An October Surprise?

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Obama is being sued on the grounds that he’s not a natural born American citizen. The Certificate of Live Birth the Obama sent to the Daily Kos blog was a fake. Some even say that it really belonged to Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro.

Anway, this video shows Mr. Berg being interviewed on why he’s pushing forward with this suit.

What do you all think of this?


9 responses to “An October Surprise?

  1. This is an excellent video!! I believe the American people have a right to know once and for all.

  2. This text is a translation from a french text about The Presidential Campaign:

    Vote for the man who does not exist!
    By Laurent Murawiec Washington

    Laurent Murawiec, 51, geostrategy specialist of Rand Corporation think tank in Washington . He is an analyst at the Hudson Institute.

    After candidates losers like Kerry or Gore, the democrats had to find the miracle man. And Hosanna! it was Obama, senator from Illinois, providential rock star . The party was given to him as a teenager in pâmoison.

    A closer look reveals Barack is not exactly what he seems. Obama is the candidate manufactured, full of appearances, of falsehoods and lies, a chameleon-man with a biography manufactured, including all the twists and turns adjusted to the millimeter, but enterily false.

    This is called in USA, in music hall and cabaret, an impersonator, an imitator, a pretense. It is a perfect suit that conceals a man forged. Of course, to put forward this kind of candidate, he still had layers of makeup and disguise. That’s what the press is for! to force the real world to resemble the fictional universe of media, of Hollywood, of civil servants and intellectuals.

    The skeletons that are in all of Obama cupboards have never been disturbed or reviewed by the press called “mainstream”, ie the press “honorable”. While a systematic and ongoing cooperation with the far-left racist, violent and cheating, with the most extreme representatives of the Black Power, apostles of a black fascism, was demonstrated by repeated surveys, the mainstream press, the television networks have remained completely silent.

    His political career has been launched by the non-repentant terrorist Bill Ayers, of Weather Underground? Obama lies shamelessly. About Ayers: “This is a guy who lives in my street,” while the other was brought to the board of a foundation where he sits, which funds all kinds of organizations ladles to the extreme left, ACORN, now charged with electoral fraud in ten states.

    The press don’t say a word. While his political career was brood and promoted by the Democratic Organization of Chicago machine to cheat and to steal, it was funded by crook Syrian Antoine Rezko, current federal prison inmate, we do not find a word in the media.

    “Oh! I made a mistake “says he, and to be taken at their word by the press against him. His astonishing ability of megalomaniac arrogance, of an opportunism devoid of the slightest compunction, is neither noteworthy nor analyzed: Obama is a saint, a savior can not do evil. This allows him to criticize, with height, whoever the critic: “It’s a diversion! ” he exclaims, contemptuous, that no one can contradict. The issue is not raised, especially, will find no answer. Bravo to the artist, but with the complicity of the media, needed to create such immunity unprecedented in the electoral annals.

    The media cheat with polls. The TV channel MSNBC, which holds a vote, as a poll, with 80 percent of “voters” are domiciled abroad. This has enabled the MSNBC giving Obama big winner.

    The Washington Post and ABC-TV conduct a poll where 38 percent of respondents were Democrats and 28% Republicans, and where the majority of “independent” are pro-Democrats, surprise, surprise, Obama is the winner.

    Similarly, television networks present Obama as a clear-sighted, decided, when he hesitates when he is unable to recite the talking points (the paragraphs spawned by his team). Giving speeches and answers full of “code words” and empty of content, as it has assimilated remarkably Washingtonian art to recite all the files, it can claim to know whereof he speaks, while in foreign policy, with a real ignorance.

    You will tell me: you emphasize! He is brilliant graduate of Harvard! What I would point out that a university described as high-class should have written some articles in a leading journal of law which have been dated. Here, nothing, the desert.

    There are more. But he has forged a pseudo-biography in which any embarrassing matter was removed. This is the man who does not exist and request their votes to the Americans. Let us remember the 2000 presidential – Bush had not been a very diligent student, but graduated from the prestigious Yale University, but he was a drinker – the mainstream press was talking of each glass of whiskey ever swallowed. Today, the press put under the microscope every footstep of the family Palin, and is determined to find all the world lice in the head of the governor of Alaska. The media have turned into a machine to elect Obama, who is both the candidate of the Democratic Party and the Party of the Press [1].

    The unbridled outburst of the world media against the Republican candidate is part of the strategy that must ensure the victory of the dummy candidate . Any attack against him is denounced as “racist” – we can not criticize the black candidate, isnt it? Any reference to his foul past is instantly challenged – Republicans divert attention by engaging in personal attacks, “which allows, with a complicit press, to evacuate the vexatious issues.

    Obama is an image, plagiarized, of John Kennedy, but devoid of content. It depicts a man who does not exist so that everyone can project their desires in him. Obama! Obama! The warm air perfumed with euphoric that emanates from him is a hypnotic perfume. It proposes tax cuts for 95% of Americans. ” The mainstream press raptures – without knowing or remembering that 40% of those Americans do not pay taxes! Of course, all candidates support too, exaggerate, or lie a little more. But the candidate of virtual reality breaks all the records, since this avatar is accountable for anything, not even his past.

