Jews Against Obama Challenges Jews For Obama To Public Debates

Chaim Ben Pesach, the National Chairman of Jews Against Obama, has issued a public challenge to Jews For Obama to publicly debate every week from now until the November presidential election.

In issuing the debate challenge, Ben Pesach made the following statement:

“Barack Hussein Obama is an anti-Semite who will brutally pressure tiny Israel to commit national suicide. Obama also supports Muslim terrorist Iran and the rest of the Jew-hating Islamic world.

“Obama is anti-American as well, and his pro-Muslim radical left wing policies endanger the very survival of the United States and Western civilization.

“Therefore Jews who support Obama are self-hating Jews who are working to elect an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-American president who despite all of his lying denials was in fact born and raised as a Muslim.

“We publicly call upon Jews For Obama and any other prominent Jewish Obama supporters to debate us on these subjects. Stop hiding behind the Obama-worshipping biased news media. Come out and refute any of our charges if you can in a public forum where both sides are afforded equal time to present their cases. If you refuse to debate, it will only further prove that Obama supporters are unwilling and unable to defend their candidate when presented with the truth.”

For more information on how to interview Jews Against Obama, or to arrange speaking engagements and/or debates, please contact the organization at the following e-mail address:

jews against obama at yahoo dot com


17 responses to “Jews Against Obama Challenges Jews For Obama To Public Debates

  1. Hi Uppity Woman,

    That item will definitely be on the agenda, along with everything else. I checked out the link you included. It seems that blogger Debbie Schlussel posted about that before Aaron Klein got to it. And I linked to her post the other day. So believe me, *everything* will be on the agenda.

  2. If Obama himself is afraid to debate McCain, a lib Republican, I’m betting Jews for Obama is terrified of Chaim. I don’t think they will take him up on it but lord knows I’d like to see him tear them a new one.

  3. I hate BO and wish the rest of the world would realize that he’s a communist, anti-semitic, anti-white, anti-everything. I am so tired of people fawning over him and I’m afraid that the Jewish people will weaken and think that they should vote for him because he’s black. The truth needs to be outed before he can become president.

  4. voiceofreason

    As a Jew I see no reason why jews should be against obama. I support him not because of his race, but because of his policies which i believe will help jews, muslims and christians alike. As for these lies about obama being raised muslim they are exactly that. I hope Americans will be open minded eanough to see this.

    Besides even if obama was muslim; it shouldn’t make a difference in our evaluations of his character. Not all muslims hate jews, in fact very few muslims hate jews. My synagogue took part in a program in which jewish familys had dinner with muslim familys and the islamic family we met was very kind, open minded, and accepting. They believe israel should have a two state solution just like we do. political figures should never hold stereotypes about religions, whether the religion be Judaism or Islam, it is this attitude that inspired the holocaust and this website.

    When the The reverand wright controversy came out i admit I became disenchanted with obama for a while. But obviosly if throuout his 20 years of attending that church, only that one hatefull quote was brought forward, Wrights sermons must not have contained nearly as much hate as people infer. anyway if we are going to bring guilt by assosiation into the picture we need not look very far into the right wing of the political spectrum:

    Anne Coulter, a well known repupublican said jews need to be ‘perfected’- talk about intolerance!
    not to mention the countless anti immigration mccain supporters; i believe we should make it easier for people to come to the united states as immigrants, after all this country is the great melting pot! Almost everyone in this counrtry is decended from immigrants. anybody know what group opposed immigration in the early 1900s? the KKK. My family came to this country back then, to find a better life and escape pograms. Don’t let that same ethnocentrism of the nazis and KKK prevent you from granting oppressed people today the same rights your ancestors did; the right to come to this great country.

    The point is, there are crazies behind all polititions; let’s judge obama and mccain by their positions on issues, not lies and guilt by assosiation.I agree with some things mccain has to say but obama has my vote, because he will help america stay the same great country it always has been, by refusing to torture, helping people in poverty, responsibly ending a pointless war, and allowing people to come to this country legaly more easily.

