Paulette Blasts “Rabbis For Obama”

Here is the great Paulette\'s latest podcast.


7 responses to “Paulette Blasts “Rabbis For Obama”

  1. Obama supporters come in two types:

    Ignorant and Willingly Ignorant.

  2. itappearstobe

  3. Attention all California voters. Vote yes on Prop 8. Vote yes on Free Speech and Marriage.

  4. Hi Mary. Texas Darlin’ does excellent work. Also, welcome to my blog.

  5. Jknight: I know about CALI- I lived there-I left right after the fires- it was so terrible. I fel for CALI so much. Mary- TXDARLING is FAB- she is a HERO. She will be remembered in HISTORY.

  6. i live in chicago, i don’t understand the obama cult at all. even when you explain to people that he blew opportunities to help the poor—-11 of rezko’s housing projects were left to fall apart in obama’s senatorial district, obama gave money for the chicago public schools to groups like acorn and money given the woods fund to anti-israel groups……they don’t want to hear it. i don’t understand all the Jews voting for Obama—-do they not care about general mccpeak and brezinski being those that Obama seeks guidance from on foreign relations? even if he is not an anti-semite—then he is a moran on who he goes to for his information and help.

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