A Wake Up Call For Jews Still Supporting Obama

Thanks to reader Jamie Shultz, here are two videos that should wake up the Jewish Obama supporters.


13 responses to “A Wake Up Call For Jews Still Supporting Obama

  1. Kill Terrorist

    What do you expect from a muslim ? A son of muslim is muslim.

  2. Early celebrations of an Obama win:

    Slate Writer Already Celebrating Obama Election Victory
    A consensus is emerging that the next president will be Barack Obama, a Democrat.
    The campaigns themselves can’t afford to believe it. Many journalists know it but can’t say it.
    New York Times columnist David Brooks reportedly thinks Obama’s got it in the bag, too. Welcome to the New Complacency.
    It still isn’t wise for Obama to say them, but maybe the New Complacency will loosen other tongues within the political mainstream.

    I think Karl Marx had some valuable insights into capitalist economies!

    The Second Amendment does too allow government to ban handguns!

    Let’s standardize the federal age of consent at 16!

    Health care is a service, not a business!

    I don’t support the troops. I support some troops, depending on whether or not they’ve committed war crimes!

    No more wars without United Nations or at least NATO support!

    Saving the boulder darter was worth a few thousand jobs!

    If Eastern Europeans think NATO will go to war to defend them against Russia, they’re out of their minds!

    Ditto if Taiwan thinks the United States will go to war to defend it against China!

    Let’s teach evolution in Sunday school!

    The military-industrial complex is a greater menace than most foreign nations!

    If Israel isn’t out of the occupied territories in six months, we’ll cut off all aid.

    Higher gas prices are good because they make everybody bike and take public transit like they should!

    America isn’t the greatest nation in the world. We think it is only because it’s our country. Duh!

    America won’t be the world’s most powerful nation forever. And you know what? Handing that responsibility off will be a relief!

    America’s official languages should be English and Spanish!

    Judges should legislate from the bench if they want to. Conservatives do it, so why not liberals?

    I do not accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior! I don’t even believe in God!

    What’s so great about the Judeo-Christian tradition?

    Big-city values are better than small-town values!

    I’m glad the Muslims whupped the Christians during the Crusades! Served ’em right!

    We need a shorter work week!

    Employees who work more than 40 hours a week should always get overtime.

    We’re going to need affirmative action for a long time.

    We’re undertaxed. Look at Europe!

    Terrorism isn’t that big a threat to America!

    I’m not a “progressive,” for Pete’s sake. I’m a liberal!

    I’m not a “liberal,” for Pete’s sake. I’m a leftist!

    I’m not a “leftist,” for Pete’s sake. I’m a democratic socialist!

    I’m not a democratic socialist, for Pete’s sake. I’m a Communist! Just kidding!

    Let’s bring back the era of big government.

    Walter Mondale would have made an excellent president!

    It’s not enough that the top 5 percent pays 55 percent of our taxes. Why not 75 percent? Believe me, they can afford it!

    Many welfare moms kicked off the rolls by the 1986 welfare-reform bill are worse off in their crappy jobs!

    Ronald Reagan was a crummy president!

    Broad availability of gay marriage: good. Broad availability of gay divorce: better!

    You want to know why George W. Bush was a lousy president? Because he’s stupid!

    Pornography is good for your marriage because it teaches you new sexual techniques!

    The problem with public schools is private schools!


  3. This is just TOO SICK. Jewish people- G-ds PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! DONT VOTE him in!! Please- I AM BEGGING YOU- please DONT vote this moslem in, DONT let OUR children be held accountable for this mess that is coming. IT WILL BE TERRIBLE, MARK MY WORDS. IT WILL.

  4. Adrienne

  5. This is another attempt by McCain to bad mouth Obama. Obama is the best person for the job. I would rather have a muslim (if that’s what you think he is) than that radical bible thumping christian who believes in whichcraft, Palin. She is the one you should be scared of.

  6. Not left, not right - centered

    I’ve been following Gallup polls and cross-referencing them with previous elections and it’s nearly certain the next president will be Barack Obama. 🙂

  7. Not left, not right – centered

    Check Jon Zogby on 10/9; He’s a pollster who says the polls showing Obama ahead are a fix. And his own brother is a big-time Obama supporter.

  8. Yes, USUALLY a nameless, and FACELESS COWARD says the ABOVE statement… “Anonymous” IS A TERRORIST-MURDERER camel jockey himself- usually nazis & moslems LOVE each-other. But WE ALL know the TRUTH- over 400 Jewish people were MURDERED on 9-11-01. This is a FACT—– but… FOLKS….how many MOSLEMS died that day—– ponder- and THINK ABOUT IT.
    NotLeft-NotRight: You HATE America- YOU HATE the Constitution- you just want a FREE RIDE- thats ALL. COWARD and swamp leech PIG. and “Jew 4 Obama” HA HA HA…. Please- Palin into witchcraft- you know…what you see in others IS USUALLY IN YOURSELF- REPENT.

  9. Hi Paulette!

  10. Any Jews who vote for Obama are doing the same as the Jews in Germany who voted for Hitler. They are cutting their own throats. The DemocRATs have treated Jews like garbage for decades while getting the lion’ share of the Jewish vote. This time the Jewish vote for the Arab Muslim Obama will be smaller. The hardcore DemocRat voters are ones who traded their Jewish values for leftist ones.

  11. If I were the Jewish people in this country I would never vote for Obama, I think he will let Iran and Palestine take out Israel, I think those poor people have suffered enough, they must be full alert everyday of their life not knowing if they will be bombed or killed anyday.

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