to grasp the almost mathematical precision with which America’s race and class problems joined; the bile that flowed freely not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence between niggers and kikes.
    Source: Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama, p.254 Aug 1, 1996

    correspondence- . communication by exchange of letters.
    2. a letter or letters that pass between correspondents: It will take me all day to answer this business correspondence.
    3. Also, correspondency. an instance of corresponding.
    4. similarity or analogy.
    5. agreement; conformity.
    6. news, commentary, letters, etc., received from a newspaper or magazine correspondent.

    The writing is on the wall he called a group of people niggers and a group of people kikes. He should of said African American and Jews instead he lowered himself to use racial slurs.

  13. That word, no I will not even call it by its first letter is so offensive that the ‘N’ word is a clean word compared to it.

    Jesse Jackson got in trouble with his “Hymie Town” remark. Why is the media letting this slip? Why are they anointing him President already? Someone please explain that to me.

  14. As a real Jew (unlike rightwing fake jews) I have to say “vote Obama!” Thank you. Btw, nice propaganda.

  15. Heck, Jon Stein, I guess we can make a sarcastic remark about how those Jews who vote for a Hamas sympathizer like Obama are just “self-hating,” or how few of these Jews will have Jewish grandchildren, right? Feel better now?

    Maybe you can explain why you ignore Obama’s consistent association with Hamas sympathizers, or his ridicul9ously naive foreign policy. Let’s face it, his domestic policies would be pretty disastrous, also. My gut feeling tells me that these precise hard left/socialist beliefs are what appeal to you. Now that may be topic for another discussion, but you should certainly avoid confusing these political ideologies with Judaism.

    As far as the writings in this particular book, I am thinking after further reflection that Obama (or his ghostwriter) used the street language to make a sardonic point. However, it is curious that said language was all removed without explanation.

  16. “But again, why did the editors see fit to remove that comment if it was so innocuous? Those book editors know what they’re doing. So I’m sure they knew such a comment would not go over well.”

    I agree with you. Just pointing out that the decision was the editor’s rather than BHO’s. But you are absolutely correct, editors are quite aware of their target audience which for BHO books was clearly PC libs.

  17. “As a real Jew (unlike rightwing fake jews)…”

    “Fake Jews”?

    You sound like a cultist from the Nation of Islam…

  18. I agree. He sounds like a member of the Nation of Islam or the Aryan Nations or another stupid cult.

  19. Anyway, that was the first time I heard the “k” word.

  20. “Jknight98 Says:

    Question is, why did he chose racial slurs? Why didn’t he just say, “blacks and Jews?”

    The angry correspondence on Columbia’s bathrooms walls did not take place between Jews and blacks. Its interlocutors were some Jews for whom blacks were “niggers” and some blacks for whom Jews were “kikes”. This is exactly Obama’s point, that for those who were writing these messages, there were no “Jews and blacks”. All they could see was “niggers and kikes”.

    The kind of interpretation peddled in this post and some of the comments is unwarranted and unjust, distorting the text and inject egregious meanings which are simply not there.

  21. It’s nice to see that the graffiti in Columbia’s bathrooms have gotten kinder and gentler.

    Meantime, anyone who is trying to make a serious issue out of this would likely only see Columbia’s bathrooms as they cleaned them.

    Oh. The TP dispensers at Harvard are captioned “Yale Diplomas.”

    President Bush and Senator Obama in a men’s room: the President is at a sink and tells Obama, “At Yale, they teach us to wash our hands after we ****.” The Senator replies, “No ****. At Columbia, they teach us not to **** on our hands.”

    So much for the Ivory Leak.

  22. Is that a joke or has someone been in the men’s bathroom with Bush and Obama?

  23. This is according to Senator Larry Craig of South Dakota, who was in a stall at the Minneapolis Airport at the time.

    That stall, btw, is being transformed into a shrine by the Log Cabin Republicans, and promises to be a major attraction at the GOP Convention.


  25. Uh…I don’t want him to become president but I don’t think I would describe him as a loser and as canine excrement…

  26. Yad Vashem, what the Democrat candidate really thinks: July 24, 2008.

    “Obama worked with terrorist
    Senator helped fund organization that rejects ‘racist’ Israel’s existence”
    Obama worked with terrorist

    July 22, 2008:
    JERUSALEM – Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama toured Israel’s Holocaust memorial,Yad Vashem, Wednesday, laying a wreath in memory of the 6 million Jews who died and saying, “Ultimately, this is a place of hope.”

    I asked myself, how is this a place of hope?
    (Of course, no reporter would ask that.)

    A hope that this is the nadir of human history and we will rise from it?

    I don’t think that is what he meant.
    I find no reason why it is a place of hope.

    It is a place of memory and resolve.

    There is one explanation for Obama’s comment that would be in accord
    with his long history of associations with anti-Semites like Wright.

    Obama Referred To Jews As “Kikes” « Jews Against Obama

    It is a place where he hopes that more and more Jews will be killed,
    and Israel “wiped off the map”.

    I believe that is what Obama meant, and he inwardly laughs about it.

    You think that is Paranoid? Ignorant? Ridiculous?
    All those oh so intelligent comforting words that Jewish liberals use to dismiss Jew hatred?
    Just put a label on it, and don’t examine it, right Bunky?

    Impossible that the shit faced pile of lying filth really meant that?

    Hey my fellow Jewish folk. You voting for Obama?
    Impossible that Obama shares the views of Hitler and Ahmadinejad?

    Jewish liberal over forty? Geez. Not much hope for you to get sane, but it does happen.
    David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’, page 1 – News – Village Voice – Village Voice

    But, of course, you are smarter than David Mamet. You are more compassionate.
    You have a better understanding of the way the world works.
    If we are nice to them, then they will be nice to us.

    Does the word “Auschwitz” mean anything to you?

    Jewish liberal let me put the hay down where the goats can get at it.
    (And that is all we are you know, a tribe of goat herders, and shepherds.)

    Do the two words “f*cking idiot” mean anything to you?

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  29. Melissa, he “should of” … and you call yourself correcting someone’s use of English. Gotta love whitey, getting himself worked up over WHAT WAS APPARENTLY ON THE WALL WHICH OBAMA WROTE WORD FOR WORD!! Why are the most racist people in the world always questioning others on race? Empty-headed hypocrites!!!!

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  31. To some ‘Jew’ alone is a bad word, as in Isreal is ‘Jewing’ the Palestinians.

  32. Funny Words

    Kike is “k” word! That’s freaking hilarious!!!

  33. Vinnie Faggio

    Kike Zionists perpetrated 9/11.

  34. This is ridiculous. Obama is giving an example of race hate that he observed. He’s not endorsing racist viewpoints or offering them.

  35. Have you kikes ever thought that if almost everyone hates you there may be a reason?
    You constantly bitch over stupid things, even more than blacks do over the word nigger. You continue to think you are Gods chosen people, when the way you act alone shows that you ARE NOT.
    Calling people shit and telling them to go to hell cause of the word kike?
    Get over yourselves and maybe the world won’t hate you so much.

  36. Why was he hanging around in the bathrooms at Columbia? Looking for cocks to suck, no doubt.

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  40. People like Obama with their unreserved feeling towards REAL Judaism make them easy to identify.

    Good site , Evil men like him need to be exposed.

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