  5. To voiceofnoreason:

    It’s people like you with too much false hope of shared communal utopia (which has never worked) that will go to any step to support a Trojan horse, empty suit, packaged anticipated savior, anybody… who is not GW Bush. Facts do not matter. Turn your head away when presented with the truth, think everything is a rumor.

    You think that all negative information about BO are misinformation and lies, well as you suggest keep an open mind, and my friend, you will find out your Utopian promiser isn’t what he is cracked up to be.

  6. bernard zemsky

    This piece is a piece of crap. It could have been written by the racist, fascist Meir Kahane.

    It is sad that a group, probably orchestrated by Karl Rove, can manipulate American Jews to be pawns of the Bush-Chaney axis.

    Follow their lead and support their oil friends who support the groups that threaten and attack Israel and Jews.

    Wake up! Stop being so manipulated.

  7. TO Voice of Reason

    Your family came here legally. Can you differentiate between legal immigration and illegal immigration. Is letting people cross our borders illegally and staying in our country illegally your idea of “making immigration easier?”

    And when your family came here they assimilated. Good for them.
    Today’s illegal immigrants do not care to assimilate, much less pledge allegiance to their new adopted country. What we have now is not a melting pot….it’s a tossed salad. It will bring our country down.

  8. Rabbi Kahane was a great man!

  9. Voiceofreason: What you say sounds nice, but let’s consider several things:
    1. You never mentioned how Obama’s policies will help Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Also, Obama has said that he will stand with the Muslims no matter where the political winds turn.
    2. “Besides even if obama was muslim; it shouldn’t make a difference in our evaluations of his character.” Alright, let’s evaluate Obama’s Character. After all, it’s only fair. Obama opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, an act that would protect human beings born at any stage of development. However, Obama is so pro-choice that he opposed that bill. Also, let’s consider the fact that he’s said of Jeremiah Wright, “I can’t disown him anymore than I can disown the black community. I can’t disown him more than I can disown my white grandmother.” Interesting what he’s told us about her. “A woman who helped raise me, and also a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street.” He’s also said, “It’s not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity, she doesn’t. But she is a typical white person.” If McCain had this black, I don’t know, uncle who ate too much, and then remarked later on, “I’m not saying he was a glutton, but he is a typical black person,” he’d get in trouble for it. Also, I do recall him saying later on that he had “disowned Jeremiah Wright.”
    3.”Anne Coulter, a well known repupublican said jews need to be ‘perfected’- talk about intolerance!”
    Quite frankly, not all Republicans or even Conservatives agree with her. Being a Gentile myself, (and a Christian) I don’t think what she has said is as harsh as the things some Muslims have said about Jews, Muhammad himself told his followers that they should not take Jews or Christians as friends.
    4. “Anti-immigration”. If that’s what you think of conservatives, then immigration is where I’m not a conservative. I think what they really oppose is illegal immigration. They come here looking for better lives and then people take advantage of them, either giving them low wages that are too low to give to US citizens, or they end up getting caught up in prostitution and such.

  10. Oh, and what I mean by they is illegal immigrants.

  11. And bernard zemsky, you could at least be polite and mature, like voiceofreason was.

  12. this sounds like anti irish rhetoric, obama’s color maybe dark, but it is the irish that raised him, maybe the cross is what historically the jews against obama fair the mostsince obama is a christian, and since it is equated with the crusades and jesus, for it cannot be his dark color, for the original israeli are blackskin the color of sem (shem). Most americans are not antisemitic, if you read the scriptures, in it is says, that God will protect Isreal, as long as Isreal abides by Gods laws, right now the state of isreal is secular abiding by the laws of man, Jews against Obama, should be more worried about what God can do to a disobediant Isreal and not what man can do. God says as long as Isreal obeys, God said, that God will protect Isreal. And all of the christians know this, and the muslim know this to. The state of Isreal when it abides by the laws of God, can be a shining light to the World. One of the commandements is to treat the stranger that lives amongs you good, thus, this commandment can solve the crisis between, the state of isreal and palestine, another commandment is thou shall not covet, thus no more land grabing and water grabing, Obedience to Gods laws is the answer to all problems, not websites instigating debates and division between two canidates, America is one nation under God, Jews against Obama is trying to make it two nations under God, thats not obeying God, for both canidates are American, so let them run a healthy race, without interference from instigators who try to influence the way americans vote, thereby interfering with the democratic process, let mccain and obama run a healthy contest and may the best man win.

