Third Jews Against Obama Press Release


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JEWISH ACTIVISTS: IF OBAMA IS ELECTED, MUSLIM TERRORIST IRAN WILL DEVELOP NUCLEAR BOMBS, a national grassroots organization, charged that the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency would enable Muslim terrorist Iran to create nuclear bombs, a development that would “gravely endanger” the United States, Israel and the Western world.

“If Barack Hussein Obama is elected president, there is no chance that the U.S. Air Force will be ordered to destroy Muslim terrorist Iran’s nuclear bomb-making program. And Obama will also pressure tiny Israel not to destroy the Iranian nuclear terrorist facilities. Since a decisive military strike from the air is the only realistic hope of stopping Iran from completing its nuclear terrorist program, this means that an Obama presidency will lead directly to a nuclear-armed terrorist Iran,” said Chaim Ben Pesach, the Chairman of

“If Muslim terrorist Iran gets its hands on nuclear bombs, then every other Muslim nation in the Middle East will develop or acquire nuclear weapons as well. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and other Muslim nations will get nuclear bombs, leading to a massive nuclear arms race in the Muslim world. Since all of these Islamic countries sponsor a myriad of Muslim terrorist organizations, there is no doubt that Muslim terrorists will also get their hands on nuclear weapons. This will lead to a Muslim terrorist nuclear holocaust against the United States and/or Israel,” Ben Pesach added.

“Therefore, if we do not destroy Muslim terrorist Iran’s nuclear bomb-making program before it is too late, we are literally committing national suicide. And if Barack Hussein Obama is elected, that is exactly what will occur,” Ben Pesach concluded. plan an intensive grassroots campaign aimed at reaching millions of voters with this message between now and election day. The voters will be reached through appearances on television and radio talk shows, and mass emails on the internet.

Although the founders of are Orthodox Jews, the organization is open to anyone who wishes to help. In fact, most of the organization’s members are not Jewish. spokesmen are available for interviews and can be reached at the email address listed above.

16 responses to “Third Jews Against Obama Press Release

  1. Finkelstein, Alan N.

    I believe the alarmist rhetoric I read about Obama is a crock and empty.

  2. Oh, so Obama has some kind of obligation to the jews/Israel?
    Where, pray, did that come from? Certainly not from his WASP voters.

    No, the real reason is that there is a significant number of people who don’t want peace in the Middle-East and whose sole objective in life is to eliminate the man they see across the border.

  3. realitycheck

    If Iran having the bomb is such a big threat (and it is) then why has the current administration not bombed them already?

  4. Smirking Man, I think don’t think the U.S. should have any obligation to Israel, and I’m against all foreign aid. I just think Israel should take out Iran’s nuclear reactor like they did with the one in Iraq. All I want is for the U.S. is stop tying Israel’s hands behind her back.

    As for the significant number of people in the M.E. who don’t want peace, that would be the fakestinians and the Arab rogue states, who don’t want any Jewish country in their midst despite the fact that they already have 66 countries to call their own.

  5. jtfdotorg – You say “[…] I think don’t think the U.S. should have any obligation to Israel […]”. But then you state ” I just think Israel should take out Iran’s nuclear reactor […] I want is for the U.S. is stop tying Israel’s hands behind her back.
    Pally – it doesn’t work like that. The short comings of your statement are more bountiful than the statement itself.

    The United States of America is based on, and obligated to spread democracy worldwide – Israel is the only democracy in that region. If we do not support democracy, who will?

    RealityCheck: I do believe you need one of your self-described name. To ask such a rhetorical question speaks volumes of your inaptitude to fully understand foreign affairs – you must work in the Obama camp.

  6. Keep spreading the truth, and continue to hold those in power accountable. We need sites like this- Thanks!

  7. Wow ignorance is bliss………is there a shovel around here I can scoop this garbage up with?

  8. With all due respect, Zion Lion, I think foreign aid hurts Israel in the long run. First off, with all that money, Israel is obligated to purchase American made weapons. Furthermore, that money comes with strings attached. America can say, “Look, we give you billions in foreign aid, and we’ll take it away unless you negotiate with the fakestinians and give up more of your land.” Israel is known for her high tech companies. So I don’t see why that country couldn’t produce her own weapons.

    Also, the United States is not obligated to spread democracy worldwide. I hope you were being sarcastic with that comment. No matter what President Bush says, no Islamic country will ever become a Jeffersonian democracy or a representative republic. Islam is not just a religion. It’s a political system as well.

  9. At least there is some intellegiance on this board than just the ignorant ones….I couldn’t agree with you more Jtfdotrog,

    “Also, the United States is not obligated to spread democracy worldwide. I hope you were being sarcastic with that comment. No matter what President Bush says, no Islamic country will ever become a Jeffersonian democracy or a representative republic. Islam is not just a religion. It’s a political system as well.”

    We are NOT obligated to spread democracy…if anything maybe it is to keep the peace, but we’ve lost the respect of allies and neutral countries when it comes to voicing our displeasure now, say for instance, the Russia vs. Georgia conflict though the world is now seeming to side with Georgia but right now we’re the bully on the block!

  10. Zion Lion: Actually, the USA was founded on the principles of “no entangling alliances”.

  11. I should also add that Jews who constantly demand more foreign aid for Israel are giving the America First types more anti-semitic ammo. Israel is a First World country with a booming high tech sector. Therefore, they’re more than capable of making their own weapons.

  12. Alanrebod, you’re right.

    I also believe that being dependent on foreign oil is a big entangling alliance, which needs to be stopped.

