The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama

This video is by right wing Orthodox Jewish columnist Ben Stein. Some of the information is old. But he sums everything up nicely.

Link: 'The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama'


6 responses to “The Jewish Case Against Barack Obama

  1. Obama proudly proclaims himself as Barack Hussein Obama when he registered as a member of the Illinois bar association. So why is he angry when people call him Barack Hussein Obama? See below Illinois ARDC

    ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of October 10, 2008 at 12:15:04 PM:
    Full Licensed Name: Barack Hussein Obama
    Full Former name(s): None
    Date of Admission as Lawyer
    by Illinois Supreme Court: December 17, 1991
    Registered Business Address: Not available online
    Registered Business Phone: Not available online
    Illinois Registration Status: Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law – Last Registered Year: 2008
    Malpractice Insurance:
    (Current as of date of registration;
    consult attorney for further information) In annual registration, attorney reported that he/she does not have malpractice coverage. (Some attorneys, such as judges, government lawyers, and in-house corporate lawyers, may not carry coverage due to the nature of their practice setting.)
    Public Record of Discipline
    and Pending Proceedings: None

  2. According to the NY Times today, the lies you are spreading about Obama were started by an anti-semite. I’ve pasted the link to the article below. Your sources are way way off and you really should be more careful about such Lashon Harah.

  3. David ben noah

    Indeed we should all be careful of that. Be that as it may Obama’s so called mentor is an anti-semite and Obama says he will not deny him. We must know the truth, we must know the truth, we must know the truth.

  4. Let’s face it, Neither candidate is worth the time of day and are not good for our country. We do not choose who becomes President, we just get to choose from the 2 they allow us to choose from. From the media to the delegates and conventions, local , state and national, corruption and propaganda keeps them from allowing “We The People” to regain OUR country.

    Sadly, my country does not exist anymore!

  5. Good point, Sgtphoenix.

  6. I am an a poli sci major plus my entire family were very active in the Democratic Party. Over the years I have learned that the Democratic Party is made up of extreme left wing socialist. If you seriously do any research into Socialism you will find that the socialistic political philosophy besides being left wing with transfer of wealth ideas and government controls over industry it is also very anti semitic and anti Israel. This is not made up if you do not believe me I would recommend you do some serious research into this. The left wing will not admit to it because this would lose them votes as much as they will not tell you the truth concerning their idealistic ideas of taxing the so called wealthy – JOB CREATORS into non productive people. Confront them and they will deny this is the basis of their left wing philosophy. They look at people who are wealthy as robber bearans instead of job creators. Ask youself have you ever received a job from a poor person.

    The reason JEWS vote liberal and Democratic is because they have been always for the so called little guy, the disadvantaged. This has gotten JEWS in trouble over and over again, look to again past history Germany and Russia. Jews are sucked into helping the poor person out, and then it will turn against them.
    It has done this time and time again, and with electing OBAMA and the Democrats it will happen again – just wait the Storm Troopers are Comming. They will not again appear as the Storm Troopers of the past they will come as Social Workers, School Teachers, Lawyers, and College professors, but with OBAMA and the Democrats they are coming.

    So please keep this in mind when voting, and check your history because history is doomed to repeat itself.

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