Son Of Notorious Terrorist Is An Obama Fundraiser

I found this a while ago at Debbie Schlussel’s blog. It’s been sitting in my newsreader and I think it’s still newsworthy today, being that our media is staunchly pro-Obama.

Mohammed Imad Al-Churbaji is one of Al-Qaeda’s top terrorists in America. His connections at the top of Al-Qaeda are tight and span the global Al-Qaeda network, from Syria to Hamburg to Spain to Afghanistan to Peshawar to Ein El-Hilweh and Dunniyeh, Lebanon, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to HAMAS operations in Richardson, Texas.

In between a sham marriage to an American and stints in the U.S., Al-Churbaji lived with top Al-Qaeda martyrs and figures and worked for the co-founder of Al-Qaeda and its spiritual leader. And he helped organize, fundraise for, and transport arms (claiming it’s “humanitarian aid”) to Al-Qaeda jihadists around the Muslim world. Al-Churbaji made a career of working for organizations known as Al-Qaeda fronts.

Al Churbaji is a Syrian national currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from where he is fighting the Department of Homeland Security’s endeavors to deport him. If successful, this will be the second deportation for Al-Churbaji, after a return to the U.S. that violated federal immigration and deportation policies. More on that later.

But even if Al-Churbaji is deported, at least two of his six children, a son and a daughter, were both born here and are by law U.S. citizens. These terrorist anchor babies can carry on what he started.

One of them is his son, Mohamed Salim Al-Churbaji a/k/a Salim Alchurbaji (heretofore referred to as, “Salim”). He is a student at the University of Michigan and serves as a Barack Obama fundraiser and organizer, according to Salim’s own testimony. He testified that he, Salim, has made at least one recent trip to terrorist host state Syria, their father’s native country, but his brother testified that it was actually at least two trips, including one in the last year-and-a-half.

What were they doing in Syria–a country where they could be tortured due to their father’s memberships in the Muslim Brotherhood? We may never find out. A College Democrats activist and political chairman of the U-M Muslim Students Association, Salim also done some modeling and fancies himself as something of a male supermodel. But you can bet, he wasn’t posing or exploring fashion in Syria.

Go on and read the rest.


5 responses to “Son Of Notorious Terrorist Is An Obama Fundraiser

  1. This is just another sign of the bad shape we are in and our insane willingness to appease Muslims. Can’t say the situation is much better in Europe:

  2. Your post is almost as bad as this site….are you proud of your racist lying rants??

  3. You don’t seem to understand. I’m all for equal rights, but people have gone to the point where everyone seems to be doing everything the Muslims want. For example, China banned the Year of the Pig because it was offensive to Muslims, who are a minority there. Furthermore, there is content in the Koran calling for the conquest of the world. So don’t call that comment a racist lying rant until you do your research.

  4. FactSearcher

    Dohrn went a step further, for which see the sentence, “In appreciation,her Weather Underground cell made a three-fingered ‘fork’ gesture its official salute.”
    Please see page 188 of “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg (ISBN 975-0-385-51184-1).
    “Bernardine Dohrn, an acid-loving University of Chicago law student turned revolutionary, reflected the widespread New Left fascination with the serial-killing Ubermensch Charles Manson. ‘Dig It! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!’ In appreciation, her Weather Underground cell made a three-fingered ‘fork’ gesture its official salute.”
    The book cites as a reference Gitlin, Sixties, page 399.

  5. The thing is, I don’t understand why the Muslims want to remove pigs from their sight when Jews, who also aren’t allowed to eat pork, aren’t obsessed with keeping it out of their sight. Maybe the Jews are more likely to respect other cultures.

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