Chabad Rabbi Of Alaska Praises Sarah Palin

Hat tip: Roadwarrior

What a difference between this young woman and Barack Obama, who has surrounded himself with domestic terrorists, and supporters of Arab terrorism! Now if only Jews would stop fixating on abortion, which is allowed in Jewish law only to save the life of the mother.

Alaska– In light of recent media reports attempting to connect Republican VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin with controversial historian and Nazi sympathizer Pat Buchanan, VIN News has learned that the Alaska governor has demonstrated strong support for Alaska’s Jewish community. In particular, Gov. Palin signed a resolution in June of 2008 recognizing Israel’s 60th anniversary and the unique relationship between Alaska and the Jewish State, especially the fact that Alaska Airlines played a critical role in the rescue of 40,000 Yemenite Jews in 1948 and 1949.

Chabad of Anchorage’s Rabbi Yosef Greenberg had this to tell VIN News:

“Gov. Palin signed this resolution in the presence of Alaska’s Jewish community leaders. This bill was orchestrated by members of the Alaska Legislation and heavily supported by Speaker of the House, Representative John Harris…

Gov. Palin has established a great relationship with the Jewish community over the years and has attended several of our Jewish cultural gala events. Gov. Palin also had plans to visit Israel with members of the Jewish community, however, for technical reason, the visit has not occurred yet.

I was personally impressed by Gov. Palin’s remarks of hope and faith when she gave birth to a child with special needs. We all feel that the Governor is a remarkable, energetic, and good person.


13 responses to “Chabad Rabbi Of Alaska Praises Sarah Palin

  1. I don’t how to tell you this but she was a Buchanan supporter.Pat Buchanan hates Israel and Jews.The lies ain’t gonna work.Try again.

  2. Well good gov. Palin is for the Jew
    Maybe the Gov. understands what is going on with the Jews.
    That is in her favor.

  3. I guess you didn’t read the first sentence.Gov.Palin IS AGAINST THE JEWS.She was a former Buchanan for president supporter.Rat Buchanan hates Jews more than Admadinjah.Everthing on this site is a lie.If it was real Sean Klannity would have used it already, and you know how he hates black people.You could vote for the person that helps Jews or you could vote for the former anti-semitic Buchanan supporter who fingers would be a heart beat away from the red button.Go ahead I dare you.

  4. Sorry Kid.

    I’ll believe a Chabad rabbi over Robert Wexler any day. That even she went to in the 90’s was not a Buchanan event, but a fundraiser for Alaska Republican Jerry Ward. FEC records show that she never donated a cent to Buchanan’s presidential campaign. She was, however, involved with Steve Forbes’ campaign, being that she voted for the guy and not Buchanan.

    Furthermore, she belongs to the Assembly of G-d church, and they’re known to be pro-Israel. She also signed a resolution in support of Israel during that country’s 60th anniversary.

  5. It’s too bad most Jewish women aren’t like Gov. Palin!!! All the JAPS do is complain & demand!!! Gov. Palin is a modern day frontier’s women, much like the chlutzim in Israel!!! Could you imagine a JAP hinting & fishing??????

  6. I like Sarah Palin and I agree with you about JAPS. I went to school with them and I know what you’re talking about. However, I disagree about one thing. Judaism prohibits the hunting of animals. We have rules on how animals should be slaughtered as humanely as possible. Killing animals for sport is a no no.

  7. Maybe if you hunted for food instead of for sport…I agree that animals shouldn’t be killed for sport because we should be good stewards of God’s creation, but there should be a way for hunters to humanely kill animals…but then again I’ve never done it.

  8. …I agree that animals shouldn’t be killed for sport because we should be good stewards of God’s creation, but there should be a way for hunters to humanely kill animals…but then again I’ve never done it.

    As I see it, killing anything for sport is a slippery slope as it makes people value life less. In Judaism, there are special rules on how to slaughter an animal as humanely as possible. If those rules aren’t followed, then the animal is not kosher.

  9. You added someting prenthetically that was uncalled for.
    You said, “… which is not exactly condoned by Jewish law.”

    If you mean the abortion is “only to save the mother’s life”,
    then say that. Otherwise don’t make wild calls regarding
    the Code of Jewish Law.

    This comment has nothing to do with supporting Obama –
    that jerk is an abomination.

  10. Call me ignorant but what does prenthetic mean?

  11. NO, she is not a buchannan supporter.

    chabad supports sarah and so do I!!!!

  12. also, it appears that palin has jewish ancestry. both of her parents may have been jewish, but, due to lack of education and assimilation, became xn.

    this should be clarified…. i don’t know if it’s been verified.

    nonetheless, if chabad supports her, that means alot to the jewish community.

    and i don’t mean the liberal/lefties who self righteously
    re-interpret the torah for their own agendas

  13. Jerry Hersch

    Was it not the families who founded the Alaska Independece Party which sarah Palin embraces so wholeheartedly the same folks who railed against misfit Jews settling in Alaska when in 1940 it was the last possible refuge for Jews fleeing Hitler

    Follow the history of these outspoken anti-Jewish families

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