Jessica Hughes Responds To My Earlier Post

Just to refresh your memory, a few days ago, I wrote about how the Obama campaign had the Secret Service harass a private citizen merely for telling an Obama campaign worker that Obama was a socialist and a baby killer who would let babies die in hospital closets.

That private citizen is the brave Jessica Hughes, who has responded to my earlier post in the comments, which I am now posting here because I think it’s important for all my readers to see.

Umm, I am the woman they visited. I hope you don’t take me as rude interrupting your thread, but I wanted to thank you for posting this and also make a comment.

Since I went public with this I have been contacted by many people who have encountered the same situation. In one case they allowed the Secret Service into their home although they had no warrant and the agents proceeded to confiscate several fictional ‘murder-mystery’ books this man owned. Why? And is this constitutionally appropriate? I have heard the arguments that Bush instituted the Patriot act, but this tells me that the law must be more carefully worded so as to ensure it is not misused. Did they drag me off to a gulag? No. Could they have tossed my house if I let them in? Yes. And who would have stopped them? Even the FBI later said I have no recourse and they have no jurisdiction over the Secret Service. To read the detailed report of what occurred you can check my blog at

I would not insult those who suffered in either Communist nations or under Nazi Germany or in Fascist Italy by comparing my situation to theirs, but I want this brought to light because in those nations, if people had spoken up at the point when the abuses were relatively small perhaps they would never have been able to carry off such atrocities unchecked.

Further, I want to say that as a Christian myself, I have a great heart for Israel. May I venture to say that while the Jewish population of America may desire support for Israel from the U.S. government, they are well served in that goal by the Christian people of this country who also desire to see Israel remain whole and respected for being both the land of the Chosen People and where the man we believe to be the Messiah was born and died. I find it very farfetched that Sarah Palin would demand conversion from any Jew while I find it quite likely that she will be a ‘pit-bull’ for Israel, siding with her in offering no quarter to the usurpers of her right to exist. Doubters should study the history of the appeasement policies of the Left and how well they worked in eras like WWII and the Cold War.

Beyond simply supporting Odinga, Obama has a family history there. His own father was a supporter of Odinga Odinga (Raila’s father). Obama Sr. came to the U.S. and studied here to further his abilities in the gov’t of Kenya. He abandoned Barack and his mother to go back to Kenya where his attempts to join Odinga Odinga in replacing the (then) current govt. When it failed and O sr fell out of favor he became a drunk who eventually killed himself in a drunken wreck. Obama speaks at length about how this affected him in his memoir. He discusses his desire to relate only with blacks, that he ceased letting people know his mother was white. His heros were radicals like Frantz Fanon and Malcolm X. He discusses relating more to X than to Dr. King. Now we see him affecting the outcome of an election on the side of the son of the man his father failed to move into office. How much more of a connection would it take to seem inappropriate?

Well the list goes on but I won’t take any more of your time. I just want to say that I appreciate what you did here, and I ask those who are supporting Obama to really look at his past. Fascism is always a youth movement that is about Change for Change’s sake and fascism is what I see coming from Obama.


7 responses to “Jessica Hughes Responds To My Earlier Post

  1. Where are the Feds in this case? people shooting Piper or Sarah for entertainment. Shades of Hitler?

  2. Look Who’s Endorsing O Now

    National Association of Muslim American Women

    Fattah has published Hamas-ian writings contending, for example, that Zionism “violates … every norm of decency known to the human species.” Fattah has also co-authored two books with Hamas spokesman and chief political adviser Ahmed Yousef (“The Agent: The Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America and Al-Aqsa Intifada”). And yes, that would be the same Ahmed Yousef, who, on behalf of Hamas, endorsed Barack Obama back in April.

  3. Dear Jewish friends and friends of Jews and friends of Israel and voters in Ohio and Florida in particular:

    Please view this video, spread it to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

    Nothing is more dangerous than ignoring the clear links between evil and Obama. He has associations, friends, advisers, links, sources and fund raisers who have nothing but malice in their heart for Israel. Do not allow Ohio and Florida to seal the fate of Israel. Deliver Israel to McCain and you will deliver America to a patriot, a loyal servant of the Constitution and an ally for all time to Israel.

    McCain-Palin is your only choice.. Don’t be bamboozled by anything the Dem Party says about Obama. He cannot be trusted.

    We have seen Carter, and Obama is the second coming of Carter.

    McCain is your sentinel. He lives to serve, and he serves with loyalty and honor. Vote McCain-Palin and protect Israel while you protect America.

    May 21, 2008 … From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ …

  4. This whole thing about Obama’s supporters harrassing a private citizen isn’t realy news to me. Obama tried to get TV stations in Battleground States take down some NRA anti-Obama ads. You can actually find some of these ads on YouTube, or just go to I also heard that some Hillary supporters are complaining that Obama rigged some of the primaries, but the media isn’t giving any attention to that.

  5. Hahaha. You guys are so naive. We’re going to whoop Mccain in a week and you’ll see–things will be exactly the same with Israel. Pa-Ra-Noid!

  6. Schwartz means black, doesn’t it? No wonder!

  7. member of humankind

    are you any better than this guy?

    people. do grow up. fast.

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