How Obama And The Donks Caused Our Financial Meltdown


10 responses to “How Obama And The Donks Caused Our Financial Meltdown

  1. Have you seen Obama’s indoctrination of children?
    I did research and it appears indoctrination happens at an early age.

  2. Man…the Democrats are playing the same old blame game, when they took a part in screwing this country. McCain better get elected, and he better fight corruption and wasteful spending (because corrupt Senators sure helped Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make this mess) or we’re going to stay screwed. Or maybe, we’ll turn socialist.

  3. Oh, and about Obama’s “Truth” Squads.
    They tried to force TV stations in Pennsylvania (I think it was that state) to stop playing this video. That doesn’t sound very American, but something that goes on in Third World or Communist nations.

  4. Someone put the video of the Obama kids song to the audio of the Communist Manifesto. Personally, I think this song fits better:
    Someone needs to wake up Obama voters from their daydream, so I feel it fits perfectly

  5. i love obama he is american man

  6. “i love obama”

    Hmm, maybe that’s the problem. Love makes people blind. Somehow Obama supporters can’t be awakened from their daydream.

  7. “he is american”

    Again, beg to differ. Reality check:
    1. Obama supports infanticide. That practice was buried in the ancient world, log before America even began.
    2. Obama is having kids sing his praises-literally. That’s what Hitler and Socialist dictators did.
    3. Speaking of socialism, Obama supports income redistribution. That makes him sound like a Socialist revolutionary.
    4. He sent “Truth” Squads to take an anti-Obama ad off the air in Ohio and Pennsylvania, which are battleground states. Problem is, everything in the ad was true. This means that he is already clamping down on freedom of speech.
    5. The ad was talking about Obama’s plan to limit gun ownership. That is not what American politicians do.

  8. 8 years of Republican rule has ruined this country. It ruined the 8 years of peace & prosperity under the watch of William Jefferson Clinton. Let’s boot these a-hole morons out of office once and for all this November. Go Dems.

  9. Let’s kick out the slimy democrats who have run the country into the ground, Republicans do not have enough votes in Congress and the House of Representatives to knock out the Democrats on different bills and laws, the Dem’s have to go. NO BAMA

  10. Good post Gazzed.

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