Joe Biden In Bed With Iranian Mullahs

Barack Obama has admitted that he would negotiate with Iran with no preconditions. So it’s only natural that he would pick as his running mate, a Senator who is in bed with Iranian Mullahs.

Kaveh Mohseni, a spokesman for the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran, calls Biden “a great friend of the mullahs.”

He notes that Biden’s election campaigns “have been financed by Islamic charities of the Iranian regime based in California and by the Silicon Iran network,” a loosely-knit group of wealthy Iranian-American businessmen and women seeking to end the U.S. trade embargo on Iran.

“In exchange, the senator does his best to aid the mullahs,” Mohseni argues.

Biden’s ties to pro-Tehran lobbying groups are no secret. But so far, the elite media has avoided even mentioning the subject.

Just recently, Biden was one of 16 U.S. senators who voted against a bill that would add Iran’s Revolutionary Guards corps to the State Department’s list of international terrorist organizations, because of its involvement in murdering U.S. troops in Iraq.

Rather than sanction those in power in Tehran, Biden and Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel have argued that the United States should offer Tehran a greater role in Iraq’s domestic affairs.

At a March 2002 conference in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the American-Iranian Council (AIC), Biden made the case for closer U.S. ties to the government of Iran. “I believe than an improved relationship with Iran is in the naked self-interest of the United States of America,” Biden said.


Biden’s ties to the pro-Iranian regime lobby are not a haphazard affair, but a matter of conviction.

Biden told Boston Globe columnist H.D.S. Greenway in 2005 that the United States should address Iran’s “emotional needs” and conclude a “nonaggression pact” with the Tehran regime.

“Senator Joseph Biden said that even if Iran was a full democracy like India, it would want nuclear capability, like India. What the world needed to address was Iran’s emotional needs, he said, with a nonaggression pact,” Greenway wrote.

Biden hasn’t shied from asking wealthy Iranian-Americans with known sympathies for the Tehran regime for campaign cash.

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2 responses to “Joe Biden In Bed With Iranian Mullahs

  1. Thanks. When I had seen these videos
    , I began to wonder why Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as running mate. I began to wonder even more when I found out Obama’s approval ratings dropped when he named his VP pick.

  2. Of course, flaming liberals will sit and listen to all the garbage being spewed out of the mouths of these haters of Christian America! I think their liberal minds are numbed by radical Iranian rhetoric. Its like trying to appease a angry pit bull with a nice dog biscuit? “Oh pardon me, he bit one of you’re fingers off!” Smile. Ask the actor, Sean Penn, he knows all about this kind of crap!

    Allan P Small
    Lowell, MA

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