On Obama’s Visit To Yad Vashem In Israel

By now, I’m sure you all know of Obama’s b.s. trip to Israel, and from there to Europe. But here is something the mainstream media did not really pick up from the Senator’s visit to the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

Obama left his hotel this morning, traveling in a bullet-proof limousine that was part of a nine-car motorcade. Upon arrival at Yad Vashem, Obama was greeted by Avner Shalev, chairman of Yad Vashem.

An Israeli journalist called out to Obama: “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?”

Obama walked into the museum’s main building without responding. At some point during his tour, away from the media’s fixed gaze, Obama met with the Israeli border police officer who Tuesday shot and killed the Palestinian wreaking havoc and injuring Israelis with a bulldozer outside the King David Hotel.


Once again an Israeli journalist asked the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee how he’d help prevent a second Holocaust. “Senator can you assure Israel that there will be no second Holocaust despite Iran’s threat to wipe us off the map?” he asked.

Obama demurred, saying that it wasn’t appropriate to answer the question there.

“This is Yad Vashem!” the journalist responded.

Obama said he would answer the question at a later press availability.


3 responses to “On Obama’s Visit To Yad Vashem In Israel

  1. It’s both stupid and dangerous for Israel and the Jews to expect from an empty suit, hypocrite anti-Israel like Obama to make sure that another Holocaust will not occur. Jews and Israelis need to understand that only Israel can make sure than another Holocaust will never occur. Right now, that means striking the neo-Nazis from Tehran.
    Obama as President will be a disaster for Israel and if it looks like this “community organizer” can really fool the American people into voting him in, Israel HAS TO go ahead and bomb the Ayatollahs into the stone Age, otherwise, there might not be another opportunity for a puffed up Presidential candidate to visit Yad Va’Shem.
    Stop the Radical Obama!

  2. Obama’s plan will be to ask Iran to please not send Nuculear Tipped Missels into Isreal. It is no secret the rockets fired on Israel came from Iran. It is suprising how many Jews here in Florida plan to vote for Obama, they don’t care to know the truth just want someone other than Bush in office. People need to spread the word about Obama most voters would rather put their head in the sand then learn the facts.

  3. People, just stop! Only because you are controlling half of the US, and are feeling betrayed that the next president is not a Jew, you are not discriminated. I now exactly how much jews love to protect their folk, and that is great! But so is Obama. Just because he does not do what you jews say, does not mean he is a bad guy.

    EVREYbody should calm down.

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