Saudi Arabians Back Barack Obama

What will it take to wake up the liberal Jews who are practically married to the Democratic Party? I don’t think anything can cause them to stop worshipping their idol, the DNC. After all, one of the main pillars of liberalism, in my view, is that you can’t make judgments about a person based on who he associates with, or those who support him. That would be, gasp, making generalizations, which good liberals would not be caught dead doing.

( Saudi Arabians, including expatriates, are backing Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.

According to the Arab News, which describes itself as the Arab world’s leading English daily newspaper, the reasons for Saudi support of the rookie senator range from his being black to his middle name being Hussein, which has led many Saudis to believe he is a Muslim. Sen. Obama was born to a Muslim father, who had several wives, but the presidential candidate is Christian.
Sen. Obama was born in Kenya to a Muslim father, who had several wives, but the presidential candidate is Christian.

Arab News quoted Pakistani expatriate Mohammed Yousuf as saying, “Some believed Obama is a Muslim because of his middle name. All the blacks so far in power at various levels have shown their commitment and determination to serve the country and the world without discrimination of color and religion. However, the track record of whites has been to side with Israel rather than with Muslim countries. We now have a ray of hope in Obama.”

(Not the case with my white nationalist trolls.)

Now here are some interesting comments on the blog Gateway Pundit, that is also covering this.

Check out what commenter Joshua wrote:

Funny how Arabs in Saudi Arabia love a black man selected by a Jew that has a Jew as his campaign manager. You think they know?

I’m guessing they do and they’re betting on Taqiyya.

There is nothing unusual about these Arab racist comments and Arab bigotry, anti-semitism and looking the other way while Arab militias murdered hundreds of thousands of black Sudanese. Over 2 million have died in Sudan at the hands of Muslim leaders, yet Saudi Kings do nothing. Arabs murder, destroy, hack off limbs, rape and pillage black Africans daily in Sudan.

Bush has called in genocide, has asked the world to respond, has attempted again and again for the UN to stop the slaughter, has fought for sanctions.

Where are you King Saud? Syrian Assad? Iranian crazed Mullahs?

Here’s what Takekaze wrote:

Saudi-Arabia… the country where schoolgirls, who try to flee from a burning building, are locked into it because they’re not veiled. Thank you. Whatever such a country backs can only be garbage.


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