  13. Israel is an ally of the USA and they should do whatever they can to help protect them. If the USA does not police the world than all they are doing is making themselves vulnerable to attack. I agree that electing Obama would be bad for the USA and the world.

  14. Pamela Perskin

    I am at a loss to understand the Republican’s choice for president or vice-president in this critical election.

    Although I am very sorry for the terrible experience John McCain suffered as a prisoner of war, since when does being a prisoner for 5 years qualify one for the presidency?

    How is it that McCain is rallying the party to “throw the bums out” when the Republican party and McCain himself ARE the bums. The answer to hostility is not war and killing. It is negotiation, cooperation, and real collegiality. And the way to restore America’s promise is not to enrich those who are already enjoying life at the top of the food chain, but to increase opportunities for others to share the wealth by increasing the minimum wage, valuing work and the worker, improving the quality of public education and providing higher education to those who want it. We have a duty to our fellows and must take action to be sure everyone has access to good medical treatment, and no one has to live on the streets. This is supposed to be a great country. We can’t allow people here or anywhere to go to bed hungry. We can feed them and educate them and raise them up. Or we can continue on our current path and breed tomorrow’s revolutionaries.

    And what’s with the nomination of Sarah Palin? Did the Republicans think that anyone with boobs would satisfy Hillary Clinton supporters? They are clearly out of touch with feminist concerns. I didn’t support Hillary Clinton because she was a woman. I supported her because she was a smart, savvy, creative, energetic woman who shared many of my values and concerns. My duty as a citizen is to vote for the best candidate, not a preferred gender.

    I am listening right now to MSNBC which is broadcasting another of Sarah Palin’s versions of how she governed Alaska and said “thanks but no thanks” for the bridge to nowhere. By now, everyone with a brain should know that she’s lying in her teeth, yet she continues to repeat her lies without apology and the lemmings who applaud her just eat it up.

    I was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, but have now embraced the Democratic ticket headed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I have dreamed of the day that the United States would elect a woman or a person of color to the presidency. To me, it is a measure of how far we have come as a civilized society. Joe Biden is a particular hero of mine and I imagine of women everywhere. And I am enthralled by Barack Obama’s intelligence and imagination. We have, for the past eight years, reduced the American presidency to a punchline. We can only restore our reputation as a free and open society if we elect a president who is not a “good old boy” and who is, instead, a person of intelligence, vision, and promise.

    Just as McCain touts his victory over adversity, so too can Barack Obama make the claim that he is a survivor. He survived a tumultuous childhood with a single mother, absent father, and a hostile world where he was unsure of his true place. His journey speaks to his perseverance, grit, and character. He can truly be a beacon of hope and an inspiration for the fulfillment of America’s promise.

    I am appalled at how much America of today resembles Germany of 1936. As a woman, a Jew, a mother, grandmother and citizen, I am frightened at a future with Sarah Palin and John McCain at America’s helm. I hope to God that Americans have more sense than to repeat the mistakes of the past two national elections and go for substance over sound bites.

    I will work for Senator Obama’s election and hope that America comes to its senses and votes for the best candidate, the best choice for our country.

  15. Fore Warned is Fore Armed, America!

    Get worried Americans. Get scared. America is the object of desire by a ruthless, vicious, dangerous, and very, very rich group of Obama supporters who remain in the shadows.

    While Americans have been focused upon enjoying their American way of life for the last 20 or so years, our enemies have been diligent. There is no doubt in my mind that they have been plotting to steal America one way or the other. What better way than by infiltrating the very system that makes us great—politics. Make a Muslim socialist the president. I don’t doubt for one second that Obama has been chosen to run for president when the first Muslim paid for Obama’s Harvard education. I also believe Obama is not a leader but a puppet. They have been grooming him since his early school days. They have poured millions into creating him. They will do what ever is necessary to make him president. They want America.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will win even though he will not be elected by votes. They will tamper with the electoral vote. They will tamper with the popular vote. He and his supporters will win at any price. No one should be surprised now or when it happens since Obama already has a track record of doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. First there is Acorn. Then there is Alice Palmer, Hilary Clinton, (stole the delegate votes), when Reverend Wright became a liability he threw him to the wolves. The list of Obama sacrificial lambs is long and scary. The worst has already begun. As much as I want McCain/Palin to win—As much as I believe the American voters will choose McCain/Palin over Obama, I fear the secret powers behind Obama will steal the election and declare Obama the winner. The legal system will convolute the facts to make it legal.

    Our only hope at this time is to take Obama out of the race now.

    More than half of the whopping $426.9 million Barack Obama has raised has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won’t disclose. Unlike the McCain campaign, which has made its complete donor database available online, the Obama campaign has not identified donors for nearly half the amount he has raised, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Eight watchdog groups have asked both campaigns for more information on small donors, The Obama campaign never responded, whereas the McCain campaign “makes all its donor information, including the small donors, available online. America sends hundreds of Billions of dollars to Muslim countries for our oil. Apparently hundreds of millions of dollars are finding their way back here to elect their pawn. Remember the survey of how all the Muslim countries want Obama to win the election. … AND, foreign Muslim fund raising has been actively bringing in millions more for Obama. Obama does not want any opposition, so he already is trying to stop Freedom of Speech, with the NRA. Then, to make any opposition defenseless, he wants to take away our right to bear arms. Next, he wants a Civil National Security force to put down any oppositioin. The Muslim ‘caliphate’ of infiltrating and taking over America from within has already begun. Furthermore, Obama wants to defang our military … send Billions overseas … meet with Islamic terrorist leaders … and further weaken our country in the international community. If Obama gets elected, America will become a third world country, with no way to defend itself.

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