I Like This Man!


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  1. Although I’m not sure about Obama’s connection to gas prices, I do think the other political stuff he’s saying is accurate for the most part. Muslims do want to do all those things. They say “after Saturday comes Sunday” meaning they kill the Christians after the Jews. However, I’m disappointed to find that Mr. Manning is missing an important Biblical prophecy. The Bible predicts in Ezekiel 38 metacafe.com/watch/292075/world_war_3_israel_iran_and_russia
    that Iran and her allies will attack Israel, which is obviously going to happen. However, it also predicts that God will send meteorites to destroy the Iranians. He doesn’t seem to have that prophecy in mind anywhere in that video.
    If you have the time, you may enjoy some of James David Manning’s other clips: youtube.com/watch?v=yTp_atr2G9E
    youtube.com/watch?v=gGM1HHC8iwI (I’m disappointed he didn’t show any Michael Pfleger clips to back up his point, but here’s one for you right now: youtube.com/watch?v=TWigzBClEk8)
    Quite frankly, I’m not sure if I like him too much myself. While I do agree with him that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t belong in the White House, I don’t agree with some of the stuff on his site: atlah.org/ministries/fatherham.html

  2. I LOVE Rev. Manning !

    My sister and I donated $50 to him, if you want to help out you can do it online, even donations as low as $1.

    This man is really under fire, especially by black Americans and they have tried to run him outta town in every way they could.

    Here’s the link to his site ATLAH MINISTRIES:


  3. Rev. Manning huh? What kind of a black man is he? Sounds more like that tap-dancing, back stabbing, crab like Bob Johnson of BET! This so childish! A bunch of bitter, democratic liberal sore losers! Sen. Obama is a christian first and foremost and “American as apple pie”! Anyone of you democrats who would even think of voting republican is a spiteful back-stabber of your own party! Clinton shouldn’t have been running for president anyway. She should have been ostracized for (1) playing the race card, (2) playing the feminist card, and (3) last but not least playing the assassination card! How dare her! Yes, it would have been nice to have a female president…BUT NOT BILLARY! No way! She is a treacherous, evil woman with a dark background, riddled with scandal after scandal and a straight up liar! What a joke. She started out well, but she and her campaign got smoked by the smarter, younger, more intelligent “Team Obama”. The DNC met, gave her the votes from Florida and Michigan that she cried and whined about and she still lost (badly). America is still, racist and bitter and this blog is clear evidence of it. And here’s the best part of it all. Senator Obama will not only win, but he will win by a total victory! A landslide! A mandate! He will make history and change the face of the nation and probably run for re-election and he may win again! Luckily, it’s only a small minority of you “so called Americans” who are so arrogant and filled with hate and are reluctant to accept change. And the reason why you folks are so mean, hateful, and bitter is because you know he is going to win and win big against Senator McCain in November. Hillary in 2012…I don’t think so. The Clintons are out. And you can blame Bill for parts of her lose. Face it folks. The new leader of the Democratic Party is Barack Obama! I know how bad it hurts some of you, but the Clinton’s reign in politics is over…period! They blew it. And as for the Rev. Manning…please!

  4. Roy, I’m not a Democrat. And why is OK for Obama to play the race card, but not Hillary?

  5. Roy is a blind, obedient Barack Obama boot licker. He is like Chris Matthews of MSNBC who says that he gets a “warm feeling in his groin” when he hears Obama read from a teleprompter.

    Anyway I think that this Rev. Manning has definitely pegged Obama correctly, why else would Obama want to see all of our money go to the Muslim nations to buy their oil instead of keeping that money in the USA. They need the money to destroy Israel and the USA and he wants to be certain that we will always need their oil by opposing drilling in America.

    So I say that I hope a lot of people are listening to Rev. Manning.

  6. I sent Rev Manning a $100 donation, his church is doing some good things; doesn’t preach hate, and helps people with getting jobs and starting up businesses.

  7. “America is still, racist and bitter and this blog is clear evidence of it.”
    One thing these Obamatons fail to understand is that voting for a candidate because he/she is black is as racist as voting against a candidate because he/she is black. Quite frankly, I could take a black candidate who isn’t a naive liberal. Alan Keyes, JC Watts, and Condoleeza Rice all seem like they would make great candidates for president.

  8. I like this Good Reverend too. He speaks from the Heart and speaks as a Christian minister, not a Marxist posing as a minister. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Although I agree with this guy’s political stuff, I somehow feel that he seems to be more into the political stuff than the Biblical stuff. I mean, in one of his vids he mentioned that Iran’s President wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, but he didn’t mention that the Bible predicted this would happen and G-d would take care of the Jewish people when it did happen.

  10. Just because someone is against Obama does not make them racisit, no one is mentioning his race, most just do not agree with his views. Obama’s campaign is constantly using the race card and bringing up race as a way to divert attention to his horriable plans and lack of experience and good judgement. Some of Obama’s closest supporters are as racisit as Hitler was, what exactly is ” the black christian movement”? We have to start focusing on getting out the democratic congress people look what they have done to help the last year and a half? Absoulutly nothing.

  11. McCain Supporter

    Roy is a very hateful follower of Obama! It is scary that Obama can lead strangers into his camp and have this “Roy” guy write such weird hateful things! Blind faith? Pure Blind! I will not vote for Obama…he is a fake on all counts. As even Obama’s mentor and controversial (hateful) Pastor Rev. Wright said about Obama “He is a politician and does what politicians do!” Rev. Manning may have completely Obama right. The trend I see from people who follow (blindly) Obama is they all have such a hate in them.

  12. Here is another video by James David Manning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If9KopxdA-I

  13. Another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQX7Awjui40
    The comments show what crazy idiots the leftists are. According to them, Bush is behind everything, including gas prices.

  14. Getting down to the important things. Let’s elect McCain, then make the Republicans get back to what they are supposed to stand for and against. They have been straying from that for last few years.
    Next, put an end to “Earmarks” forever. I didn’t realize until recently how much money is spent through these things. Here is how to put an end to them (Congress will not like it but we must MAKE them do it): Adopt a bill to the effect that every bill must have a title that succinctly states its subject and purpose, then anything in the bill, as passed and signed into law, that is not directly connected to that subject
    in line with that subject and purpose is void and of no force and effect whatever. Alabama has that and it works.

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