More On Obama’s Support of Kenyan Terrorist Leader Raila Odinga

The excellent Jerome Corsi has come out with a book called The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality. In this book, Corsi charges that Obama directly intervened in Kenya’s election of last December in favor of his terrorist cousin Raila Odinga, who wants to institute shariah law.

Corsi believes that Obama continues to support Odinga to this day.

“There is nothing on the record to indicate Obama ever withdrew his support from Odinga,” Corsi told WND, “even after Odinga signed the agreement with the Muslims in Kenya.”

Corsi said that to the contrary, Obama “appears even today to be a direct and active supporter of Odinga, as Odinga himself frequently boasts.”

Obama visited Kenya in 2006, while President Kibaki was locked in the election contest against Odinga.

The Kibaki administration objected that Odinga was using Obama’s visit to win votes. Obama’s repeated public appearances with Odinga and the senator’s almost daily criticism of the Kibaki government added to the administration’s objections.

A report by Chicago’s WBBM-TV news team, which covered Obama in Kenya, shows Obama in Kenya making statements critical of the Kibaki government.


Two separate video segments in the news broadcast document that Obama spoke at the offices of Kenya’s oldest newspaper, the Standard, where he accused the Kibaki government of suppressing freedom of speech, and at the University of Nairobi, where he accused the administration of corruption.

The WBBM broadcast noted that criticizing the Kenyan government was “something [Obama] has done almost every day since he arrived in Kenya last week.”

The news report also showed repeated clips of Odinga accompanying Obama at various speaking appearances in Kenya, so much so that the news broadcaster commented in the background that Odinga “has been at Obama’s elbow here fairly often.”

The WBBM news team also interviewed on camera Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua, who accused Obama of meddling inappropriately in Kenyan presidential politics.

Once a terror supporter, always a terror supporter.


3 responses to “More On Obama’s Support of Kenyan Terrorist Leader Raila Odinga

  1. Oh great, Jerome Corsi’s at it again, slandering up the only hope our country’s got. But, if you’re looking for a book of filthy lies and trying to figure out if Corsi’s is for you, check out the table of contents. How about Chapter 2: “If only I could smoke my own radiance.”
    See the rest here:

  2. I’ll take Jerome Corsi as President over Obama any day! And if Corsi wants to run for Senate in MA, I would gladly donate to his campaign.

    Corsi was the one that exposed John Kerry for the pinko commie traitor that he really is.

  3. More your are desinforming about Oboma, more the probability that he becomes the next present becomes very high.

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