    What’s real enshrined in him is what made his career: the racist and segregationist Rev. Jeremiah Wright black (which accuses the U.S. government to have invented AIDS to exterminate blacks), the terrorist Ayers , Chicago cheaters, fraudsters of ACORN. Tell me who your friends are, I’ll tell you who you are. If he wins, Obama will made regret Jimmy Carter. He is he who has announced his intention to meet “without preconditions” Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-Il and Hugo Chavez …

    I the internal affairs, it would be the return of the nanny state, to the chagrin of the companies; of the federal state, which puts his nose everywhere, usurps the prerogatives of state and local governments and tax tax, tax.

    But facing the chameleon, McCain, with all its human thickness would not have to prevail?

    His campaign was serious but dull, and he swerved when the disastrous financial crisis erupted, has never flown in the feathers of the small competitor, during TV debates. Notably, McCain has not made skeletons of Obama an major problem, on behalf of a sense of honor and restraint, which are commendable but misplaced.

    He was afraid of being treated “racist” – which did not prevent Obama relatives to insult him-.

    McCain, when he was the rebel Republican, favors enjoyed by the mainstream press, since often opposed his own party. Since it vividly manifested its support for the Iraq war, especially since he is the Republican candidate, the press has discovered itself McCainophobe … but he does not appear to be resigned to the loss of this privileged audience .

    From this comes the timidity of some of its positions. His electorate is angry, he uses platitudes. The electorate expects the conservative offensive, it receives warm water. This is not advocacy. To be elected, McCain needs to distinguish itself – what is permissible, given his free electron – Republican mistakes and those of Bush, to report by the boldness in the proposal, which he has not done, and strike hard, which he carefully avoided.

    The gamen is not done – three weeks is a long time, especially in this long campaign marked by constant reversals. But America is not far from what would be a disaster worse than the advent of Jimmy Carter. I will soon be on what policy obamienne.


    [1] Note that when the colistier of Obama, Senator Joseph Biden, while chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate as it is, indeed, during his televised debate with Sarah Palin, the most monumental blunders. Like any say go “with the French when we ejected Hezbollah of Lebanon” (2006) …

    Or, speaking of the financial crisis, he says without warning: “In 1929 President Roosevelt made a televised speech …”, confusing the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the election of Roosevelt in November 1931, and forgetting, in same time as television, in 1929, did not exist.

    Hey! Well, instead of to balk, as they have done at any mistake of Palin, journalists do not say!

    FRANCE FOR John McCain

  3. Welcome to my blog Luc, and Kate. You’re welcome to forward the video to everyone you know. Or just link to this post by clicking on the title.

  4. Republican Jewish Coalition Hits Obama on JEREMIAH WRIGHT In Ad & Obama Has Democrat Surrogates Withdraw From Their Scheduled Debates

    The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today:
    Now that the Presidential debates are over, the Obama campaign is trying to cancel all remaining debates in the Jewish community that include the Republican Jewish Coalition.

    Claiming they do not like recent RJC advertisements, the Obama campaign has formally instructed all of its representatives to cancel their scheduled appearances with any representative of the RJC. Former Congressman Mel Levine (CA) yesterday informed the Valley Cities Jewish Community Center that he would no longer show up for his scheduled debate this Sunday against RJC California Director Larry Greenfield. State Representative Josh Shapiro (PA) informed Temple Sinai that he would not participate in a forum with RJC Philadelphia Director Scott Feigelstein.

    “The RJC is deeply troubled by this effort on the part of the Obama campaign to stifle and limit a debate on the important issues facing our country,” said Brooks. “More than anything the Jewish community values dialogue. What is the Obama campaign afraid of? Why is the Obama campaign afraid to have this conversation?”

    “With their recently enacted policy of not debating representatives of the RJC, the Obama campaign has underscored Senator Obama’s problems in the Jewish community. It is unfortunate that the Obama campaign is unwilling and afraid to have a candid conversation on the issues of great concern to Jewish voters,” said Brooks.

    “Throughout this campaign, the RJC has highlighted the truth about Obama’s positions, his statements and his advisers. Every point raised in our ads is sourced, cited and has previously been reported in the media. We ask legitimate questions about Obama’s policies towards Israel, the Middle East and Iran. Our ads have raised legitimate concerns over Obama’s associations with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, Tony McPeak and David Bonior. If the Obama campaign is unhappy with our ads, then Senator Obama should never have associated with these individuals in the first place,” Brooks added.

    “Currently, the RJC is scheduled to participate in 29 debates between now and the election. In keeping with the long-standing tradition of Jewish dialogue, we look forward to these opportunities to engage the Jewish community on the critical issues,” said Brooks.…1-a7371977a61e

  5. If Carter was a joke for Israel, Obama is a nightmare.

  6. A Post American World – Wake Up America!

  7. Thank you for the link, Crysdald. I just posted about it and hat tipped you.

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  9. Youtube has a 12 part series: Unveiling the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama. It supports many of the same claims found here on this website, and describes in full the true Islamic plan against Jews/ Christians. email it to all your friends and relatives!

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