  13. I don’t see how they’re trying to divide America. How is trying to prevent the candidate that is further from God’s law from winnning trying to divide America?

  14. Did you hear about the interviews of John McCain and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church? (The leftist media didn’t go into it very much, so not as many people know about it.) Why? Obama didn’t do as well as John McCain. Obama did a lot of stuttering, and McCain gave straightforward answers. Furthermore, Rick Warren asked them the same quesitons. (Well, McCain got a few more because he answered more quickly, but Rick tried to be as unbiased as he could.) When he asked Obama about the three wise people he would rely on, he said he would rely on his wife and grandmother. When McCain had to answer the question, he said he would rely on General Petraeus (for military matters), a civil rights leader I forgot the name of (for civil rights and related issues), and an E-bay CEO (for advice in the economic crisis).

  15. voiceofreason

    Jknight98 and others, i see where you are coming from on alot of your points. I Thank you for being courteuos in your response.I have no problem with people who choose to vote for or against Obama baised on the issues; my problem is with people who evaluate candidates based on soundbites and rumors, which unfortunately is what this site is solely devoted to.
    i will try to respond to all of your points.

    6eye, i agree that one should not dissmiss all conspiracies that they hear of as rumors, but we cant trust all dirt dug up during the campaign season without evidence. After all wasn’t Mccain wrongfully accused of having a vietnamese lovechild during his campaign? We cant pick and choose which unsubstansiated claims to believe, we must give all candidates the benefit of the doubt untill proven otherwise.

    Al Cinamon, I do believe immigrants should come to this country leagaly, and illeagal immigration should be halted. Illeagal immigrants are being exploited as Jknight98 said “They come here looking for better lives and then people take advantage of them, either giving them low wages that are too low to give to US citizens, or they end up getting caught up in prostitution”
    The immigration system is broken, if these people could come to this country legaly more easily the problems listed above could be fixed. you said
    “And when your family came here they assimilated. Good for them.
    Today’s illegal immigrants do not care to assimilate, much less pledge allegiance to their new adopted country. What we have now is not a melting pot….it’s a tossed salad. It will bring our country down”
    I cannot even begin to say how much i dissagree with this. Obviosly my family did not compeatly assimilate or else we would not still be jewish, i think there is sothing to be said for retaining our culture, don’t you? Todays immigrants come here to work, if they hated America as you suggest they would not have come.

    1) There are many reasons I believe obamas policies will help people of all religious denominations; one of the main ones is his stance on education. I believe a strong public education is one of the main things that seperates democracy from the caste system. It gives each child an equal oppurtunity to suceed regardless of the wealth of thier parents. Obama is critical of the no child behind act, and he should be. Although it may be well intentioned, this legislation results in poor failing schools losing their funds, leaving the children who attend them in worse positions than before.The free market is a great thing, but the education of our children should not balance upon it.
    2) if you choose to vote against obama based on his positions on abotian do so, just dont vote against him because of guilt by assotiation and out of context soundbytes. A healthy democracy requires we choose representitives seriosly, based on serious issues.
    3) I admit, i should not make generalizations about conservatives, the point of bringing anne coulter into this was to show that you cant judge a candidate solely by the people around them.
    4) We obviosly agree on this, so my only argument is that if you feel this way you should vote against extreme conservatives like Al Cinamon who obviosly oppose all forms of immigration and cultural diversity.

  16. Catholics lie to get what they wante, but underneath do anything to advance global feudal peasant fascism, which is why they yearn to canonize their nazi pope and abide Pio Nino’s stricture against democracy, even if they unite with muslims and confucians.

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