Jimmy Carter To Speak At Democratic National Convention

Obama just can’t seem to mask his anti-Semitism. Yet liberal Jews continue to endorse him despite that almost all his advisors are pro-fakestinian and hostile to Israel. So I just wonder if they’ll continue to give their idol as pass being that former president Jimmy Carter will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention.


11 responses to “Jimmy Carter To Speak At Democratic National Convention

  1. What Jimmy Carter has done to my generation of Jews is breathtaking in the scope of it’s viscious assault on every single Jew in the world. Even some of the most Liberal of Jews are finally and reluctantly, realizing that any attack on Israel is an attack on them. Sorry folks, that is just the way it goes.

    First they attack abstract ideas like land ownership and then they will always, ALWAYS, start looking at Jews here in USA and start attacking our so-called “power” in press and international banking. Jimmy Carter certainly did do that in his book.

    Sadly, it really does not matter how an American Jew feels about Israelie treatment of it’s Arab citizens, or how poorly the Palestinian population was matriculated into Israel way back when. We are all learning about primative anti-semetism at it’s worst. It is, bizarre for some Jews to be able to welcome support from the evangelical sector. Yet I learned that these people, even tho I do not understand all of their beliefs well, and have never in my wild dreams thought I would be defending them — well that is the way it is playing out. I do feel that the Republicans right now, are much friendlier to Jews. The mega churches many of them attend are also interested in learning more about Israel and the history of their lord, Jesus, who was a Jew.

    What is going on right now is a baffeling mystery but so was Germany in W.W.II. To confound matters worse, there is one liberal icon, whom I won’t name, a man who I totally want to see President some day. Over at a website that supports his name and talents is a group of people who buy into the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory and the Denial of the Holocaust that goes with that theory. I was very saddened this morning, to read, amonth the letters of people who want him to speak at the convention, anti-semetic support for Carter and so much more. When I look at the personal history of this man, I realize how stupid it looks for these bigots to be supporting “him”, but that is the way it’s playing.

    I have serious concerns about what Bush has done in his eight years, however he did surround himself with many Jews and we can’t say he was not a friend to Israel. I have lots of reservations about McCain, I feel he really is inconsistent, there seems to be a huge base of people who are just so “passionate” about Obama, that I fear for McCaine if he should win. Our country is going through a demoralizing time. We need a leader whom everbody finds to be charismatic and not be a nation set for a Civil War, like we are now.

    Good luck in making more Jews aware of who they are!

  2. Here is a the new anti-obama video popular among conservatives – and the 52th most viewed on Youtube in News and Politics today :

  3. What’s with that makeup on Obama? And his lips look blue!

  4. CNN’s story last night 8-25, on Obama’s 1/2 brother, George, was incredibly disturbing. I am a Democrat and to be honest, I found it sickening. Seeing that young man struggle to survive the slums of Nairobi begs the question: How can we believe Obama will keep his promises to us when he won’t even help his own family?

    Barack has known his 1/2 brother since the kid was 2 years old!! It’s not like he didn’t know he existed. What, Barack couldn’t spare $100 a month? Especially for someone living in Nairobi where the price of a latte feeds a family of 4.

    No, it is Barack’s 1/2 brother, George, the one living in horrible poverty in a shack with a dirt floor and a rag for a front door who helps the family, not the millionaire Senator Barack Obama who lives in an upper class Chicago suburb and wears Italian designer suits. Even though Barack tells you and me he’ll help the poor. Brother George knows that isn’t true. They say charity begins at home. I guess Barack doesn’t think so. Maybe we’re electing the wrong Obama. It seems brother George has more integrity.

    Los Angeles

  5. I completely agree with you, Daniel. He has done nothing for his half brother, or even his grandmother, who also lives in poverty in Kenya. But he wants Americans to pay another $2,500 in taxes to support Africa. What a hypocrite.

  6. what right-wing trash. You make me ashamed to be a jew. Okay you don’t, because I know the vast majority of jewish voters will vote for obama, because our history of fighting for justice and equality won’t be sidetracked by a man’s name or the color of his skin – it wasn’t when jews provided more than half of the funding for the civil rights movement and it won’t now.

  7. Libtards like you Andy, give Jews a bad name. I’m sure you would elect Yasser Arafat for President if he only had a “D” next to his name.

  8. This is a racist web site. I am a proud Jew who supports Barack Obama. Racist trash like this web site is a disgrace to the Jewish tradition. So are the lies perpetuating these pages.

  9. B. Goldberg, you sound delusional. Go back to sucking up to your messiah, not that it will get you anything.

  10. Can you say LaShon HaRa? You do not know the facts—please keep them to yourself before you condemn another individual. This is not political–I would say the same to you if you defaced McCain personally. Well we are in Elul—Maybe some Shlichot is in order for all of us

  11. Len, exactly what part of my posts are Lashon Hara? I back up whatever I write with links. Furthermore, I have every right to express my dislike of a man who surrounds himself with domestic terrorists, and supporters of Arab terrorism. That’s not Lashon HaRa.

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