Corsi Interviewed On Hannity’s Show

And he claims to have authentic documents showing that Obama continued to support Kenyan terrorist leader Raila Odinga even after Odinga made a pact with the Islamists to implement sharia law.


10 responses to “Corsi Interviewed On Hannity’s Show

  1. Kill Terrorist

    Whatelse we need . This is one of the many evidence.

  2. This is the mindset of Obots. No one should be “hung”, even for a Halloween decoration. The owner should be prosecuted.

  3. I don’t get it.

    American Jews have traditionally been democrats, but I’m reading that 75% could be voting for Obama? How is that possible? All his associations point toward being friendly with Isreal’s enemies. Do American Jews know what they’e doing? I’m just shocked!!!

  4. Obama is a Marxist. How much evidence do you need. Now it has been reported that if you have a 401(k) the democrats are about to NATIONALIZE it. I don’t want to live in Africa. I don’t want to live in Russia. I don’t want to live in Venezuela. I want to live in the U.S. Bring it back. Please elect McCain.

  5. OMG! A week before the election and more despearate attempts to bring someone down with dirty lies and by all means necessary. Sad that any American sinks so low as to continue to not only make “race” an issue, but now religion. Such hypocrites. Such a sad world we live in. Your comments are evil and truly not in any way the act of the God I serve in Heaven. You all are doing the work of Satan. Conquer and divide.
    And you are too ignorant to see it. Such shame people like you bring to this country (any country). Reaching for anything to tear down a person. Sad you put so much faith in MAN and not God. Like either of these men will save your souls. They are human and will make mistakes whether they win or lose. Stop putting them up to be something they are not. So sickening and disgusting. I am going to pray for Obama and McCain. Not hate one or the other. But love them as I am suppose to. Look in the mirror. You are the one who has issues. Not Obama. Not McCain. You!!!

  6. I’m rolling my eyes here.

    If we have learned on thing from history, it’s that extreme charismatics generally lead their entranced followers straight to hell.

  7. Amen Sharn H! I agree with your comment 100%

    To the blog owner:

    Jew against Obama huh??? A whole blog dedicated to hate. I wonder how much of your life this has consumed.

    Your pathetic. If you really want to make a difference then get off your behind and away from the computer and become a citizen that actually does something good for this country and contributes to it.

    Becoming a hatemongoer is not the smart way to go. Especially for someone who’s people were almost wiped out by hate.
    It’s sickening.

  8. Sharn and Blessed…Obots maybe, or just obtuse.

  9. I am just a visitor to your site because I wanted to know how my jewish neighbors where feeling about Obama. By the looks of these posts, you may be torn about it.
    Please believe me when I say that Obama is a very real danger to Israel. All of his associations are a clear that he is not your friend as he wants you to believe
    The story about Raila Odinga in Kenya is true. Odinga is his cousin and he did sign an agreement with the leaders of Islam in that country that if elected, odinga would convert the whole country of Kenya to Islam. There are videos on you tube with Obama speaking to the people of Kenya to help Odinga get elected!
    He and Bill Ayers and VERY good friends, and he has lied to everyone in the country. Have you not noticed that everytime someone has asked him about an associate that his response is that it was just someone he knew?
    My family is from Whitwell TN They did the Paperclip Project and have the RailCar Memorial! This should tell you that I have your true interest at heart!

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