OT – The Great Chaimfan Fisks Buchanan

Here’s what Chaimfan posted on the JTF forum, which I am now posting here, since his commentary is spot on.

In the Opinion page of today’s Orange County Register (September 16, 2008, Local 9) is a Goebbelsian smut piece against Governor Palin (and, of course, Jews) written by the world-renowned Hitler apologist, Fag Buchanus, ys”vz. I wonder if the “impartial journalists” of the OCR would print an op-ed piece by Chaim Ben Pesach in support of Palin. Nah, I think they’d print an excerpt of Mein Kampf first–which is exactly what they did right now.

So, get ready to puke. The most disgusting thing is that Buchanus actually has the nerve to pretend to praise Palin at the end of this sick hatchet job. Once again, yimach schmo vezichro to this bloated, McDonald’s addicted walrus. (All italics, edits, and in-text notes added by Chaimfan in order to offer commentary and show what Buchanus really typed before his proofreaders edited it for him.)

Neocons Jews Have Designs On Palin

Will the neocons Jews who tutored George W. Bush in the ideology he pursued to the ruin of his presidency do the same for Sarah Palin?

Should they succeed, they will destroy her. Yet, they are moving even now to capture this princess of the Right [Chaimfan’s note: Don’t you just love the respectful tone Buchanus addresses this lady with?] and hope of the party.

At the GOP convention in St. Paul, Palin was told to cancel a meeting with Phyllis Schlafly and pro-life conservatives. McCain’s operatives said Palin had to rest for her convention speech.

Yet, the day before the address, Palin was behind closed doors with Joe Lieberman and officials of the Israeli lobby AIPAC. There, according to The Washington Post, Palin took and passed her oral exams. [What a sick, perverse, filthy animal–making a sick sexual innuendo about this pure and chaste Christian wife and mother. Words cannot describe this disgusting beast.]

“Palin assured the group of her strong support for Israel, of her desire to see the United States move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and of her opposition to Iran’s aspirations to become a nuclear power, according to sources familiar with the meeting.”

AIPAC went away happy. Spokesman Josh Block said, “We were pleased that Gov. Palin expressed her deep personal commitment to the safety and well-being of Israel.”

Heading home to Alaska to prepare for her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, Palin was escorted by Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy guru and, until March, a hired agent of the regime in Georgia.

Scheunemann’s lobbying assignment: Bring Georgia into NATO, so U.S. troops, like 19-year old Track Palin, [Is he wishing Track would be killed in action? Sounds like it to me.] will be required to fight Russia to defend a Saakashvili regime that has paid Scheunemann and his partner $730,000.

Reportedly, a phone conversation was held between Saakashvili and Palin, in which Palin committed herself to the territorial integrity of Georgia, though South Ossetia and Abkhazia have declared independence and been recognized by Moscow, which now has troops in both enclaves.

Also on Palin’s plane was Steve Biegun, formerly of President Bush’s National Security Council, and Scheunemann’s choice to tutor her. Of Biegun, Steven Clemens of the New American Foundation says, “He will turn her into an advocate of Cheneyism and Cheney’s view of national security issues.”

During her interview with Gibson, Palin often took a neocon Jewish line. Three times she said that, should Israel decide to attack Iran, the United States should not “second guess Israel’s decision or interfere.

This contradicts U.S. policy. Adm. Michael Mullen, chariman of the Joint Chiefs, has warned Israel not to attack Iran, as the United States does not want a “third front”. [He’d prefer that the “third front” take place in New York City, after his lover Ahmadinejad detonates a nuclear bomb there.]

Palin also volunteered that the Russian invasion was “unprovoked,” though Georgia attacked South Ossetia first. She followed up by saying that Georgia and Ukraine should be brought into NATO. [Ri-ight. And Poland attacked Nazi Germany too, Pat.]

Would that mean America would have to go to war with Russia on behalf of any new conflict, Gibson asked. [(sic) Surely this seventy-year-old Nazi would have learned some basic sentence structure by now. This is terrible.]

“Perhaps so,” said Palin.

Scheunemann should get a fat severance check from Saakashvili for that one. [We all know Pat keeps harping on this Scheunemann character because he thinks it’s a Jewish-sounding name.]

One ex-White House aide at American Enterprise institute, asked by Tim Shipman of the Daily Telegraph if AEI sees Palin as a “project,” replied: “Your word, not mine, … But I wouldn’t disagree with the sentiment. … She’s bright, and she’s a blank page. She’s going places, and it’s worth going there with her.”

