Announcing Jews Against!

Calling Barack Hussein Obama an anti-Semite and an enemy of Israel, Jewish activists announced the creation of a major grassroots movement aimed at defeating Obama in the November election.

The new organization,, is compiling large mailing lists “to expose what the biased Obama-loving news media is deliberately covering up: despite his denials, there is no doubt that Obama was raised as a Muslim, and that he is a staunch supporter of Islamic terrorists and Islamic dictators who are committed to the destruction of America and Israel,” according to Chaim Ben Pesach, a spokesman for the group.

The group hopes to reach large numbers of voters, both Jewish and Christian, in key swing states through mass emailings and other grassroots efforts. already has over 3400 registered members on its internet forums. About half of its members are non-Jews who want to help spread the message.

Chaim Ben Pesach is the current National Chairman of the Jewish Task Force (JTF), and the former National Chairman of the Jewish Defense League (JDL). Ben Pesach challenges anyone from the Obama campaign or any prominent Obama supporters to publicly debate the following issues:

*Is Obama telling the truth when he claims that he was never a Muslim?

*Why did Obama attend Louis Farrakhan’s notorious “Million Man March” in 1995?

*Why did Obama join and remain an active member of a racist and anti-Semitic church for 20 years?

*What was Obama’s relationship to Tony Rezko, a Syrian Arab supporter of Islamic terrorism?

*Why has Obama always been surrounded by black racists, black anti-Semites, and Arab Muslim supporters of Islamic terrorism?

*What will Obama’s real policies be in regard to Muslim terrorist Iran, the Iranian nuclear bomb-making program, and the PLO-Fatah-Hamas terrorists who seek to destroy tiny Israel?

*Does Obama support the anti-white and anti-Semitic agenda of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus?

Spokesmen for are available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Contact email address: jewsagainstobama at yahoo dot com

Web site:

Internet forum:

Contact person: Eli Ben Avraham


22 responses to “Announcing Jews Against!

  1. Senex,Ireland

    He changed his statement on the what he said regarding Jerusalem within a day or two.

    but since then he has not kept his word on so many things……. You would never know

    what this candidate would do next. You are taking the right approach.

    Good fortune with your group in the future.

