Free Sami Al Arian Blog On

Those America hating, anti-Semitic leftist Obamatons are at it again. This time, they put up a blog on about freeing terrorist supporter Sami Al Arian.

In a blog post on Obama’s site titled, “We are all Palestinians,” user Ulf Erlingsson lamented what he called the “harsh” conditions of Al-Arian’s imprisonment – explaining he “lives in segregation … is not allowed any visitors and is given only two phone calls a month.”

The posting quoted Agha Saeed, chair of the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections, comparing Al-Arian to King and Malcom X, who “symbolized the struggle for human rights in the fifties and sixties. Dr. Sami Al-Arian has come to symbolize the current struggle for human rights.”

Al-Arian was also labeled an “internationally recognized political prisoner.”


Al-Arian, a former university professor, was arrested in 2003 on multiple charges of funding terrorists, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization, which took credit for every suicide bombing in Israel since 2005. In 2006, Al-Arian accepted a plea bargain resulting in a conviction with conspiracy to aid Islamic Jihad.

Al-Arian was sentenced to 57 months in prison including time served. He was to serve the remainder of 19 months and then be deported, but he was held in contempt of court for refusing to testify in other related terrorism cases involving former associates. The contempt charges were overturned last year, but in March Al-Arian was subpoenaed to testify in front of another grand jury in a terrorist case, and he has so far refused.

Sounds like a lovely fellow (snort!).


2 responses to “Free Sami Al Arian Blog On

  1. Let the monster rot in prison… What is his redeeming quality? It makes me laugh so hard when these scum cry about the so-called palistinians… We all know there is no such thing as a palestinian. They are all crazy… They all should go back to where they come from and leave Israel alone…

  2. Yeah…but their numbers increase so fast that there may not be enough room for them back where they came from.

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