In fairness to Palin, on issues like NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, her answers reflect the views of the man who chose her. She has no option at present but to follow the McCain line laid down by Scheunemann [the Jew].

But make no mistake. Sarah Palin is no neocon a Gentile. She is a traditionalist whose values are those of family, faith, community and country, not some utopian ideology. [Of course, the Nazi Fag Buchanus thinks all of those are the antithesis of Judaism.]

Interviewed by Alaska Business Monthly in March 2007 on the surge, Palin said, “I heard on the news about the new deployments, and while I support our president, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place.”

That is not the language of empire or “benevolent global hegemony.” [Pat obviously can barely restrain his fat Nazi fingers from typing “ZOG new world order”, and it’s killing him.]

Palin may disappoint many conservatives in the next seven weeks by having to parrot the McCain-neocon line on NATO expansion, NAFTA and a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants. [Yes, like all of those are strictly Jewish positions.] But the battle for Sarah Palin’s soul is not over. [Translation: He still thinks he can convert her to anti-Semitism].


14 responses to “OT – The Great Chaimfan Fisks Buchanan

  1. It’s not working. Obama has lost his lead among NY Women and McCain is closing in on the Jewish vote there as well. New York of all places. A Democratic bastion.

    Gawd, we women and Jews are so pesky to The One, aren’t we?


  2. kat in your hat

    from a recent NY poll:

    “Obama has had a reversal of fortunes among Jewish voters. His support has plummeted 35 points, from a lead of 50-37 to a 54-32 deficit in the new poll.”


  3. kat in your hat

    UPPITY! I didn’t see that you already posted that poll.


    I just read the story on your site and came over here, and here you are with the same news.

  4. LOL Kat. This is one of my daily blogger friends.

  5. Hi Uppity.

    Kat, welcome to my blog, and thanks for the link. I just put up a blog post about it and I hat tipped you.

  6. “What a sick, perverse, filthy animal–making a sick sexual innuendo about this pure and chaste Christian wife and mother.”
    She’s not the only one who’s taken that kind of attack. Our society doesn’t value having over 3 kids, it seems. Which is why I wish we were more like Israel in that sense.

  7. She’s not the only one who’s taken that kind of attack. Our society doesn’t value having over 3 kids, it seems. Which is why I wish we were more like Israel in that sense.

    I agree with you Jknight except for one thing. People (liberals) frown upon white women who have more than three children. A while back I read an article on National Review about one such woman in MA. Complete strangers would come up to her and ask her out of the blue how she could manage with “so many” children. Now mind you, if it was people on welfare, or illegal aliens, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of these liberals. It’s horrible!

  8. “Now mind you, if it was people on welfare, or illegal aliens, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of these liberals.”
    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t say much about illegal aliens having more than 3, but I do know welfare is something the liberals support, and that’s why they probably don’t want people to know there are women on welfare with more than 3 kids. Perhaps they’re trying to reach out to the Latino vote.

  9. The reason they don’t mind illegal aliens having lots of kids is because they worship at the altar of diversity. Besides which, if any of them dared to say something to an illegal, they would most likely be killed or seriously injured.

  10. “The reason they don’t mind illegal aliens having lots of kids is because they worship at the altar of diversity.”
    They do too much in the name of diversity. There’s nothing wrong with having immigration, but immigrants must learn the language, and must be more dedicated to this country than their old one. (The majority of Americans are descended from immigrants, so we can’t really say “native.”)

  11. Buchanan hasn’t been right in the head since he fell climbing up to the guard tower.

  12. You are all pretty lost when it comes to reality. He is not a threat to Jews. Wake up. The palin’s of this world don’t really like us. They feel we are a necessary for ascension only.


  13. You are all pretty lost when it comes to Obama. He is not a threat to Jews. Wake up. The Palin’s of this world don’t really like us. They are extremists who view us as being necessary for their ascension to heaven. Is this who you want to partner with? If so, I feel sorry for you all.


  14. What happens when a nation of pioneers who stood up to and defeated fascism turn into a nation of slouches? The answer is, look around. We allowed a group of hippy retards to go around bashing this country under the guise of “peace and love” to bring in wave after wave of filth that hated this country and the end result is.


    so many drugs that our streets, schools, colleges, towns and cities are overflowing with them. Two generations of slouches who do little but consume and look to morons to give them more. Being told to be lazy so more illegals who wave foriegn flags, chant “yes we can” in spanish while demanding rights they don’t have the right to while telling everyone else to leave, Tell me I’m in a coma and having a bad dream, please.

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