  2. Thank you Senex. And welcome to my blog!

  3. Barack Obama is nothing more than a sham scam artist. I should know. I took his class. Not only is he PHENOMENALLY insecure about who and what he is, he perpetually hangs on to his wife’s coattails. Meaning, in that household, Michelle Obama rules the roost. Barack, when back I knew him, was a pompous ass lecturing to the class walls. Even in a room of fifteen people, he could barely remember our names. Wifey got him started in the “Black Oppression” line. Till then he really had NO CLUE that he could be black. He always thought of himself as the son of a foreigner and a (white) American – like so many other multiracial kids. But to get married to a Black fundamentalist (ie Michelle), changed his life. He started to attend Devil worship – ie. listening to the devil speak about the God of Hate – his pastor, who not only excoriates ALL whites on an almost hourly basis in his congregation of hate, but also baptised Barack’s kids. Attending that kind of worship for even a year will turn any sane man’s head, and Barack attended it for decade. So just imagine how much his head must be turned – not that he ever had it on that tight in the first place. Barack is the kind of person who is STILL moldable. That’s a risky proposition for President or the United States. He’ll basically do anything and say anthing to placate his most immediate audience, and he’ll go home clueless. Then wifey will preach her one-sided vindication-driven ideas to him, and he’ll all of a sudden have a “stand”. His stands can change daily depending on whether wifey is present in the room or not. And remember, Michelle Obama has no real qualifications to be First Lady of the United States except that she was a lawyer with an Ivy League degree – all courtesy of affirmative action, of course. Nothing Condi Rice about Mrs. Obama. She has neither the personality of Condi Rice to hold her audience, nor does she have any extraordinarily impressive credentials. Her $300k University of Chicago job as hospital administrator was made for her when it was determined by the hospital committee that she could potentially be First Lady material – after Barack’s earth-moving DNC speech in 2004, cleverly orchestrated by David Axelrod, another prof, a nice guy and incidentally an extremely shrewd politician able to jump ship or jump onboard ship with the drop of a hat. In class, he had in fact told us (this was when Obama was running for Illinois Senate), that Barack’s chances at the election were close to nil, since he was such a Hyde-Park (exclusively black neighborhood) fixture, and hence so local to Chicago, that he could never go national anytime soon. Seems Axelrod had to eat his words pretty fast, and is now extra-top on the Obama campaign list of favors (and favorites). I would not vote for a candidate of so little (1). net worth (2). sense of personal security and dignity (3). political experience (4). related to petty African dictators. You like to feel that the man in power has not only good physical health (Obama is thin as a weed – makes you think he has TB or some wasting disease), AND good mental health (being ruled by that Politics of Hate Pastor is not my idea of sanity), but also that he is not opportunistic and just “out to make money” from the Presidency – which the Obamas clearly are. He used to harp on his antecedents in class – a man of forty still wondering about who his father was! As if the rest of us students could care less. But he’s still harping about it now, and made a fortune on that idiopathic thoughtprocess from his autobiographical books. It kind of makes you wonder… is he really all that right in his head? You know, your personal musings really ought to be your own. When you come to work for me, don’t bring your emotional garbage with you – just your qualifications please. He has close relations with some dictators in Africa, one of them is his cousin it seems. That doesn’t sit well with me and shouldn’t sit well with any human being. Here he support Darfur and there we support a leader who has kith and kin involved in genocide. What kind of warped logic is that? And frankly, besides being a lawyer, like his wife, and a small-time community organizer, what exactly is he? Can he rally our troops? Can he command a battalion? Not that he needs to, to be president, but doesn’t presence count for something? Can he step into a local police station and at the bat on an eye, command the required attention and respect of those who serve and protect this nation? No, he cannot. He’s still busy figuring out exactly who he is – even before an audience! He’ll flip-flop till the cows come home. Issues? The only issue Barack is even remotely connected with is trying to figure out who he is. When he married Michelle he figured out he was Black. Not slave-decent like her, but Black, or close enough. If he had married a blonde with blue eyes, I guess he would be harping on his Kansas roots. When a man has no personality or his own, when it’s all just borrowed – it’s basically a sham. It’ll be a shame if America ends up voting for a sham. Michelle Obama, or, as I like to call her, Nagina, is nothing more than a mediocre Black woman who made it slightly above the ranks of the average Black Joe, but she’s still not done anything comendable beyond looking out for her “people”‘s interests – by sending funds the minority (read: disgruntled african american) way in her university adminstrator job. All she can do is think of how to take revenge for african-american “sufferings”. In this day and age, I see no sufferings that that community is facing. They have the equal right and ability to lift themselves out of their “oppressed” holes if they want to – doesn’t Michelle Obama set herself up as living proof of that? But if they don’t WANT to, that’s nobody’s fault but their own. Besides, what has she or Barack ever done to acknowledge the needs of the that part of America that DOES actually contribute productively and make this nation work – i.e. the vast majority of white america, asian america, hispanic america, arab america, eastern european american, southasian america, latino america – in all their community servicing and limited political career? Zilch, nada, zero. Nothng for any community but Michelle Obama’s very own. It is very obvious that this is a self-serving family. It won’t be the first, but it would be nice to not make them “one of the last” either. This is a family so out-of-touch with the needs of America, and so focused like tunnel-vision on the needs of a small minority of hate-mongering black-americans, that they really cannot say with all honesty that they stand for “change”. What they really mean is that they stand for “small change”. Petty cash, actually. And if asians, muslims and jews think they are safe with Barack, well, the FISA he voted yes for just threw away the rights of ALL Americans, and asians and muslims are top numbers for profiling as everyone knows. Barack is clueless about the needs of Jews, and he doesn’t really care. After coming to terms after so many years with his father abandoning him and his mother, and in fact bring his memories into focus so much so that he is now actually fondly reminicing about his antecedents, does Israel know what is in this man’s head? Barack has no real care or sincerity for Israel. It’s a part of national security, but for him it’s a small part. And he’s not going to forgive muslims either – after all, his muslim father abandoned him as a child, remember? I remember in class, there was one headscarf and a few yarmukels. Barack would never even make eye contact with those folk, and the girl with the headscarf once complained to the group that he’d forgotten to call on her and she’d missed debate points that days. The class jews he just either ignored, or answered with arrogance or bored looks on his face. That was a just few years ago, when he was teaching at the U of Chicago. So he can’t have changed much. Foreign policy? I’d like to see his arrogant up-in-the-clouds head tell us how he’s going to lay out domestic policy and America back into the number one global player position. Unions with him? Not on your life. He can’t even tell you the name of a few products what we manufacture and export, let alone what he can do for the average American worker. If a president can’t influence the US economy, he sure as hell can make sure it’s not steering off-course. Can he atleast lay out a plan for that before pandering for our vote? John McCain has just a few years left in him, but I’d rather a POW who can rally our troops – because frankly speaking, getting them out of Iraq anytime soon is not in MacCain OR Obama’s hands anymore – or I’d just rather stay home that day and not vote. Better than letting a slick opportunistic lawyer who can play to the crowds win.

