Obama Linked To Yet Another Controversial Islamist

Obama’s South Philadelphia campaign office has recently set up shop in a building located smack in the middle of that city’s Islamist corridor. Furthermore, the landlord is a real estate baron named Kenny Gamble, also known as Luqman Abdul Haqq.

…Gamble holds a senior position with the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), whose founding is traced to a convicted cop-killer and whose leadership is stacked with radicals. He likewise serves as a community organizer of sorts — one who has been accused of slowly transforming his neighborhood into a “black Muslim enclave.”

The office opened on August 21 at 1501 Christian Street, with Gamble himself cutting the ceremonial ribbon. Makeshift banners proclaim it the “South Philly Obama Headquarters,” the address of which is listed on the Obama-Biden website as a field office for the Pennsylvania Campaign for Change. Philadelphia tax records identify Gamble as the owner of the property, while signage indicates that the building is home to Universal Educational Management, part of his Universal Companies conglomerate.

Gamble’s associates and agendas expose him as a dubious figure that politicians seeking to present an image of inclusion would be wise to avoid. This is doubly true for a campaign like Obama’s that already has suffered serious missteps in its interaction with the Muslim community.

Best known for his work in the music business, Gamble has held high-ranking posts with the Muslim Alliance in North America, which focuses on African-American converts to Islam. That description fits Gamble and most of the group’s senior members, some of whom also have roots in the Nation of Islam and Black Panther movement. Indeed, the formation of MANA was inspired by Jamil Al-Amin, the onetime Panther “justice minister” H. Rap Brown. MANA’s enthusiasm for Al-Amin remains untainted in the wake of his conviction for the 2000 murder of a sheriff’s deputy. He has even addressed, by telephone, MANA meetings at Gamble’s United Muslim Masjid.

MANA’s governing bodies teem with Islamists: Siraj Wahhaj, the organization’s amir, was named as a potential unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, supports Sharia-prescribed punishments, and predicts America’s demise unless it “accepts the Islamic agenda.” Johari Abdul-Malik directs outreach activities for a Virginia mosque repeatedly tied to terrorism cases. Abdul Alim Musa promotes anti-Semitic and anti-American conspiracy theories and has expressed admiration for Hamas, Hezbollah, and Osama bin Laden.


The placement of an Obama field office in Philly’s Islamist corridor is not the first link between questionable representatives of Muslim America and the senator’s presidential campaign. Mazen Asbahi, Obama’s initial Muslim-outreach coordinator, stepped down in August for connections to a controversial Islamic investment fund and Illinois imam. His successor, Minha Husaini, then “accidentally” attended a meeting with the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Muslim American Society, two groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, Muslim-Americans for Obama has peddled a policy wish list colored with Islamism and run partisan voter registration drives from swing state mosques, which would appear to violate their tax-exempt status.

Why are Americans and the media continuing to give this man a free pass?


6 responses to “Obama Linked To Yet Another Controversial Islamist

  1. When will the American public realize that Obama is a political traitor who is leading us into a Hitler nightmare? Our children and our grandchildren will be paying for this debacle with their freedom’s curtailed and their prosperity denied. Wake up America!


  3. Thanks for the heads up Ophelia. I just fixed it. But let me know if you anything else that doesn’t work.

  4. Obama sympathetic to Muslims. Tell me it ain’t so! BUT IT IS. DUH. Look at his friends, companions and advisors. MoveOn.com and DailyKos are big backers of Obama and those groups are radical and anti-Israel PERIOD. Wake up EVERYONE. We are screwed if Obama is elected.

  5. unfortunatly jews are so weak and paranoid that they will vote for obama out of guilt. most jews i speak to have some type of mother teresa guilt complex. of course we all want to help people but the left wing nuts, alot jewish,
    belive there is a magic fairy who is going to someone how give all these things to the people fromt he rich and the rich will just keep their money in the usa.

    vote mccain

  6. khalidi and obama has been friends for years and its rumoured that khalidi who has stated his dislike of israel was hugged on this tape the la times is holding.if obama wins khalidi will have his ear.can we afford that to happen?

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