L.A. Times Has Video Of Obama At Jew Bashing Party

A very well deserved hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

According to Gateway, the L.A. Times is holding a video of Obama attending a going away party for former P.L.O. operative Rashid Khalidi, who was then moving to New York to accept the position at the fakestinian loving Columbia University.

The L.A. Times actually wrote about this Jew bashing orgy in April 2008.

CHICAGO — It was a celebration of Palestinian culture — a night of music, dancing and a dash of politics. Local Arab Americans were bidding farewell to Rashid Khalidi, an internationally known scholar, critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights, who was leaving town for a job in New York.

A special tribute came from Khalidi’s friend and frequent dinner companion, the young state Sen. Barack Obama. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reminisced about meals prepared by Khalidi’s wife, Mona, and conversations that had challenged his thinking.

His many talks with the Khalidis, Obama said, had been “consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases. . . . It’s for that reason that I’m hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation — a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table,” but around “this entire world.”


At Khalidi’s 2003 farewell party, for example, a young Palestinian American recited a poem accusing the Israeli government of terrorism in its treatment of Palestinians and sharply criticizing U.S. support of Israel. If Palestinians cannot secure their own land, she said, “then you will never see a day of peace.”

One speaker likened “Zionist settlers on the West Bank” to Osama bin Laden, saying both had been “blinded by ideology.”

Obama adopted a different tone in his comments and called for finding common ground. But his presence at such events, as he worked to build a political base in Chicago, has led some Palestinian leaders to believe that he might deal differently with the Middle East than either of his opponents for the White House.


Among other community events, Obama in 1998 attended a speech by Edward Said, the late Columbia University professor and a leading intellectual in the Palestinian movement. According to a news account of the speech, Said called that day for a nonviolent campaign “against settlements,against Israeli apartheid.”


Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian rights activist in Chicago who helps run Electronic Intifada, said that he met Obama several times at Palestinian and Arab American community events. At one, a 2000 fundraiser at a private home, Obama called for the U.S. to take an “even-handed” approach toward Israel, Abunimah wrote in an article on the website last year. He did not cite Obama’s specific criticisms.

Anyway, getting back to Rashid Khalidi:

In the 1970s, when Khalidi taught at a university in Beirut, he often spoke to reporters on behalf of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization. In the early 1990s, he advised the Palestinian delegation during peace negotiations. Khalidi now occupies a prestigious professorship of Arab studies at Columbia.


While teaching at the University of Chicago, Khalidi and his wife lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood near the Obamas. The families became friends and dinner companions.

In 2000, the Khalidis held a fundraiser for Obama’s unsuccessful congressional bid. The next year, a social service group whose board was headed by Mona Khalidi received a $40,000 grant from a local charity, the Woods Fund of Chicago, when Obama served on the fund’s board of directors.


The event was videotaped, and a copy of the tape was obtained by The Times.

Though Khalidi has seen little of Sen. Obama in recent years, Michelle Obama attended a party several months ago celebrating the marriage of the Khalidis’ daughter.

Furthermore, Gateway posts that Khalidi was also good friends with William Ayres.

Gateway then writes:

So, there you have it.

The LA Times has video of Obama toasting a former PLO operative at a Jew-bash but will not release the video.

This is outrageous.

Obviously, this video would do great damage to Obama who struggles with Jewish voters due to his circle of close anti-Semitic friends.

Maybe this is the reason it is not being released?

I totally agree that this is outrageous.

Not a day goes by that we are not inundated with reports about how McCain is down in the polls, how Republicans are supposedly saying that Sarah Palin is a drag on McCain, or how desperate Republicans are that they bring up Obama’s connections with terrorists and anti-Semites and America haters.

The media is in no way “objective.” They’re doing all they can to use class warfare and the race card to drag Barry’s sorry ass across the finish line and into the White House.

Now I don’t know if this will do any good. But if you want to contact the L.A. Times to protest, you can address your message to letters@latimes.com. Or if you want to contact Peter Wallsten, who says he has no intention of releasing the video, his email address is peter.wallsten@latimes.com.


8 responses to “L.A. Times Has Video Of Obama At Jew Bashing Party

  1. Hear Oh Israel-Hear Oh America…WHO AND WHAT IS COMING HOME TO ROOST should we close our eyes and ears to Obama any longer.


  2. I don’t get it.

    American Jews have traditionally been democrats, but I’m reading that 75% could be voting for Obama? How is that possible? All his associations point toward being friendly with Isreal’s enemies. Do American Jews know what they’e doing? I’m just shocked!!!

  3. Here’s a petition requesting that the LA Times release the video of Obama attending a party with Khalidi.

  4. Here’s a petition requesting that the LA Times release the video of Obama attending a party with Khalidi.


  5. FALSE. listen to your grandkids. who’s actual future is in this elections hands.

  6. The under-current of arab(saudi) involvment into Obamas campaign is very suspicious and his so-called support of israel is very questionable.Its a mans actions and his past associations that should come to bear on his character.

  7. Go to b-TV … a beheading dance group … genocide by Israelis ? What’s with that ?

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