More On “Republican” Obama Supporter Rita Hauser

Via Debbie Schlussel

It turns out that one of the Republicans backing Obama, Rita Hauser, is also Jewish. She is on Masada2000’s S.H.I.T. list (self-hating, Israel threatening Jews). And boy is she UGLY! Here’s what the Masada2000 people have to say about her:

Hauser, Rita One of the “Stockholm Five” who secretly met with PLO leader and murderer of Jews, Yasser Arafat. Her “conversion” is so typical of so many ego-centric, approval-driven know-it-all butt-inskys. . It seems J.A.P. Hauser was opposed initially to the PLO but gradually became the spearhead for legitimizing Arafat. (It must have been “His Ugliness’s Arabian charm… far in excess of Mr. Hauser’s.) This resulted in the greatest historical defeat for Israel, when she took a delegation of leftists to Stockholm to meet Arafat. She later explained that she was an atheist with no Jewish education. In that she became typical for some of the “leaders” who surfaced during the leftists’ onslaught against a strong Israel. People who in the past would be dismissed as alienated and indifferent to the fate of Jews became spokesmen and even took it upon themselves to speak for the Jewish people in the White House. It was this encouragement or the lack of opposition by such Jewish “leaders” that the U.S. government finally took the plunge and okayed the dialogue with the PLO.

Her unsolicited meddling on behalf of the Jewish State led to the Oslo Peace Accords and the resulting murder of more than 1,400 Jews! But this lady is not through with Israel yet, in fact, not by a long shot. On a Oct.14, 2003 C-SPAN2 speech, she told her audience, “It’s a moral duty to speak out against Israel” followed by “The Oslo Process was the best thing that ever happened to Israel!” … “a joyous moment.”


4 responses to “More On “Republican” Obama Supporter Rita Hauser

  1. Did you hear about the interviews of John McCain and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church? (The leftist media didn’t go into it very much, so not as many people know about it.) Why? Obama didn’t do as well as John McCain. Obama did a lot of stuttering, and McCain gave straightforward answers. Furthermore, Rick Warren asked them the same quesitons. (Well, McCain got a few more because he answered more quickly, but Rick tried to be as unbiased as he could.) When he asked Obama the three wise people he would rely on, he said he would rely on his wife and grandmother. When McCain had to answer the question, he said he would rely on General Petraeus (for military matters), a civil rights leader I forgot the name of (for civil rights and related issues), and an E-bay CEO (for advice in the economic crisis).

  2. Oh, and have you been watching the Olympics? The media’s criticism of the Chinese government shows their obvious bias in favor of Obama. They mention how the Chinese Government lied by picking a pretty girl to do the lip-synching but didn’t mention the actual singer, but they don’t mention how Barack Obama has contradicted himself. For example, one minute he says he didn’t hear anything controversial from Mr. Wright’s pulpit, the next moment he says he did. They challenge the claim that the girls on the Chinese Women’s Olympic Team are a year or two below age minimum of 16, but they don’t consider the possibility that Obama isn’t actually 35, the age minimum for the Presidency. I mean, he looks like he could be 5 years younger.
    Strangely enough, both the Chinese Government have Socialist views.

  3. 14 year old dude

    Yes, she’s ugly. But that’s irrelevant, because I never wanted to date her anyway. Also, Mother Teresa isn’t attractive either.

  4. Interesting. Would liberal Jews have married Jezebel if she had a “D” next to her name?

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