  4. Correction: he attended that church for two decades, not one.

  5. Thank you for creating this site! I will be blog rolling Jews Against Obama and asking others to do as well! Keep up the fight!

    No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!

  6. blacktygrrrr

    Hello. I am a Jewish republican blogger and McCain supporter.

    Four updates…forgive any redundance.

    1) My site is theTygrrrr Express.
    Please add me to your blogroll.

    It requires registration, aka a username and password. This is to weed out the trolls.

    2) My new radio show on Blogtalk radio is on every Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm PST, 10:30pm-12:30am EST.

    Below is the clip of my debut show.

    3) My Presidential Campaign Commercial–satire.

    4) I am appearing at the laugh factory on Tuesday, July 22nd.

    Right to Laugh night of conservative comedy for Tuesday, July 22 at the world famous Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip (8001, just East of Laurel). 323-656-1336. Doors open at eight, tickets are just twenty dollars ($30 for VIP seating).

    Stay well always, and let me know if you would like anything promoted.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for starting this blog. I just wanted to add that about two days ago Obama told reporters again that he chose his words poorly when he talked about Jerusalem being undivided.

  8. Are you serious? Anonymous, I’ve heard that the last president to write his own speeches was Theodore Roosevelt.

  9. Anyway, you do have to admit…it is change. Change on what he’s telling America about Israel.

  10. This site is racist. It should be called Racists Against Obama Because He’s Black.

  11. If you pay attention, you’ll see that we’re not against Obama because of the color of his skin. I would take Alan Keyes over McCain or Obama any day. We’re against him because of this left wing positions, as well as his associations with Middle Eastern and domestic terrorists.

  12. Why is he Terrorist? Because he’s black? If he was white, would you call him Terrorist?

  13. I don’t think Obama is a terrorist. But I do think he’s sympathetic to their causes, which is why he’s associated with people like Edward Said, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, to name a few.

  14. I think he is very sympathetic to their causes. Quote from Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

  15. Arnold Lawson

    Man, this is one of the most racist sites I’ve seen about Obama… I didn’t realize that such a large population of the jewish people disliked black people so much. Hate begets hate people, learn to love one another.

  16. Arnold, I only dislike the ones that hate Jews and who hate America.

  17. Yeah, me too. I’ve known plenty of decent blacks. In fact, I think that Alan Keyes would make a better president than McCain. Seems as though Alan’s just as (if not more) capable, and more right-wing.

  18. I would like to be listed on your blogroll. My blog is at:
    Please let me know if this can be done.

  19. Hi Rickster,

    I just added you to my blogroll.

  20. Americans by and large do not question things deeply nor do they introspect, instead, they respond to the most significant issues in an apathetic, dull manner.
    Go to this amazing site; JTF.ORG, read the offered material and listen to the great programs and then ask yourself, doesn’t this make sense? Every prediction they have made, while nobody else did regarding specific events and issues has happened. If you really listen and have your own minds, you’ll realize that everything they say is the Real Truth. Bless this incredible site and the prolific Chaim Ben Pesach

  21. I don’t believe anyone can afford to sit this vote out. Ann Coulter said she was gonna get drunk and pull the Mccain lever..I’m a conservative and feel the same way..Can’t afford to change this into a Mugabee run zimbawe…Jerome corsi says he has documents on Odingas campaign in which Obama discuss racial riots if he didn’t win..Look at that blood bath still going on..If your an american get your guns ready.

  22. I totally agree with you Bellez. And welcome to my blog.

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